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  1. The issue with that is the WBC represents the whole country. This would be teams that local fans may have no interest in. Obviously at this point many variables. Maybe they can extend the season a week but I personally would try to play the postseason when it is already scheduled.
  2. I am definitely against a neutral site World Series. Part of what makes October baseball so great is the atmosphere. Just play as many games as you can and what happens, happens.
  3. Wasn’t trying to be critical of you either way.
  4. Wanting to play your sport and bring some level of normalcy back to the world is not being selfish.
  5. Sometimes comments like this grate at me. I know what he is getting at but who knows how many rich people have donated money? Just because it isn’t made public doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
  6. Today should be the day. Warning, this video may get to you.
  7. Minnesota and Toronto I would bet are 2.
  8. Makes me wonder if they wind up using some openers. I know they have not said they will. Of course some guys will get hit around and basically be openers anyway.
  9. A Detroit writers perspective. https://amp.detroitnews.com/amp/4952604002?__twitter_impression=true Has Tork going number 1.
  10. Play today looked like to me he held onto the ball too long, like he didn’t release it on time if that makes any sense.
  11. Trey will be leaving the team.
  12. I would not say he is a lock but I would be very surprised if Leblanc isn’t on the team.
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