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  1. I don't necessarily agree that the LL is a bad model. I think there are pluses and minuses to both sides. The LL playing on a smaller field is faster and more like higher level baseball. What I mean is pitching from 46 feet and bases at 60 or 65 (I don't recall exactly) it's obvious that the ball gets on you faster. I think the problem you highlighted is two groups playing with different rules. The non LL teams may struggle if they had to play by LL rules too. I think the larger issue that he is speaking of is the many different rules and dimensions that are used at the upper levels. Having said all that, I think that its probably too simplistic thinking as to why there is a drop off. My personal opinion is that at that age the different in talent becomes more pronounced and the pitching gets noticeably better and the kids that struggle fade away. I also think that at this age many kids that are just playing because mom and dad want them to, are allowed to stop playing as the parent realizes that little Johnny is not going to be the next Cal Jr.
  2. I am sure that it has been mentioned many times and I apologize for the repetition but, how long do the Bonilla payments last?
  3. Again...you are speculating....Again, my point was that even if he wants to go it doesn't mean he doesn't want to be here. So.......that's why it is not obvious to me why people are making that statement.
  4. I don't get why people keep saying that DD doesn't want to be here. Just because people have speculated that he wants the BJ job (even quoted sources is speculation to me) doesn't mean that he is unhappy here or doesn't want to be here. Assuming he wants the job...it doesn't mean he doesn't want to be here.
  5. Soooooo, we can blame the MFY's for this mess
  6. I believe John Ferrell was let out of his contract by the Blue Jays to go to Boston
  7. I have a good friend who is an OU alumni...I get it. I didn't recall that he committed to UT until you mentioned it.
  8. ...and what about going downhill from bad contracts. Bad contracts to after-prime players is what kept us down for a long time during the 14 year span.
  9. This post is the winner. I read threads daily but rarely post. I decided to post on this one because of the constant chattering for the O's to "win" the winter. I personally don't want ANY high priced FA's...period. They almost never work out and are drags on the team for years. I could go on for hours listing the players that the folks roasted the O's for not signing and they later flammed out with the teams that signed them. I love Kakes but I loved Brian Roberts too. I couldn't wait for his contract to be up. I wouldn't want to give Kakes another 4 years at his recent production and then with the injury on top of that? He chose to leave. I don't blame him for that. But, he could have settled for the O's offer if he had wanted to stay. It's not like they didn't offer him a reasonable contract. It kills me the people who complain about PA micro-managing the team. He clearly has given DD the freedom to make decisions or Kakes would still be here. I am "all in" on not hamstringing the team's future with high priced FA who rarely fullfill their contracts value.
  10. I just think that it would be petty and unlikely that if (big if) he goes into the HOF and as an Oriole that he wouldn't be treated exactly the same as the other Orioles in the HOF. Its clear and unmistakable that the O's have established that all Orioles members of the HOF will have their number retired and a statue in the park. I just can't see them not doing it. They wouldn't like it but, I just can't see them not doing it.
  11. I politely disagree. Mussina never dominated the league as Palmer did for a three or four year period. While I think overall you can make an argument that their numbers where similar I believe Palmer was the better competitor. To steal a question asked earlier. I'd take Palmer over Mussina in a game 7 every time period! Secondly, if he eventually goes in the HOF as an Oriole I think he should and will without a doubt have a stature. As I said earlier...I think this is a theoretical argument because if he goes into the HOF it want be as an Oriole.
  12. I'm pretty sure that I heard/read that PA paid for them. I could be mistaken though. I'm sure someone else on the boards knows for sure.
  13. Really? This opinion surprises me. I can't imagine a scenario wherein he is a HOF as an Orioles and they don't treat him as they have the other O's in the HOF. That would be such an obviously personal and petty thing to do. I just can't see that.
  14. Being selfish...I don't want Mussina in the HOF because I think it's 90% certain that he'd go in as a Yankee. I say that because most of his totals are about 50/50 between the two clubs. He won 20 games with NYY and he appeared in many more play-off games and national TV games with the NYY. I think outside of Baltimore that he is more known as a NYY. We know that the sport's media is NY centric and lastly I believe that he wants to go in as a NYY due to the potential $ are much greater. Just my opinion. Plus: how weird would it be after many years of most fans resenting him for going to NYY to now have a ceremony where PA pays for a statue and his number goes up on the stadium. That would be surreal.
  15. I wasn't going to reply to yet another thread about how our hitting coach has an approach that's too aggressive but, I got sucked in to it anyway. Its the same threat that we had dozens of times when Crow was the hitting coach. Back then, Rudy Armillo (sp?) in Texas was treated as a hitting coach god yet he had the exact same approach as The Crow had. I said it then and I'll say it now, 100% of pro hitting coaches have the same philosophy. Be able to identify your pitch and then put a good swing on it. That's a simplification but, not too big of one. There is not a single hitting coach that tells a hitter to take their pitch early in the count just to build up the pitch count. There's a lot that goes in to OBP and IMHO most of it is not teachable. Some guys have a better pitch and strike recognition. Others have an ability to foul off pitches and work a walk. It can be coached and I am sure that Presley does that but, I am not sure how much a coach can influence OBP.
  16. You handled that in a very classy manner. Better than most would have. Rep to you!
  17. I have to say that I am more happy with the "Projected Lineup" than I have been in many years......ever actually.
  18. I fault him for not allowing the O"s to trade him at the deadline and for not keeping his word when he told the O"s that he"drive them a chance to beat any offer. I believe that he and his agent strung along the o"s and the fans for months all the while knowing he was leaving.
  19. I know this doesn't deserve it's own thread but, I just realized that it's August 21st and no one has posted a draft position tracker. Its hard to let go of the fear and just enjoy a great season but I'm trying.
  20. I am amazed at fans who blame Angelos for Mussina leaving when he was clearly played by Mussina and his agent. Angelos asked for and was told he'd have a chance to beat any offers and they didn't do that. Mussina's (and his agent's) word means nothing.
  21. I don't know about that Arundel has a pretty strong program. Or, at least they did when Bernie was there.
  22. So what! The O's have never signed a player out of Korea before this kid. So, the scouts getting banned is meaningless. I have no problem with what DD did and could care less about the KBO. There's no reason to be embarrassed by this. Those of you who are slamming the O's are just taking the easy route. It so easy to bash everything they do that you just keep piling it on. It's silly and a waste of time. Put a little more thought in to your posts.
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