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  1. Hitting to me comes down to what they get out of Hays, C and DH. Hays is a real wildcard this year. I think trio of Mountcastle, Santander and Mancini will be productive. Infield offense in general will be poor. I don’t think the defense will be awful. Catching is worst spot on team. Have to see how Rio plays. His glove faded with his bat last year.
  2. I think the two Rule 5 pitchers and Lopez have the most on the line. I would not be shocked to see Akin go down to AAA if they like what they see from the 3 vets. Not like he is going to have 30 starts this year anyway. Not saying they are doing this for service time but perhaps to manage his innings and give the 3 vets and/or Rule 5 guys a look.
  3. eddie83

    Play Ball

    I remember you saying that in the past. Quick glance Orioles at Pitts is also on Pirates TV March 11, 19 and 22. Of course in regular season it’s blacked out but spring having the MLB.Tv package is good being an Orioles fan. One perk of having a ticket package. I just don’t get Orioles/MASN. I mean games start tomorrow and still no word about TV schedule. Hard to fathom.
  4. eddie83

    Play Ball

    Game is on Pirates radio for those that have MLB app. Looks like all games this week except Toronto will be covered by Orioles or opposition either on radio or TV.
  5. Not Orioles directly but Orioles related. Looks like there will some games on MASN. Last 2 years Melewski did the .com games. Wonder if any of those will be back?
  6. It’s not complicated. Watch any old game and the pitchers got the ball and threw it. The batters stayed in the box. That is the biggest issue with time. Obviously more pitching changes adds up as well.
  7. I agree with this. It’s about pace of play for me. I would rather watch a 2:23 movie that’s entertaining than a 1:25 that stinks.
  8. I don’t think TV has any issues later on in games. I do think attendance is a different subject. In general baseball attendance has always lagged during the week. It takes special circumstances to have attendance during the week. Brand new stadium, perennial winner, big marker club, etc. I doubt Yankee Stadium attendance during the week is fueled by suburban fans. These big market clubs have much more corporate money being spent and more people who live and work in the city. Baseball basically plays 81 games and roughly 50% are on Fri-Sun. If the sport only played on weekends average attendance would soar. Mon-Thur games are more of a TV property.
  9. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BAL/BAL197005050.shtml Random game from 1970. 8pm start. Games do not end later than they did years ago. I agree with you on this.
  10. I think he weighs his desire to create attention for himself above all else.
  11. True. That said I find it hard to fathom a city building a new stadium with the current economic landscape.
  12. Going to be difficult for any city to justify building a brand new ballpark in these economic times.
  13. The stadium is still a gem. It needs modern upgrades like any soon to be 30 year Stadium would. Like Frobby said if anything I think this would be appealing to a potential buyer.
  14. At quick glance looking at the numbers I underrated Oswalt. May offer an updated list tomorrow.
  15. Pettitte Hernandez ——————— Cone Hershiser Hamels Saberhagen Buehrle ——————— Oswalt Hudson Finley I did this with no research. It’s a great list. Pettitte for me is top due to overall body of work. Felix to me had most dominant stretch. 3-7 was hard for me. Always thought Buehrle has been underrated. I could have put them in any order. The last 3 were all good pitchers but didn’t feel like they had the big moments or dominance as others.
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