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  1. If you think Hanser Alberto brings a lot back selling high, I have more bad news for you. A .300 average doesn’t have much value when it comes with a low OBP and no power. Today’s GMs understand this.
  2. I’m not suggesting it should be their strategy now to make a trade like that, but do you think say Ryan Mountcastle and 2 other prospects is equal value for Hernandez?
  3. I think that's probably overestimating the value any of today's GMs would assign him right now. He's had a hot month. Would you advocate the Orioles giving up a similar package for Teoscar Hernandez? They are pretty similar in trade value in my eyes.
  4. I guess I’m misunderstanding the term. I thought it essentially meant long term building block.
  5. Fangraphs has him at 1.9 last year which is where I got league averagish from. Sure he’s been valuable relative to cost but I’m certainly not planning my future around a guy who was a below average offensive player even in a year he hit .305. High average, slap hitters who don’t walk are simply too volatile and too low ceiling. He’s fine, but I’m not penciling in Hanser Alberto as a long term everyday player on the next contending Orioles team.
  6. Is being in the realm of league average for 1 full season and a handful of games all it takes for nugget status? Personally, I’d like to see more than that before I think anyone is a solid long term solution. He has an extremely volatile skillset and it’s one that is unlikely to produce consistent value.
  7. It could be. In a 60 game season the whole thing is a small sample size. Anything can happen.
  8. Ah, you’ve got to love the annual early season small sample takes. This year we get them for the whole season! Here are the guys on the team that came into 2019 projected to produce at a level above their positional average in a full season: A good lineup would probably have a few more. The team is bad, and that’s ok. In a 60 game season who is actually good or bad doesn’t matter all that much. It’s a two month sample. The 2005 team would have won the AL East in a 60 game season. Last years World Series Champs wouldn’t have made the playoffs in a 60 game season. This season i
  9. Slap hitters who swing at everything are not fun to me. To each his own. Sure, if he can be a league averagish starter like he was last season consistently, that has value.
  10. Batting average is a hell of a drug. The guy hit .305 last year and was still a below league average offensive player. After a handful of games this year he’s Babe Ruth
  11. True, I mean someone who seems consequential at the time of the move. So, a relatively well regarded prospect and not a PTBNL. Richard Bleier is exactly the kind of guy who gets moved for a PTBNL.
  12. Richard Bleier is not a valuable piece. He’s a mid 30s reliever who doesn’t miss bats. We were never getting anything of consequence.
  13. I saw Davis attempt 3 bunts in ST a couple of seasons ago when he said it was something he was considering trying more. Judging by the two bunts I saw him lay down and his failure to even lay down the third, there's very good reason he isn't trying it.
  14. If he duplicates a 97 wRC+ as a corner outfielder, he's not a meaningful part of anything. Quite a bit of improvement is needed.
  15. Yes, it certainly would be. I see it as so unlikely that I've removed it from the realm of possibilities. I don't consider 26 PAs in spring training to be indicative of anything. Especially when the player in question hasn't had a good 60 game stretch in what seems like a decade.
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