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  1. https://www.mlb.com/amp/news/adley-rutschman-nears-mlb-top-prospect-status.html?__twitter_impression=true
  2. That team quit. Nobody will convince me otherwise. Started out poorly and knew they were done.
  3. They will eventually. Not having a MiL season last year was not weighed heavily enough by Elias, rebuild or not. A normal year last year at a minimum you get another year to judge the young arms. Collectively they aren’t ready.
  4. Not trying to win and being beyond brutal are 2 different things. When die hard fans stop watching it says a lot.
  5. It’s one thing in 2019 to go stretches without a CF. It’s another 2 years later to be doing the same thing. The pitching is bad enough to watch.
  6. I don’t think they can go too much longer at 2nd with what they have. I’m sure by after deadline changes will be made. Question is when, there is a little over a month before we get to trade deadline.
  7. Elias needs some Roland Hemond magic. Find this version of Milligan, Devo, Tettleton, Orsulak, Bradley. Eventually Hoiles and Anderson became strong players. He basically rebuilt the lineup minus Cal from next to nothing. Trading Boddicker for Brady of course helped. Lynn for Hoiles Hemond will be remembered for Eddie deal -not enough return and Davis trade. He did do some good things while he was here with a cheap owner. Different world now. I don’t see any trades bringing back that type of talent. Would be nice to find some undervalued players like Max Muncy, Urshela, Voit
  8. Exactly. The lack of depth. Diaz hurt as well. Dodgers are on pace for mid 90’s wins with Betts playing by his level decent and Bellinger and Seager hurt.
  9. We are worse than I thought we would be. I thought 95-98 losses. This team looks like a 110 loss team right now. I still have no idea what they were doing with 2nd base. I wonder if ownership told Elias to cut money late in camp with Sanchez. Always possible Sanchez would have been even worse but still. Franco who I didn’t expect much from has been bad. I said before the year I never saw a more unproven pitching staff in my life. Going this route, especially relying on young starters off a season like last year has been a debacle. Rebuild or not you need more depth.
  10. Real good combo Using baseball reference WAR Franco -0.9 Valaika -0.6 Mountcastle -0.4 Wilkerson -0.4 Stewart -0.3 Santnader -0.3 Wynns -0.2 Combined catchers is -0.3. Sisco was -0.3. Sevy is 0.2 3rd base -0.9 Combined 2nd -0.6 Valaika, Urias 0.5, Wilkerson and Ruiz -0.1. I know some of these guys move around some but you get the point. Thats -1.8 from those players playing those 3 spots . You basically have 3 positions that are brutal right now. Hays 0.6 and Santander aren’t healthy and aren’t producing
  11. True. Aren’t many left on 40. Lowther scheduled for tomorrow at AAA.
  12. That’s what I’m saying. Ball isn’t dancing. May be trying too hard his first game.
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