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  1. I think he's the odds on favorite for the #1 pick. Seems like a hard worker and dedicated. Exactly what you want from the top pick https://www.usabaseball.com/news/topic/general/gsa-spotlight-rare-baseball-mind-makes-cal-poly-s-brooks-lee-special
  2. If he pitches well today, could he be an option for the Braves. The Braves just lost Soroko for the year.
  3. We will get a 24 year old AA relief pitcher with an ERA north of 4.5 or maybe you are onto something with international $$. I can't believe how people are valuing Bleir. The Marlins and Orioles maybe the only two teams he's capable of making.
  4. Some hints for anyone that goes thought it. 1. It is your decision, not the doctors. The doctors are trying to make money and don't have your best intent at heart. I went to the top Cancer centers in the country. All of them. They are frauds. If they don't offer a treatment, they say it doesn't work. I went to two top hospitals in the country and said I was thinking about Strerotactic radio surgery. Do they offer it? Both hospitals flat out said it's gimmick and doesn't work. I went back to the same hospitals two years later to look for a surgeon to do a procedure and both come
  5. I went through exactly what he is doing my first go around. He's listening to doctors, which is terrible advice. He needs to do his own research. After the chemo treatment, he will get scan about 3-6 months after it is finished. And if it comes back, in my case it did. The doctors will offer the same course of treatment that failed the first time. Its a fool proof sales pitch. If the chemo works, they look like geniuses and they will tell you they saved your life. If it doesn't they will say you have an agressive form of cancer...more chemo. And if you happen to die, they will blame t
  6. Everyone thinks that because Callis or Mayo rate these kids high that they are sure things. Far from it. Baseball is the biggest crap shoot when it comes to evaluations. Fans just take these guys word for it. They don't watch 50 college games or any high school games or summer league for the high school kids. They watch a couple of games like the under armor game and look at the stats for the under 18 team. Thats how they come up with these mock drafts. Sure they know a little more than the average fan. For the high school kids they look at the big schools like LSU, Florida and see wh
  7. I thought we should have drafted more pitching. Didn't we draft 3 shortstops last year early and two more this year. You never have enough pitching. You can have too many shortstops.
  8. I like he took a couple of high school kids. Hopefully one can eventually make the big team. My only issue with the draft was I thought we should have drafted another pitcher or two.
  9. Baseball isn't like football. Here are the last 10 #2 picks Bobby Witt Joey Bard Hunter Greene Nick Senzel Alex Bregman Tyler kolak Kris Bryant Bryon Buxton Danny Hultzen Jameson Taillon Two legit starts in Bregman and Bryant. Two so/so players in Buxton and Taillon. And its early on the couple guys that were taken in past few years. Kolak and Hudson were busts.
  10. Looks like we are cornering the market on shortstops. 3 in the first 5 rounds last year, 2 in the first 3 rounds this year. Are we ever going to draft a pitcher or a corner infielder .
  11. 2 guys I want Cole Wilcox, he a big kid 6'5. Or JT Ginn, perfect spot for Ginn he just had TJ surgery. With no minor league season he wouldn't pitch anyway. Hopefully Ginn is really good friends with Westburg, it could help.
  12. The players that don't get drafted out of high school can go to a 4 year college and get drafted next year. The 3 year thing only applies to if they were taken when they were high school seniors. That's why some kids go the JUCO route.
  13. Had Stage III colon cancer as well. Wish I never did Chemo. It metastasized after I did the Chemo. Refused all cancer treatments after that, been five years. Doctors said I would live 2 years max if I refused chemo. I sit in an infrared sauna every day. Keep temperature up. Changed diet, cut out all processed foods, fried foods, and sugar. Doctors said I was committing suicide with my plan. They knew better. Had a couple of nodules pop up and had them removed with surgery and cyber knife. Did a lot of research and knew chemo was a scam. The oncologists have a bullet proof sales pit
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