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  1. I mean at this point the people who don’t get or like what they are doing are already ticked off. Let them get their money worth.
  2. It’s amazing when you show these numbers. Gives great perspective on just how hard it is to be a good player.
  3. Thing that worries me is even a modest regression by Means. He outperformed some of his stats last year. Cobb is the real wildcard here. Could be a serviceable pitcher or total bust.
  4. If there was ever a year to try openers and any other methods next year is it. Can only have an 8 man pen with roster rules.
  5. I can’t see them bringing him in. For starters Elias is linked with the Houston approach which isn’t exactly a good thing public relations wise right now. I would want to distance myself from that. Personally if this was a one time isolated incident type of a situation I would be much more inclined to give him a chance.
  6. I agree. Seems to me starting pitchers in general can develop later than pen arms and position players.
  7. Well we aren’t going to pay them much. A pitcher/agent would have to believe in the Orioles analytics approach if even a modestly better team wants the player.
  8. Key will be what opportunities they get elsewhere. This team isn’t winning any recruiting battles right now.
  9. Good chance Akin is up by May/June. Maybe rest by late in year. What other plan do you think they are going to do? They aren’t going to rush any arms.
  10. Farther away, more upside. Not like you are getting high ceiling from upper levels for a Bundy.
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