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  1. I don’t know how it will play out. Once again, Texas has a population that is 29M. Maryland is at 6M. That can’t be ignored.
  2. Opening Day is different. Their fans won’t overtake the park that day.
  3. Maybe I’m wrong and obviously Florida is not on the Mexico border but I find it hard to believe that it is a coincidence with Cal, Tex and Arizona all being border states. This thing has a seasonality to it. Mexico and Brazil were hit later on. The border counties in some of these states were hit hard lately. Texas has fewer deaths than Maryland and had 23/24M more population. Texas never had a curve. That type of context is missing all the time. I read an article the other day that Houston hospitals were around 95% capacity this time last year. That type of context is missing from many of the stories. It’s all about fearmongering. Here is one article about Florida. https://alachuachronicle.com/covid-test-positivity-is-not-a-meaningful-statistic-because-not-all-negatives-are-reported/ Not all of the tests were reported. I heard this about North Carolina and Georgia awhile ago.
  4. I think before that is was 2015. Before that was 2013, then 2011, The comeback vs Boston. I’m doing this off top of my head. I’ll look to confirm.
  5. 2018. Vs Houston. Buck and Adam Jones last game.
  6. How many more tests have been done? Some places don’t even show all the tests, only positive ones. Deaths don’t trail forever. Younger people testing postive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I have never been more frustrated in my life. There is no context in the majority of reporting. None. It’s click bait nonsense.
  7. They have been wide open since mid May. No spike.
  8. Then explain Wisconsin.
  9. Yes, not a typo. It’s out already.
  10. Playing a passable LF would be the biggest surprise of the decade and it’s only 2020. Nothing could top that.
  11. True. Has a 3 week mini spring training to get thru first. A lot can go wrong in that time.
  12. Well.... it’s only a 60 game season. He can make about 12 starts and call it a year.
  13. Who was the highest rated player when we took him? I honestly don’t recall that draft as much.
  14. Speaking for myself I liked his athleticism and high OBP. Corbin his manager said he was a CF/2nd. I know that limits him. Not sure if playing of the turf in Toronto will impact anything or not.
  15. Certainly things need to change. The whole sport needs to undergo major financial adjustments. I just get really frustrated with the whining about tanking. Heck years ago teams tried to save money on the draft for crying out loud. Think that is why Wieters got to us.
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