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  1. Yeah. We should all be ecstatic if he hits that well.
  2. I hope this ends the idea that the Orioles are still not a big deal. Yes the DC market is bigger so the Nats had more viewers. That said, the Orioles went into the season telling anyone who would listen they would be awful. The Nats did have a bad start but they end up in the playoffs. And as usual these numbers for local baseball far outperform the Caps and Wizards.
  3. More info. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2019/10/07/Ratings-and-Research/MLB-RSNs.aspx
  4. Orioles out rate Nats. Orioles up from last year. Both much higher than Caps and Wizards.
  5. Ownership is the key to all of this. Can’t sign players without owners approval. I hope the sons learn from their fathers mistakes. So far, so good.
  6. Rizzo is a good GM and the Nats have had a quality baseball operation. Far superior to the Orioles. The ability to sign Scherzer (7/210) and Corbin (6/140) is ownership/market related. Take them off their roster and they aren’t in the postseason this year. Their bullpen was worse than the Orioles for crying out loud.
  7. Right. I’m just saying saying how quick they can change. They are over when they are over.
  8. I could see them letting go of Smith. They may want his 40 man spot. If Davis is here on OD, Mancini has to play somewhere. No reason Stewart can’t play LF on a bad team. Hays CF, Santander in RF. I would be shocked if Mountcastle starts on Opening Day.
  9. He had poor command. Baseball is just a crazy sport. These 5 game series can flip in an instant.
  10. That certainly blew it up in their face. They will have all the pressure in a Game 5.
  11. eddie83

    Postseason picks

    I nailed my Twins pick..... I would have no issue with TB winning vs Houston but I just can’t see them beating NYY.
  12. Yeah. What I was getting at. No question not blaming him. I just figured he was gone.
  13. Pretty sure Buck controlled his coaches. Dan wanted McDowell gone after 17 and he came back.
  14. I expected this. No ties to new regime. Plus pen was awful.
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