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  1. Playing same team at home. Circumstances are different.
  2. The players we should care about have actually played well lately.
  3. Yeah. One run would keep drama. Yanks now losing
  4. 45 minutes to game 2. Ugh. Thought would be 30
  5. Gonna lose one like that glad it’s this year.
  6. Yes.... I replayed ball off wall. Was not catchable. Glad he didn’t make move now
  7. My point was they walked him. Leave McKenna in and out Mullins for Santander. Move McKenna to corner spot.
  8. Was that catchable? I’m at game. I thought it was odd he hit Mullins for McKenna. Weakened defense with a 3 run lead. Could have just put Mullins in for defense.
  9. Hilarious. Hyde is no softy.
  10. Eddie was having an interesting story about how he came back here. I wish he would have continued
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