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  1. To say the least. What was velocity on that throw?
  2. Pretty odd but not like any fans are inconvenienced. Perhaps the results came back late?
  3. Not quite sure what the issue is. I said how many games in if they are still playing well can we can look at it as being real. Heaven forbid someone try to find a little positive in this world.
  4. I feel like I have lost my mind even bringing it up as a conversation/kidding around. Imagine a 162 game season with 5 playoffs teams like normal. Would be 154 games left. Even as a joke nobody would bring it up.
  5. Of course it’s way too soon. Just having a little fun. Like I said in 2 weeks we may be under .500 and headed towards 40 losses.
  6. I’ll say this. The entire topic about being a contender reminds me of the NFL. The two sports are impossible to compare, not like there is a MiL team in football but the 16 game season creates teams being in the race deeper into the season. It’s not the great “NFL competitive balance” that is promoted by so many but it’s the limited number of games. I mean look at the NBA and NHL and the number of mediocre and lesser teams that hang around playoff contention all year. Have only 5 teams in each conference making the playoffs and even in an 82 game season that dream is gone. Its amazing when you decrease games and increase playoff teams what happens.
  7. Not disagreeing with your point... but I do think you can leverage an us against the world mentality a little easier in a 60 game sprint where 8 teams make the playoffs.
  8. I can’t believe I am asking this but at what point would we consider them a contender? In playoff position at the trade deadline? Roughly 30 games left? Two weeks from now we might be 4 games under .500 and the dream is over.
  9. Watching Sunday Night Baseball tonight and I am not sure about Boston. Their starting pitching is a mess.
  10. Any chance of back to back DH Wednesday and Thursday? I mean old days 27 innings is 3 games. That would be 28 innings.
  11. Well he had two guys up. Sure it will be Givens.
  12. I am a little as well. Maybe with off day and rain coming Tuesday, Hyde is being aggressive.
  13. The Orioles are making me feel optimistic. Eshelman and Givens are warming.
  14. I would pitch Hess in the 9th and no I have not been drinking.
  15. Every borderline pitch goes against Hays.
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