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  1. I trust the organization. I'm arguing that Tillman doesn't have a MLB resume to warrant anything being given to him. How can argue the Orioles are wrong? Specualtion is that Tillman is going to start at AAA and there are many valid reasons why this makes sense. It is a matter of trust. I actually believe the Orioles have a solid braintrust that is going to make the right decision. We are never going to improve in the standings handing jobs to players because of future promise.
  2. I believe that Kranny, MacPhail and Trembley believe that based on how they look right now it is in the Orioles best interests for Tillman to start at AAA and DH in Baltimore. If Tillman doesn't look good enough at this time his career stats aren't going to help him. Why is it impossible for DH to be a better option for Opening Day 2010 than Tillman. What did Tillman do in Baltimore last year to guarantee anything for this year? This isn't an argument of who has acomplished more so far it is about who the Orioles think is the better option right now.
  3. What does last year have to do with this year. Is DH not allowed to improve from last year. I don't think either pitcher has proven anything.
  4. Numbers don't get MLB hitters out. DH is better right now to the Orioles. Last years numbers aren't getting MLB hitters out in 2010.
  5. You honestly believe this decision is about spring training stats? It's about the fact that RIGHT NOW Hernandez is the better option in the Orioles eyes. The Orioles are judging who's stuff is more big league ready at THIS MOMENT not who has the most potential. I pointed out the fact that Tillman didn't set the world on fire while he was here last year. Tillman's performance last year didn't warrant an automatic spot on this years roster. Hernandez isn't the next Jim Palmer and this choice doesn't indicate that he is. Being the better option for Opening Day 2010 has nothing to with who has the better career 10 years from now.
  6. Matusz has command of multiple pitches and is much more polished. Pitching in college didn't hurt him. Who cares what he accomplished in the minors. I care what happens in Baltimore. Tillman's 1.5 whip from last year and 5.5 innings averaged per start show me he is ready to be in Baltimore Opening Day? How do Tillman's minor league numbers help the Orioles if they don't think he can get MLB hitters out right now. The Majors isn't instructional league. The Yankees and Red Sox don't give a damn what his numbers are they care what kind of stuff he has when facing them. I'm sure Tillman's minor league ERA will have them shaking in their boots. Every flaw in your game gets exposed at the top level. I actually have faith in baseball executives who up to this point have been right time after time. Last year for crying out loud people wanted Patton up here because he pitched well in AA. Never mind the fact he was coming off of an injury. He was getting AA hitters out my god call him up now! It was Hoey, Liz, Olson etc as well over the years, let's bring them up they are ready. It's the same story every year. Anytime a player has any level of suucess in the minors let's call them up to Baltimore. Tillman has inconsistent velocity, poor tempo, pitches up in the zone and is 21 years old. Let's throw him to the wolves in the toughest division in all of pro sports and see what happens. Hernandez RIGHT NOW looks better than Tillman according to the people who run the team for a living. I would much rather have Tillman if he is ready pitch in the big leagues right now but according to the organization they don't think he is. Just because the Orioles think Hernandez is the better choice this second doesn't mean he will be better over the longterm.
  7. The Major Leagues isn't a dumping ground for prospects. You are trying to win games. How in the world do you know whether he is ready for the majors or not? Getting AAA hitters out doesn't equate with getting MLB hitters out. Using that logic why did Garrett Olson fail so bad? Every year the same argument is used around here. Team isn't expected to contend equals prospects should be at the major league level to gain experience You can't get better at the major league level handing jobs to people because they are higher ceiling prospects. People complained that Wieters should of been called up in 2008. He wasn't and put up modest numbers last year, that doesn't mean he isn't a big part of the team now.
  8. Couldn't disagree more cristoner97. What good does it do to have a prospect in the major leagues if they are not ready for the major leagues? I have never understood the complaining that because someone is a prospect that they need to be in the majors to learn. If there are things that their game needs improvement with that is what the minor leagues is for. Contrary to popular opinion players can grow and improve in the minor leagues. You don't put someone in the toughest environment possible and then say go get em kid. Tillman turns 22 in April. My gosh the kid hasn't logged 100 innings in AAA. How do his minor league numbers help him get major league hitters out? If the organization decides for him to start at AAA big deal. What does his age have to do with whether or not it is in his best interests to start out in the majors this year? You don't promote someone because they have accomplished more at an earlier age, that doesn't accomplish anything. I doubt if they decide to put Tillman in the minors it is because of stats at spring training this year. Why does a player have to be at the major league level this year to contribute next year? Nick Markakis didn't have success in the big leagues in 2006 because of his AA stats the year prior it was because he was ready for the challenge. There is not a tougher place in baseball to pitch than in this division, if he is not ready to handle it right now that is not an organizational indictment that they believe he never will. What the best decision for the present has nothing to do with down the road success.
  9. Putting Guthrie in the pen makes no sense. His value is taking the ball every 5days and soaking up innings. We haven't seen 3 of our 5 pitchers show they can do that yet regardless of their talent. He has averaged 189 innings and 30 starts the last 3 years. We haven't seen whoever our 5th starter winds up being have any level of success at the MLB level yet either. It's going to be hard enough for these guys to pitch well neverless making 30 starts.
  10. I am biased but Murray should be ahead of Mattingly. I would agree Mattingly was better in his peak but that was only about 4 years, 84-87. Murray had great years from 80-85. Mattingly didn't start playing fulltime until 1984. Murray already had 4 great years by then. Dwight Evans I always thought was a good player but looking at his numbers he had a better career than I thought. I would say I always thought Andre Dawson was a better player than him though. Clemens didn't have a full season until 86 so I would probably still take Morris over him.
  11. Forget what I said. We had 6 team fouls and didn't have a foul to give at the end.
  12. How many team fouls did we have in the second half?
  13. How hard is this game to play? I guess what I am asking is how hard the pitching and hitting controls are for someone who hasn't played much in awhile. I did play tons of video games years ago but I haven't really played any in about a decade. I have been debating about purchasing a Wii or Playstation 3 and I heard Sony is releasing a Playstation Move in the fall-similar to the Wii controllers. I have played the Wii a handfull of times. I have heard great things about this game, and I would mostly be playing sports games. I like the fact a PS3 has a blue-ray player plus the great things I have heard about this game.
  14. I would leave it the way it is now but add another wild-card team. That would allow a third place team from a power division like the AL East to make the playoffs. The two wild-card teams play in a best of three to advance. The three division winners could set their pitching up and it would place more emphasis on winning the division so you could avoid the three game wild-card round. The problem would be finding time in the calendar. You still have a better chance of a weak division winner than a 2nd wild-card team having a weak record making the playoffs. Only 1 wild-card team would compete in the division round just like now. By having two wild-cards it at least allows you a chance to be in the postseason but gives the division winners an advantage. I personally like the unbalanced schedule even though it is hard on the Orioles, though it still doesn't change where you finish in a division. I pointed out before on another thread it is beneficial for the National League because of 4 Pacific Time Zone teams and one Mountain Time Zone team. When the Orioles go to Seattle in April during the week how many fans can stay up to watch the games? In the AL it is not as big of a deal due to the 4 team West having a Central Time Zone team like the Rangers. Expansion I don't think is realistic. I think trying to have an interleague game every day would cause scheduling issues. By having the interleague games in May and June there is less chance of rainouts. I like interleague and I don't think 18 games out of 162 is that big of a deal.
  15. What story did I make up? What false stories? I am well aware of what EBW did and that is when the farm system dried up. The bottom line is when Angelos bought the team we were a solid ballclub. Jacobs at least left Hemond run the team, Lucchino was here still as well, he knows the game. I am not telling you the early 90's were the glory days but we were competitive. Camden Yards saved baseball in Baltimore not Peter Angelos. Please tell me the owner who would of moved the team away, to where? There is no where to go. The idea that Angelos saved baseball in Baltimore is a myth. In 1988 Governor Shaefer and EBW announced the stadium deal, that is what cemented baseball in Baltimore not a local owner who bought the team 2 seasons after Camden Yards was built. Why did the team sell for such a high price if it didn't have any value?
  16. Sometimes I wonder if he has any advisors that he listens to. Like I said earlier I have no current beef with the man but he doesn't do himself any favors when he opens his mouth. I am not saying people would want to throw him a parade in downtown Baltimore but if he would just say I made some mistakes he wouldn 't do his PR image any harm.
  17. I agree our minor league system wasn't great then. I won't deny that. I don't think Angelos did his homework if he thought that the minors weren't important. All I am saying is he bought the team with a great new stadium that sold out, Cal Ripken and a competitive team. He walked into a great situation.
  18. Nonsense. We had a competitive team with a young starters in Mussina and McDonald. We had an 89 win team in 1992 and an 85 win team in 1993. In 1994 he took over when Camden Yards was sold out everynight. Hemond built a solid team by the time he took over. We weren't great but to say that the team was ran into the ground isn't accurate.
  19. http://baltimore.orioles.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20100201&content_id=8007408&vkey=news_bal&fext=.jsp&c_id=bal I started reading the article then saw the quotes from Angelos, you very rarely hear anything from him. I agree with him that life isn't fair in the AL East but the idea that economics killed the Orioles is wrong. He ran the franchise into the ground when attendance was still very strong. I have no problems with Angelos since 2007 when he hired MacPhail. Both on and off the field things are alot better. The past is the past but that doesn't change things he did to damage the team.
  20. When are some people going to reach the COMMON SENSE conclusion that premier free agents will only come here after we have proven we can win. Oh sure every now and then a Tejada type situation arises but how often. I would of loved to of seen Texiera here but he didn't want to come here, all great players want the money and winning and in MLB they have the power to do so. Why would the best players available who have leverage sign a contract with a team that has to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox every year, WHY? John Lackey can go to Boston have a great lineup around him and have Lester, Beckett and Matsuzaka around him. Or he can sign with a team that has 12 straight losing seasons and has to compete in the AL East. The Orioles know this so why should they waste their time. If we played in the AL Central we should and in my opinion would aggresively pursue higher class free agents because players would realize that it is not as difficult to compete in the AL Central and therefore would have more interest in coming here. The division you play in dictates the approach you take.
  21. The big question is if the Ravens, Jags and Broncos all finish 10-6 what happens? Jacksonville would be the first wild card due to conference record then would the tie breaker go to our head to head over Denver or not? I know if depends on what game we would under this scenario lose. Pittsburgh based on what I see can't win the tiebreaker over us at 10-6. The bottom line is we will be a second place team for sure at 10-6 even if we lose in Pittsburgh. The Steelers cannot beat us out for second place if we go 10-6. We need Jackonville to win out and Denver lose 2 or Jacksonville lose at least 2 games to make things simple for us to be at 10-6. http://www.nfl.com/standings/tiebreakingprocedures
  22. In 1983 would the kids of Baltimore who played youth football all of been Colts fans? When I was a kid -early 1980's (born in 1975) the Orioles ruled the town and the Colts couldn't sell out home games. I liked the Colts but I remember at the time liking the Cowboys. I have no vivid Colts memories and tons of Orioles ones. If you grew up in Atlanta, San Diego or Cleveland in the 1970's how big of a baseball fan would you have been? I think Tampa's attendance this year is a reflection of how poor a baseball town that is. People look at the local team as a barometer of the sport as a whole. It's not Selig's fault the Orioles ran one of the best GM's in the history of the sport out of town and wound up hiring Thryft who had no business running a slow-pitch softball team at that stage in his career. Then we hire a Front Office novice in Flanagan to dig ourselves out with a meddling owner. There isn't a person in the world who could convince the MLB union into a salary cap like the NBA has, that's not Selig's fault. I disagree strongly that Selig has killed baseball. Terrible management in certain cities has hurt baseball in those cities not the commisioner.
  23. I have an inside source at the Warehouse that said the reason Angelos wasn't there was because he was attending a Super Soaker convention in El Paso, TX.
  24. The thing is though there is no way the revenues will ever be equal. Franchises like the Jaguars and Bills are in big trouble in the NFL. Every sports market is different. I am not against sharing more revenue but what will the impact be without a salary cap? If Forbes is right the Redskins had a $345 million in revenue last year and the Lions $208 million.http://www.forbes.com/lists/2009/30/football-values-09_NFL-Team-Valuations_Revenue.html People keep saying how the NFL shares revenues the best but 3 or so teams stand out from the rest. Why would anyone think the Redskins, Patriots and Cowboys wouldn't use that to their advantage if no salary cap existed? They already do now to a lesser extent with signing bonuses. What happens every season is the top notch free agents go to the big market teams in baseball. If you didn't have a salary cap in the NFL more players would test free agency and the bigger market teams would use that to their advantage. If Peyton Manning suffers a career ending injury the Colts are dramatically different team and the value of the Colts franchise would be impacted. Quartebacks are gold in the NFL. There is no way Jason Campbell is the Redskins QB if a salary cap didn't exist in the NFL. The elite players would test free agency and have their choice of where they can go and wouldn't be limited by a teams cap space. You have franchises that are extreme like the Yankees, Red Sox, Pirates, and Marlins. Most teams are somewhere in the middle. Alot of the salary differences are a direct result of bad management not developing talent and free agents having no desire to go to those teams that aren't any good.
  25. If you didn't have a salary cap in the NFL you don't think teams like the Cowboys and Redskins wouldn't have a bigger payroll than others? What stopping them is the fact there is a salary cap. Imagine if you are top notch NFL Quarterback, why wouldn't you test free agency even if you like the team you are playing with? How much would Manning or Brady be worth in free agency. Snyder can put a mediocre product on the field and tick almost the whole fan base off and still sell 90,000 tickets a game with a season ticket waiting list. How much more money could Snyder make with a Brady or a Manning type? The reason there is a spending disperity in baseball is because some teams don't develop any talent to spend on and the top notch free agents go to the big market teams. It makes no sense to overpay for the leftovers.
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