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  1. Indeed he has, but that’s in only ~200 plate appearances of relatively sporadic frequency so far in his career. DHing every day could be a different animal.
  2. This also assumes he has no DH penalty and doesn’t move the needle by inevitably having to play a fair amount of defense. Moving him to DH or 1B obviously doesn’t guarantee him more value. This same argument was made about Adam Jones last year. He moved to a corner and was below replacement level in 2019. I know you know all of this, just thought it noteworthy.
  3. I’m paying $30 a month for Internet. I watch anything I want on my TV from my couch anytime I want. If someone has a cable package around that price I’d love to hear about it. I might reconnect.
  4. Good effort, but I tried to have this discussion with a potted plant once before and it didn't go anywhere.
  5. They also only wanted him to be a 4th outfielder. The O's weren't getting anything back for him.
  6. Personally, I'd rather the Orioles take the blow and pay for their mistake. I'd rather they not get bailed out.
  7. Chris Davis should probably be embarrassed about his play, but I’ll never understand the attitude that he should quit and give guaranteed money back because he’s bad now. The Orioles made a bad deal and they knew the risk. Chris Davis didn’t hold them hostage. The Orioles should be more embarrassed that they gave him that contract and that they continue to run him out there in a major league lineup. The organization screwed up, it’s up to them to end the embarrassment.
  8. Stewart back on the bench vs RHP so we can get a 30 year old journeyman utility infielder who can’t hit another start in a corner outfield spot. What is the infatuation with starting infielders in the outfield?
  9. With the uptick in offense, he's actually dropped about 10 points in wRC+. He's hit to a 88 wRC+ playing a position that averages 110. He's replacement level. He may have even more trouble finding a job this offseason.
  10. Chris Davis didn't make the mistake. He is under no obligations to help the Orioles fix theirs. The cries should be for the Orioles to end the embarrassment, not Chris Davis.
  11. He doesn't have enough data for 2019, but in 2018 his sprint speed according to Statcast was 27.6 ft/sec. That's actually above the MLB average of 27 ft/sec. He has slightly above average speed.
  12. I like the Orioles and baseball almost exclusively. I have some interest in the British Premier League and follow it casually. I don’t like getting up early. I don’t really follow any other sports. The NFL has too little game action and too many commercials. I love daily fantasy football but don’t watch games or have a team I follow. That’s it for me.
  13. Why not an inexpensive outfielder with major league experience? Perhaps one that was already on the team this year.
  14. Has anyone from the organization said why this is happening? I can’t understand why Jace Peterson is on the team, much less making starts in left field and batting 5th.
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