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  1. I’m watching the game but missed the start. Dodgers need to wake up.
  2. Will be an interesting topic 3-5 years from now.
  3. Not necessarily relevant to this but he looks tiny. I know he has always had a thin body type but I really noticed it during the playoffs. Had a late start to the year.
  4. This is a very good game tonight. Some elite pitching.
  5. Second round pick isn’t it? Only for 2020 as well. That would have been sweet.
  6. Oh well. Should have weighed 2019 into it. Tigers legitimately in front of Orioles.
  7. Couple of thoughts. -You don’t deal Nunez to save money you do it to open a spot. -Keeping Bannon makes sense to me due to lack of infield depth. -Nobody will eat enough of Cobb’s deal to move him -Albero and Mancini aren’t going anywhere.
  8. This ALCS is reminding me a little of 2014. So far Tampa can do no wrong.
  9. I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t Holt. They decided to keep younger guy in demand over Brocail. Elias has his plan. Wants people he knows.
  10. Britton was dominant tonight. Looking foward to Game 5 tomorrow. Padres are in big trouble.
  11. Joyce is no Lowenstein. 😀
  12. O’Day got in and then out of a big jam and now Bleier in for Marlins. Buck in the booth. Its 2017 all over again.
  13. Runner at 2nd. 9th place hitter up. Said it’s not the hitters fault basically the way the game is now. Riley did K.
  14. Many factors at play. Westburg was 8th in the Cape in OPS in 19. Would have to think teams used these camps this summer to experiment. They will have to have extended spring training with the MiL’s at bigger numbers unless MiL rosters are expanded.
  15. Buck is telling Jeter stories. Praising Markakis before. Talking about productive outs. Buck being Buck.
  16. Nobody did though in reality. There was no season. I took what I heard from the Bowie camp with a grain of salt. I agree with the idea there are different ways to develop a player and it is possible the camp was very helpful. That said it still was not a full MiL season. If he overmatches the talent early on next year you can always move him up. Adjust to what you are seeing. I would like for him to play as much SS as possible to see if he can stick there. I don’t see the harm.
  17. I just think multiple years at an SEC school plus Cape Cod is pretty significant. No question they will have to be creative. I still think we could see some of these guys playing all over at least early on in the year.
  18. Showalter is on the Marlins-Braves broadcast on MLB network.
  19. Henderson is 2 years younger than Westburg. Henderson has not played above GCL. Westburg had 2 plus years experience at an SEC school. I am not saying Bowie had no value this year but clearly Westburg has faced better competition and is older. I would think they are more aggressive with the older players and the ones they need to make quicker decisions on.
  20. Why does that matter? He was brought there to gain something this year. How soon do you think even if he excels he is in the big leagues? Chances are in 2020 he would have had a full year at Delmarva. I don’t think it is a big deal if he starts there next year. He finishes the year a High A and then is at Bowie at some point in 2022, perhaps at the start.
  21. Henderson will be the one slow played. He will be 20 next year. He starts at Delmarva. It’s going to take some time for things to settle out with smaller drafts and fewer teams. I can see them splitting time with many of these players 50/50. Obviously can play at 2nd/3B as well. Age/ Rule 5 requirements will impact some of these decisions. Someone like Grenier could go to AAA as crazy as it may sound.
  22. O’Day is in for Atlanta. Top 5.
  23. eddie83

    FA 3B . Hmmm

    Multiple things can be true at the same time. -They may have like Brocail but we’re worried about losing Holt. -They may have not been happy with Flores but respected him enough to use money as a reason -at end of day they cut a coach from the major league staff. That has to be about money. They aren’t replacing Flores All summer long teams, including big market have been cutting employees. Some of course is due to MiL reduction but not all. This isn’t just an Orioles issue, I will say that. I don’t know how many teams have reduced coaching staffs though.
  24. Bleier in for Miami. Just recorded 2 outs. Going to 8th. Marlins up 2-0.
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