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  1. He can't advance it anyway so why do it ED?????????
  2. Special teams I think, not sure about defense.
  3. What I meant. Anyway this is simply awful. I remember a first half vs Washington where Boller threw a bunch of picks on a Sunday Night Game and we came back, defense might have to score.
  4. Could have been called there. Phil Simms would have thought so.
  5. Deion couldn't tackle but he looks like Lott compared to Webb tonight, his tackling had been brutal tonight. He looks afraid of contact tonight.
  6. It is the rule they all know it. You have to know the situation there. Just dumb, lucky it wasn't roughing the kicker.
  7. Stupid play by Kruger. Just brilliant.
  8. Webb can't tackle, just awful, makes Deion Sanders look like Ronnie Lott.
  9. We just had 4th and 43. I wonder what the record is?
  10. Without his life story being a movie he would be a no name player. He looks like he is getting worse.
  11. Stupid rule on the review, horrible. Refs are the only thing worse then us tonight.
  12. Brutal game I am sure the rest of the country is loving this, reminds me of 2003-2004.
  13. He can make the argument, doesn't mean he gets it. I honestly have no idea where he winds up, I hope he stays in STL.
  14. Once again there is no freaking way Pujols gets anything to hit tomorrow or the rest of the series. The only way they have to pitch to him is if the bases are loaded. Make Holliday beat you.
  15. My God he did it again, Oliver didn't pitch around him up 8 runs, I was hoping he would go at him.
  16. Games 1 and 2 were both intense, fun games to watch. I want Texas to win but I will not be upset if STL wins, I have nothing against them. Either way I hope we get a 7 game series, haven't had one since 2002, we are due.
  17. Here is some info. http://blogs.mcall.com/phillies/2011/10/current-former-phillies-take-part-in-stand-up-to-cancer-commercial.html Now 15-7 after 8 total runs first two games. Hopefully a better game tomorrow, first two games were great.
  18. Reggie Sanders and Mitch Williams.
  19. I thought Texas had a shot to sweep them at home. If you would have told me that a team had 14 runs by the 7th it would not of been St Louis. Texas' defense and relief has been poor tonight to say the least. I think the Rangers are the better team but they better win the next two at home. Pujols shouldn't get a pitch to hit the rest of the series IMO.
  20. I honestly until recently didn't know the bird looked that different. I doubt back then if anyone mentioned it? I wasn't born until 75 the year they changed it though. I always knew there was slight differences but I didn't know it was that much (not that it is alot). I doubt if it was intentional, I would think when they changed the front panel in 1975 color a new manufacture took over. Elrod did a great job showing all the looks. I am very happy they are going back to the cartoon bird if this is true, I was hoping they did that in 2008 when they changed. I must admit in 1989 I liked the new uniforms when they changed. It was great timing with the team being so good that year. I can't remember if they showed the new jerseys until Opening Day or not? I know the Orioles still wore the cartoon bird hats in Spring Training that year.
  21. What part of Free Agent aren't you grasping. Put yourself in the players shoes, why would you pitch here if you are FREE and don't have to. The division and ballpark and huge detriments in trying to aquire top pitching talents. What evidence is there that the Orioles would dramatically overpay a pitcher to come here, which is what they would have to do to have any chance to acquire the player? Even in the early days of Angelos he never paid huge money on a FA pitcher and backed out of the Aaron Sele deal. They overpaid on a smaller scale to get Gonzo and Gregg for better or worse, they aren't going to do it at the top levels.
  22. Great game, the Phillies fans have alot more life in them then the Yankee fans, that is for sure. Utley, Pence, Howard are due up.
  23. I thought I saw something earlier this year or last about his father, I will have to look for it. His dad lives in Florida and is 94. What a resume that family has in the sport.
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