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  1. If one of these arms throws “well” the rest of the year that would be an improvement.
  2. Rotation is 12-34 with an ERA of 5.73. By far the worst ERA in the AL. Next closest is Minnesota at 5.12. Fewest innings pitched but most HR’s allowed. The position player group has a below average defense and ranks 11th in RPG. It’s not good but it’s not this level of bad. Team is still out scoring the Yankees. They better not try this again next year. I’m all for giving young arms a shot but they need at least one arm to pair with Means that’s not a reclamation project.
  3. I stopped for over 20 years but started up again.
  4. I noticed Hyde referenced it as well in the postgame. Just have to hope it doesn’t get worse for either.
  5. The rosters are bigger than usual this year correct?
  6. Matt Blood was just on with Steve Melewski after the game. Maybe they will put up a link later. I only heard a part of it when I heard him mentioning the moves.
  7. Henderson biggest name moving up.
  8. Wow. I missed that. I am a big fan of Hays. He needs to stay on the field. Speed is a big part of his game. Just hope he starts to get and stay healthy.
  9. I haven’t seen anything that stands out about him. I just hope on a team like this he keeps getting chances. By the time we are good there may not be one member of our pen still on the team.
  10. Hays doesn’t look like he is running as fast as in the past.
  11. How many times does this team have a chance to win back to back? He isn’t overusing anyone. He failed today and it makes the manager look bad. Had Mullins hit a 3 run bomb last night with one out instead of 2 maybe he sits down. I know Buck never liked not to bring arms in after getting them warm.
  12. It sucks but how good Ryan is long term is more important than relievers stinking today.
  13. I disagree. It’s a 4:05 start not 11 AM. A major league reliever can’t pitch 2 day straight? How many times do relievers pitch a Sunday day game after a night game?
  14. This is on Fry today. He was terrible.
  15. That’s fair. Bottom line is he got a weak swing and a better or healthier defender makes the play.
  16. He made a good pitch. Weak swing. Fry cost them.
  17. He got Sulser up yesterday bottom 8th. Not in time obviously.
  18. Urshela just hit into a double play where he splintered his bat. He jogged to first when a small part of the bat that shattered hit him in his eye. It may not be the Yankees year.
  19. He is still having a solid year. Posey, Crawford, Longoria and Belt have all aged in reverse.
  20. It needs to be taken care of. I’m not there for the bells and whistles but it’s pretty bad.
  21. Yankees since 2017 in AL runs scored 2017-2nd 2018-2nd 2019-1st 2020-1st What we are seeing this year is pretty remarkable. Combination of many factors. Mainly underachieving. Now explain the SF Giants.
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