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  1. Who is the right man? MacPhail didn't pull a stunt like the previous regime and fire him last year. He knew the talent he gave Dave wasn't good. He didn't fire him to save face with the fans or protect his own butt. Our talent is better this year so therefore he will be judged differently. You brought up Earl and Ozzie and that is not fair. Dave has to act like Dave not act like somebody else. I don't think he is a poor strategist at all. His pieces haven't been as good as the other teams.
  2. He looks like he is trying to hard to me, but what do I know. It would be nice the next time he gets a save chance we have a 3 run lead.
  3. Is velocity the problem or command. He is all over the place. He is elavating his fastball.
  4. Trembley started with the team in 2007. He saw the team lay down for Perlozzo. Don't you understand it is never the players fault. Trembley has no horsepower because he has never won anything. No manager would of won with the talent we have had lately. He can't act like Earl Weaver because he doesn't have Earl's talent or resume. Earl made the playoffs 5 of his first 6 full seasons, in a much different era. If he pushes too hard they will quit on him just like they did for Sam, he knows that more than anyone.
  5. I know he struggled but one actual blown save doesn't merit boos before the guys first home game. He is an important part of the team. The booing wasn't real loud before the game but it was noticeable.
  6. I think he didn't want him throwing any more pitches. With his command he didn't want him out there for lord knows how much longer. That would be my guess.
  7. That is different. I still didn't boo but at that point people were frustrated. I can understand it more then.
  8. I hear you. I am very upset. I don't golf, don't fish, Orioles baseball is my summer, they are my childhood team. I am tired of all this too. I just didn't get the booing before he even performed today.
  9. Can Earl bring back Palmer, McGregor, Flanny, Brooks, Frank, Boog, Eddie and Cal too? No manager would of won with what we have had recently.
  10. What you said isn't crazy. I wondered the same thing before the game you did. All I am saying is that there isn't a manager who can hide around a bad back-end of the bullpen. At some point the dam will break.
  11. Did you boo during the intro's or when he came out of the bullpen?
  12. I know that. It is real simple if we don't have a closer who can get the job done Trembley will be an idiot. In 2007 Ray and Baez struggled and Perlozzo was a moron. In 1997 Davey was a genuis when Myers and Benitez were unhittable. When Benitez was brutal in the ALCS Davey wasn't as smart. I have yet to meet a good manager with a bad back end of the bullpen.
  13. Then be mad at MacPhail not Trembley. This is how the game works. 12 million$ closers get the ball in closing spots.
  14. He did pitch yesterday also.
  15. The schedule is a joke. 16 straight games to start the year is a competitve disadvantage. Off days are very important. We know why Berken is here.
  16. That's comical. Frasor, Gaston's closer blew the game on opening day and then he came back to get the next two saves.
  17. Last year at a game a fan ran on the field. He ran around for awhile and got off the field before any cops got to him. He easily could of ran to the exits and might of gotten out of the stadium. Instead the dummy ran up to the terrace boxes under the club level overhang and tried to hide under a seat.
  18. I don't feel bad for him, that doesn't mean I agree with it. I just don't get the booing in introductions and when he went out of the bullpen before the 9th inning. It just makes no sense. It's not like this is mid-May and he had been terrible for 6 weeks.
  19. I thought she jumped on her own. I wish the cops would of leveled the guy. About 6 or 7 years ago a fan is his underwear stood at home plate and pointed to leftfield and a cop came in and hit him like Ray Lewis, it was comical.
  20. You think he feels good about what he did? Should he say he has no confidence right now? Is he suppose to panic?
  21. Too obvious I guess, wasn't thinking. The great Anthony Wright was so much better.
  22. I was at the game today and the booing of Gonzalez was a joke. Booing the guy during introductions and prior to him coming in the game helps what? They guy is making his Baltimore debut, nice going fans. I don't mind people booing I do, but my god what I witnessed today was stupid. The only other Baltimore sporting event I remember the fans acting so dumb was in 2000. The Ravens were beating up on Cleveland and Dilfer got knocked out of the game briefly and Banks came in. Banks got booed by the fans after 1 incomplete pass in a game we were up big helping us on the way to the playoffs. I like increased expectations but what I saw today was pathetic. The guy was signed for 2 years give the man a chance. He's human.
  23. That means what at this moment? MLB results aren't based on minor league stats. You build a MLB roster with Major Leaguers not guys who have pretty numbers in the Minors. The Orioles are in the winning games business. If he doesn't have the command to get out MLB hitters this moment what good are hus numbers going to do? Based on what can you say he is better than Guthrie right now? What does Tillman do better right now?
  24. Using that logic Hernandez and Berken should both be in the rotation right now. I doubt the Orioles thought Tillman was going to come up last year and set the world on fire. He was called up because there weren't any better options. Rich Hill had just finished his outstanding year:) and Koji was hurt, Millwood was in Texas at the time. He got his feet wet in a season going nowhere with poor options. The Orioles may well of had no plan to bring him up last year at all. Comparing a roster decision 2 days before the Orioles traded Sherrill and when they were 15 games under .500 in a rebuilding year to Opening Day the next year is apples to oranges. The Orioles aren't going to go anywhere putting players in the majors if they don't think they are ready for it. The mindset changed after last year, MacPhail has said so. It's not like this guy has had several great years at AAA and has been left to rot.
  25. Brad Penny got shelled in Boston last year and St Louis gave him $7.5 million this year. I know his overall career is much better but still. The Yankees basically had no 5th starter last year. I would be pleasantly suprised if the Orioles have 5 better starters in the organization this moment or later in the year this season than Guthrie. I also think his innings might of been shaved off slightly but I doubt to much last year even if he was pitching on a better team. At most 10-20 innings. Pitching out of the AL East would lower that ERA some anyway. He has alot of value. Unless of course his career is headed straight downhill.
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