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  1. What would you offer Davis? Some sessions with a hypnotist who will put him to sleep, then convince him he is not greedy and he wants to stay in Baltimore.
  2. Tommy Emmanuel – Daytripper / Lady Madonna [video=youtube;cPkQn5nDTZs] Somewhere Over The Rainbow [video=youtube;0cHeNscKZN0]
  3. If Duquette leaves, it will have nothing to do with "one bad season." I think something else has been stirring since the events of last off-season and are still percolating..
  4. I stated in an earlier thread that I think Duquette will step down shortly after the season ends and a shakeup is coming. Just a gut feeling that something is wrong in the warehouse.
  5. I want to see Trey Mancini. I think he's definitely for real.
  6. Davis could end up with 50 or more the way he is hitting right now and no idea how long it might last. Not too many "non-steroid" players have hit 59 more than once in their careers. I hope the Orioles are willing to engage in serious talks about resigning Davis, and just make a some namby-pamby offer and say "well, we tried."
  7. I just wish the TV guys would STFU every now and then. Their incessant yammering become maddening, especially when they start with the inane statistics, or start going on about non-baseball stuff or reminiscing about some unrelated moment from years past. And I wish that Gary Thorne and Hunter would both STOP calling pitch locations because they are usually wrong. We don't need "details" on every moment....baseball is VISUAL on TV. Unlike listening on radio, we can see what is happening. Just be quiet every now and then and let the game speak for itself! Rant over.......
  8. Maybe..... but the question should be asked whether Cruz, and maybe Markakis, being "anchors" - probably not next year, but the last two years of their contracts - have been worth it if the Orioles were on their way to the playoffs, and maybe a World Series, again this year? IMO, we had one more year, maybe two if we were lucky, in that playoff window and I think the Orioles blew it. I believe signing Cruz and maybe Markakis, wouldn't have affected the situation with Davis, Wieters, and Chen because we weren't going to re-sign them anyway.
  9. I was talking about the 60 days he already spent on the DL not counting. Yeah, he could sit in the BP the rest of the year if Buck wanted that. But I think after his performance tonight, he will see some innings the rest of the year.....and hopefully stay healthy.
  10. When a team isn't hitting or stops hitting, it seems the hitting coach is usually the fall guy.
  11. I think Garcia needs to accumulate 90 days active on Baltimore's 25-man roster in order to lose his Rule 5 status. I don't think his time on the DL counts towards the 90 days. . Not sure?
  12. Wasn't there some caveat involved with Garcia's Rule 5 qualification date because of the time he spent of the DL.....?
  13. I think Buck is just trying to find a way to shake things up that works.
  14. I really happy for Jake. He suffered through a lot in Baltimore before gaining his freedom. It was a dominant performance, too. 12Ks!!
  15. OK, it wasn't kicking and screaming, but I remembered reading about him being out of baseball for 9-10 years, and turning down other offers. That's what stuck in my head. Here's a good article describing what happened to Dan Duquette. http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2014/10/13/after-long-hiatus-duquette-finds-fit-baltimore/xUGmqDHO6mCFugDLKESVYM/story.html And Crazy silver03 - you hit me with a negative rep for asking a question? Don't you think that was kind of a kneeJERK reaction?
  16. I still think Duquette will be gone after this season. Didn't he have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of retirement to take this job? And now with the late season collapse of the Orioles, I think at seasons end he will say his goodbyes, pack his bags, and go.
  17. If I didn't know better (I don't), I say the Orioles are now just going through the motions of playing baseball (barely). I don't see any pride in these guys. I hope the Orioles bring up a bunch of guys from Norfolk and Bowie and Buck lets them play. I'd much rather watch some hungry young players hustling and trying to make an impression than a bunch of tired major league players who have given up and are just playing for a paycheck and waiting for the season to end.
  18. If you think last year was bad, just wait until you see what happens when this season ends. There is some big time fallout coming! I really don't see the Orioles signing any of Chen, Wieters, Davis or Parra. They might be able to sign O'Day, but it will take a multi-year contract and maybe more money than the Orioles are willing to spend. Steve Pearce likely is the only sure thing, if the Orioles even offer him a contract.
  19. Yep, Jones was his normal self, especially with the bases loaded. After Cole Hamels walked the two batters in front of him on 9 pitches, Jones immediately struck out swinging at 3 pitches out of the strike zone.
  20. Do you think maybe DD got wind of some arm/shoulder problems with Hunter and unloaded him quick? Or maybe there was something going on between him and Buck? The trade did kind of come out of nowhere.
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