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  1. Moose’s favorite time of the year.
  2. I should have mentioned that. I was never worried the Orioles were leaving but very important to note nonetheless.
  3. Very good game tonight. Both pens were real good.
  4. Already 2 runs allowed by Kershaw. Infield hit, rare bad play by Betts.
  5. Glasnow isn’t sharp. Playing with fire longer he stays in. Like 2017 Kershaw has a lead in Game 5. No trash cans this year.
  6. And tomorrow it’s Kershaw. All the pressure yet again.
  7. Classic WS game. I have nothing against Rays but a big part of me wants LA to win. Their excellence over a long time is worthy. I know they have a big payroll but many home grown talents. Well ran team.
  8. This is a hell of a game.
  9. Nothing new that I am aware of. Not sure what will happen first, streaming or the end of the MASN court case.
  10. Buehler is a beast. Comes across as a little cocky also. Fun to watch.
  11. I’m watching the game but missed the start. Dodgers need to wake up.
  12. Will be an interesting topic 3-5 years from now.
  13. Not necessarily relevant to this but he looks tiny. I know he has always had a thin body type but I really noticed it during the playoffs. Had a late start to the year.
  14. This is a very good game tonight. Some elite pitching.
  15. Second round pick isn’t it? Only for 2020 as well. That would have been sweet.
  16. Oh well. Should have weighed 2019 into it. Tigers legitimately in front of Orioles.
  17. Couple of thoughts. -You don’t deal Nunez to save money you do it to open a spot. -Keeping Bannon makes sense to me due to lack of infield depth. -Nobody will eat enough of Cobb’s deal to move him -Albero and Mancini aren’t going anywhere.
  18. This ALCS is reminding me a little of 2014. So far Tampa can do no wrong.
  19. I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t Holt. They decided to keep younger guy in demand over Brocail. Elias has his plan. Wants people he knows.
  20. Britton was dominant tonight. Looking foward to Game 5 tomorrow. Padres are in big trouble.
  21. Joyce is no Lowenstein. 😀
  22. O’Day got in and then out of a big jam and now Bleier in for Marlins. Buck in the booth. Its 2017 all over again.
  23. Runner at 2nd. 9th place hitter up. Said it’s not the hitters fault basically the way the game is now. Riley did K.
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