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  1. I am afraid the hole was dug before the game started.
  2. I like Fred Manfra but he is torture to listen to. The crowd tells you what happens before he does. I could of shaved in the time he said Luke hit into a double play.
  3. I listened to Peter Schmuck's radio show today and he said Cal and Ken had their differences. Billy Ripken works with Ken at MLB Network, I wonder if he got anything from him????
  4. I have read the story about 5 times. My question is Why was Cal not hired? A) Angelos didn't want him to get any credit B) Angelos was worried that it would make MacPhail look like he wasn't in control C) Angelos didn't want to put Cal in a position to fail D) All of the above If he didn't want any significant authority then why would any of A-B or C apply?
  5. Because if it didn't work than it would make Cal or Andy look bad. according to Ken 'TMZ' Rosenthal.
  6. Angelos never speaks but now would be a good time, at least MacPhail. I am sick and tired of seeing this team be beat around like a pinata. I would call Rosenthal out, it is time to purge this negative perception. The team needs to stand up for itself.
  7. I am sure that every team in the sport has former players who would like to get back into the game. I am sure that we hear very little about any of this. I am also sure that not every player can work out a job with the team. I am not defending Angelos' resume as a owner at all. I called him out on some quotes he made a couple of months ago about the timing of the franchises' struggles. Look at how the column is written it starts out mentioning the Orioles current record. Kenny worked here, he knows how upset the fanbase is and how much Angelos is despised. Rosenthal is very talented at stirring the pot. It looks like a backpage New York headline, big headline with very little substance. There may be very legitimate reasons why Cal and the Orioles aren't together right now but that isn't as sexy as the way Rosenthal tells the story.
  8. That is why Cal needs to adress the story himself. I want to hear directly from him. No way this story came from the Orioles. No speculation, I want direct answers from Ripken himself, he shouldn't be to hard to find.
  9. People should calm down and see what Ripken has to say. From everything I heard Cal and Angelos have a good relationship. I am not defending Angelos for what has happened under his ownership but I need to hear more.
  10. Maybe they couldn't work something out at this time. I like how Rosenthal writes a story with 2 sources contradicting one another. I am not saying it looks good but who knows the whole story.
  11. He was working in the commissioner's office already. Had you ever heard of Roger Goodell before he became NFL commish, I hadn't? MacPhail has been relevant for 3 decades.
  12. Why did MacPhail take this job? He doesn't need the job. He has already won 2 titles and ran a big market team in the Cubs. He wants the challenge of turning around his childhood franchise and the team his Dad helped build into prominence. You can't rush things in this division. This isn't the NFL where 6 teams make the playoffs per conference it's 4 teams in MLB. He has to build a team that can win in this division, it does him no good to build a team that can be competitive in another division. For the 842,333 time free agents have no real desire to come here right now. I am tired of not winning either but this isn't the NFC West in football. A rushed decision could set the franchise back even further.
  13. Tampa can't keep him they are cutting payroll next year. I agree with you that we need another bat but you have no patience. You want the Orioles to do something now for the sake of doing something. I am not against looking at AGon but San Diego is probably going to ask for the moon.
  14. The Tigers had Verlander, Bonderman and Robertson all pitch well in 2006 when they went to the World Series. Spening money helped them with Ordonez and Pudge but they led the AL in ERA that year. The Tigers can outspend the AL Central but they couldn't do that in the AL East. You are wasting your time trying to be realistic.
  15. Pena is washed up, he is 7 months older than Victor Martinez.
  16. I am all for it within reason. Considering the lack of a salary cap in baseball it gives no incentive for the best players to sign here right now. This might be our best option to get a player of his talents. Even if San Diego moves him I would be shocked to see it before June at the earliest.
  17. eddie83


    Markakis talents would shine much better with a legit #4 hitter in the lineup. Right now we don't have that guy and because Nick is making $10 million a year and a face of the franchise he is looked at to be the guy. I will say on this team right now it is his job to drive runs in, obviously he needs guys on base to make that happen. He is not Eddie Murray type that can carry the team on his back.He is my favorite Orioles player since Eddie but I just don't think he is that kind of a player. That doesn't mean he isn't very good.
  18. I was attending a birthday party today. My plan was not to check the score because I didn't want to be in a bad mood. I would wait until the event was over and then check to see what happened. In the building I was at in a different room you could see a TV screen and they had the game on. I saw the Orioles up 2-1 in the 8th innning, I should of walked away. I saw Millwood get the first two outs but as soon as Tejada made the error I said to myelf here we go again. I had a feeling a HR was soon to follow and sure enough it did. We never seem to be able to bounce back after a tough loss quickly. This team can become very predictable. Our funks usually last around 10 games plus or so. I hope I am wrong about this one.
  19. Sean try 1450 AM Thurmont or 1520AM out of Brunswick. They are the same station I believe. The Orioles just added them this year.
  20. Making people nervous isn't a blown save though. I don't give him alot of credit but we did win the game. Orioles fans had a chance to make a good first impression which certainly would not of hurt the situation. Look I don't feel sorry for him, this is the how the business works. I think supporting the guy today before he took the field would of said alot.
  21. I hear you. I think Gonzalez is a guy who just signed a big deal to be a fulltime closer with a new team. Human nature would say he wants to get off to a good start. He doesn't have a history here.
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