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  1. If someone takes him and the O's eat 90 percent of his salary, that's still a win. I think it is a near impossibility too but as I said: a man can dream.
  2. There is no scenario where I want Davis to play everyday and finish his contract. I'm hoping for two outcomes: 1. He is just as bad as he has been, barely plays and finally gets cut. 2. He plays well enough to get moved and the O's get out of any portion of his deal and younger players can play.
  3. I don't see it as likely, but a man can dream.
  4. Hope he can turn it around and show some semblance of positive value so he can be moved.
  5. All the evidence came from the players who were promised immunity. Even ignoring that, there’s no written rules and punishments in the CBA for violating sign stealing rules. So any punishment handed to the players would have been met with easily winnable grievances. There was no route to players being punished for this.
  6. On the current ballot or all time? From the current ballot I'd be putting in Bonds, Clemens, Schilling, Rolen, and Ramirez. All of whom have an above HOF position average JAWS.
  7. If Trammell isn't a yes for you, then Jeter shouldn't be either. That's a pretty high bar. We're going to be kicking a lot of guys out.
  8. I believe he was class of ‘81 at Old Mill High School. I’ve seen him around the Millersville area a few times over the years.
  9. Maybe, I still think they like Voit and would certainly rather play him than trade for Trey.
  10. Offense was up across the league though, so while the raw counting numbers looked similar, he was actually quite a bit worse. That's why he had a 9 percent drop in offensive value falling from a 96 wRC+ down to 87. It looks like he got a pretty nice deal in Japan, he definitely wasn't getting anything like that in MLB.
  11. How did you figure this? He had a 87 wRC+. RF averaged 107 in 2019. I'm assuming the 0.2 oWAR? That's also not actually a good number.
  12. Sure, but it's 2 replacement level years in a row and he's another year older. I don't think any team competitive enough to be overly concerned about random minor leaguers failing would be spending real money to bring in Adam as a fallback option to ensure replacement level production. I don't think any team is interested in him as plan A. Every team has a DJ Stewart they would rather run out there rather than paying Adam Jones a couple million.
  13. He just posted a 87 wRC+ playing at a position that averages a 107. He's 20 percent below league average offensively at his position and can no longer defend. Why would a major league team pay any money for that when they can just promote a random minor leaguer making the minimum?
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