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  1. To be honest it wasn’t my best effort.
  2. Means had odd day. Bad at the start and end, good in the middle.
  3. Last homestand of the year. How much does he play this week?
  4. Elias comments. I would say we sure seem to be all in doing things a new way around here.
  5. Just announced. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/topic/orioles-press-releases I included press release with all the moves plus tweet with the headline move.
  6. http://m.mlb.com/glossary/rules/obstruction http://m.mlb.com/glossary/rules/fielder-right-of-way To me he obstructed Hays because he to me wasn’t making a play on the ball. He was in line with the throw but he was waiting on it.
  7. Only way Hays isn’t the starting CF next year is if he is hurt.
  8. To me it isn’t fair to the runner when the fielder without the ball is directly in the baseline. Hays is running full speed rounding 2nd and he then has to go around the 3rd basemen running full speed. This was not a situation where with a direct path to the base he overslid the bag. I think obstruction could have been called. I would actually like to see a breakdown of this play by MLB Network. If the throw is directly online it is late and he is safe easily unless of course he overslids. Problem is Hays never had that chance. A tag play was not possible, the throw was way late. Not like it was a bang-bang play.
  9. I think he stays. He fits the profile of an extra OF. Plus next year and beyond 26 man rosters.
  10. I think we may see Mountcastle in LF next year but not on Opening Day. Next year I think it is Stewart/Hays/Santander with Mountcastle in LF later on. When Diaz arrives decisions will have to be made. Perhaps they can use DH to rotate some players.
  11. Why go in on a 3-1 pitch up 1?
  12. I love his athleticism. He is a fun player to watch. Just hope he makes enough contact.
  13. I do think Frederick lacked talent this year. For all we know maybe they make some moves in Bowie. Can’t do it yet.
  14. I think he stays down longer than that. I genuinely think they want him to work on some things still. I have to think they want him to try to be a LF.
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