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  1. I don’t think Buck has to change all that much in Houston. This is a lineup that pretty much writes itself. There is no way he will have the horsepower he did in Baltimore anyway. He will have no choice but to go along with the program to an extent. This is a built to win now team and the narrative will be the players trying to prove they are good without cheating. This is probably a 3 year job. At some point that roster will start to flip and by then a younger manager that fits that organization will take over. This isn’t a job for the long haul. It’s about knowing how to handle a team and credibility.
  2. It’s better than nothing but doesn’t come close to replacing FanFest. No reason you can’t do this and have FanFest as well. I may go to one of events. Hope the weather cooperates.
  3. Point is why not give him consistent at bats at AAA. Doesn’t make any sense for a team pinching pennies to give Iglesias a deal and not play him a ton. Martin did jump from AA. Why limit his playing time?
  4. Unless they think his ceiling is a utility player I really don’t see the logic in keeping Martin on the team. Give him half a year at AAA at least.
  5. Since Villar is gone I would think they want someone to back up Iglesias unless it’s Martin. I think there is a good chance he makes team at start at least.
  6. He and Wilkerson are quite the combo.
  7. Would think very good chance he is last player off bench. 4 man bench Sisco D Smith - or another OF Wilkerson Urena
  8. https://twitter.com/danconnolly2016/status/1215759891584909313?s=21
  9. I’ve said this before as well. Until the late 90’s games started at 7:30, not 7pm. I get why they do it and this year some games will be 6:30 but that said it doesn’t help fans living the DC area and beyond.
  10. How important is the dome stadium? You can plan to go to games early on in the season and have no fear of sitting out in bad weather. That has to be a bonus.
  11. eddie83

    Farewell OH

    Congratulations!! It’s always cool to see people do something they are passionate about. All the best.
  12. I mean at this point the people who don’t get or like what they are doing are already ticked off. Let them get their money worth.
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