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  1. 2 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:

    That's a really good analogy.

    I don't think DD was against trying to sign players from South America.  I believe it was Fat Pete that held that up.  

    In my mind, I like to think Elias said "You can't hire me unless you give me access to the international markets, specifically South America."

    I admit I was too busy enjoying the 2012-16 run to be as upset about it as I should have been at the time. 

    It’s remarkable how Peter justified what he did. You could basically invest a decades worth of International signings for what they gave Ubaldo. 

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

    When was the last fun offseason in Baltimore? 1995-96?

    That was a big one. I can’t think of one bigger since then. That offseason included new GM and Manager also.  

    I guess 03-04 is biggest one since then. Tejada, Lopez, Palmeiro plus new manager.  

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  3. 22 hours ago, Sports Guy said:

    If Mullins starts 118 games this year, we must really be trying to lose or everyone is hurt.

    I think these are fairly reasonable expectations.  I would hope Santander plays more and I think Mountcastle is likely to play 145+ games unless he gets hurt.  

    If Mullins plays, not starts in 118 games it could be a good or bad thing. Injuries/lack of production from others or playing with a lead a lot. 

    How they handle DH assuming Trey is good to go will be a storyline early this year.  

  4. 9 minutes ago, wildcard said:

    1.  Money,  Nunez was reported to get 2m- 4m.  Shaw will get the minimum.     

    2.  Shaw and Stewart both have an option left.  Nunez was out of options.

    3. The O's have a predominately right handed lineup with Mancini, Mountcastle, Hays, Severino, Diaz, Valaika, Martin, Bannon and Urias.   Shaw or Stewart helps balance the offense along with Santander (s),  Sisco, Sanchez(s), Ruiz and Mullins who is a switchhitter but really only hits well from the left side. 

    Shaw is in direct competition with Stewart. He will not impact anyone else. 

  5. 9 hours ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

    Wow just wow, when you’ve pissed off Mr. Sunshine Mike Bordick it’s time to reevaluate your career. Perhaps ownership had a chat with Bordick, and told him to let loose on Davis and don’t pull any punches. 

    The bad thing is if he handles this differently his image in Baltimore would be much better off. 

    Now perhaps he simply doesn’t care about that but it looks like his true colors are showing and it’s not a good look. This isn’t someone who declined but went down with a fight. Being called out on your work ethic is about as bad a thing that can be said about someone.

    Years from now when all this blows over people can still appreciate the productive player he was from 2012-16. He is ruining that chance.  

  6. 28 minutes ago, sevastras said:

    Also, some of players best years, they get paid “relatively” little. 
    I can’t stand players in football who refuse to show up until their contract is renegotiated.  You signed a contract, you fulfill that.  I guess that goes both ways with non guaranteed contracts and owners being able to cut someone and not see their part through. I like baseballs guaranteed contracts. The player has security and the owner has to follow through.  Teams have gotten less hasty in recent years locking someone up until they are 50, but they still have to weigh the price for elite guys who aren’t going to earn their money the last couple of years. Davis was never elite. Trumbo and Cruz were both cheaper options that at the time could have seemingly come close to the production. Now we know Cruz for sure would have been a good bet and really, Trumbo would have been better as well. Actually, bringing Hank Aaron out of retirement would have proved better. At least the end of Davis’s contract feels close for me. 

    They are going to need a plan to compensate these guys better early on. That has to be done.  

  7. 7 hours ago, oriolediehard said:

    This is why MLB should allow teams to have performance clauses in contracts and if he don't perform to contract expectation they be allowed to cut him and not pay him like other sports.

    The issue is when Mike Trout or Manny come into the league and play lights out they are vastly underpaid. 

    The basic idea for years was players are underpaid early on, paid about right in later arbitration years and overpaid after that. It would equal out on some levels. Now since teams aren’t wasting as much in FA with players aging faster the players aren’t getting their fair share. 

  8. 22 hours ago, Dipper9 said:

    I think his reasoning for being open and honest now is that he hopes the Orioles DO release him and pay him the rest of his contract to literally do nothing.  I mean, he's "tried" to get better the past 3-4 years with no success...might as well just sit at home and get paid.  

    I agree with someone above...I would not give back the money either.  But I think his plan is to piss the Orioles off enough that they release him and he still gets paid.

    This makes a ton of sense. 

    At this point I’m starting to think he is trying to force the Orioles hand here.  

  9. 12 minutes ago, MCO'sFan said:

    I hope I am not being think headed but I get that the Os "invited" the four to be their affiliates but is that confirmation that it was the Os decision to drop the Keys or was that just a by product of the fact that MLB didn't want Freerick as an affiliated franchise. I have not seen a clear statement from anyone as to whether this was an Os decision or part of the reorganization at the MLB/MiLB level.

    I don’t see how or why MLB would tell the Orioles what to do. 

    Clearly the Orioles had to drop one team. Nothing would have stopped them from keeping Frederick over a city they kept.  

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    I don't know what you are talking about.  I might have to fly up to get that sweet Mr. Trash Wheel swag.

    You do that. I’m sure they will sell for a ton of money on ebay right after the game. 

    There are a couple of things I like but the volume is pretty light.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Roll Tide said:

    Wells looks like a starter to me. I think we have nothing to lose by giving a guy like this the ball every 5  or 6 days

    Coming off TJ surgery and hasn’t pitched a real game in 2 years. 

    Long man role looks ideal.  

  12. 1 minute ago, Sports Guy said:

    Sure that’s fine and he had some good peripherals.  He’s a better pick than the first guy but it’s disappointing that we lost Pop for either of them.  I just don’t get the logic.  

    I would hope you have a higher grade on him vs Pop, even accounting for the 2 years of age difference.

    Not sure what their logic is with Pop.  

  13. Just now, Philip said:

    I have a lot of faith in Mike’s judgment, but I don’t understand these two choices. I don’t see where they are considerably better than the guys we gave up, and we don’t need any more metal relievers. We already have battalions of them. We need infielders. We don’t even have a platoon of them… Not even a squad.… Not even a team.

    Has to be based off instructional workouts from fall.  No obligation to keep. Maybe one arm pans out. Can always try and hide a guy in the pen.  

    He will sign a SS who is a FA or waiver pickup. 

  14. 8 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    Yep, I'd rather have Pop and the roster flexibility.  Of course they might get Pop back or send one or both of these pitchers back. 

    I don't see them trying to keep two rule V players and Davis on the roster.

    Going to need to add a SS to roster at some point. Unless it’s a MiL then they add him right before season.  

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