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  1. Moose’s favorite time of the year.
  2. I should have mentioned that. I was never worried the Orioles were leaving but very important to note nonetheless.
  3. Very good game tonight. Both pens were real good.
  4. Already 2 runs allowed by Kershaw. Infield hit, rare bad play by Betts.
  5. Glasnow isn’t sharp. Playing with fire longer he stays in. Like 2017 Kershaw has a lead in Game 5. No trash cans this year.
  6. And tomorrow it’s Kershaw. All the pressure yet again.
  7. Classic WS game. I have nothing against Rays but a big part of me wants LA to win. Their excellence over a long time is worthy. I know they have a big payroll but many home grown talents. Well ran team.
  8. This is a hell of a game.
  9. Nothing new that I am aware of. Not sure what will happen first, streaming or the end of the MASN court case.
  10. Buehler is a beast. Comes across as a little cocky also. Fun to watch.
  11. I’m watching the game but missed the start. Dodgers need to wake up.
  12. Will be an interesting topic 3-5 years from now.
  13. Not necessarily relevant to this but he looks tiny. I know he has always had a thin body type but I really noticed it during the playoffs. Had a late start to the year.
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