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  1. What is your point? I acknowleged the Yankees spending. The Colts hit the NFL equivalent of hitting the lottery drafting Peyton Manning. The Minnesota Twins are a small market team that has been to postseason 5 times in 8 years, if they can do it so can Kansas City. The Oakland Athletics have 5 postseason trips this decade. It doesn't matter if the Yankees win 120 games a year that doesn't stop the Pirates from winning the NL Central. I am bothered by the Yankees spending but equally bothered by the whining of how some teams never make it. Every sport regardless of economic structure has teams that perform well and those that don't. I responded to a post that stated the same teams win all the time. You are never going to have a situation where teams win equally. If you think I like seeing the Yankees spend alot you are wrong. The NFL which I love gets constant ass-kissing from the media telling us about how all the teams can compete. Yet in that "perfect system" we are 4 games into the season and Cleveland, Tennessee, and Kansas City's seasons are finished. Oakland, Miami, Buffalo and Jacksonville won't be contending in my opinion either. That's 7 of 16 teams in the AFC just 25% into the season who aren't true playoff contenders. You will not hear or read any major stories talking about the lack of parity in the AFC but when it comes to MLB the media cries a river all the time. I never said the system is fair. I resonded to a post about parity that's all. The NFL is a national revenue sport and MLB a local revenue sport. The NFL even with revenue sharing doesn't share everything. According to Forbes every team got $94 million in the NFL from national TV deals and another $22 million from the NFL Sunday Ticket, as you know MLB doesn't get that much. Without a salary cap even with all the revenue sharing you don't think owners like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder would spend more than others? The NFL took advantage of a weak players union something Selig didn't have the luxury of.
  2. There is not parity in the sport compared to what? In the NFL this decade in the AFC the Bills have not been to the playoffs, the Browns once, the Bengals once, the Texans (since 2002 expansion) zero times, the Chiefs twice and the Jaguars twice. This in a sport with 6 berths per conference. The Colts have 8 postseason trips in 9 years and the Steelers and Pats 6 each in 9 years. I understand your frustration about the Yankees but not everyone can make it, baseball only has 4 berths per league per year.
  3. Casey Blake had a great AB. Belliard seems to have a knack for the big hit.
  4. Glaus did have a good swing. Under the right circumstances he wouldn't be a terrible option.
  5. I have found myself rooting for them. I didn't notice it until the 9th inning but Scott Erickson was sitting in the first row with his wife Lisa Guerrero. Just thought I would mention it.
  6. Because we were down 3 runs with nobody out maybe?
  7. Not to pile on but Angelos took over control of the team after 1993. At that point the Orioles had played 40 seasons and had 27 winning seasons, 1 year at .500 and 12 losing seasons. After this year we will have 12 straight losing seasons and 13 of 16 losing seasons under the Angelos ownership. Peter has accomplished more losing baseball seasons in 16 years than the franchise did in the 40 years proir to his ownership. To his credit he spent money when he took over in 1993 taking advantage of a solid team with a great fanbase and revenues. He had nothing to do with Camden Yards though and merely took advantage of the Orioles market at the time. When it came time to put his own stamp on the franchise he has failed miserably. I do think he has been a good owner since the day MacPhail wss hired but it took entirely too long to realize that things weren't working.
  8. The thing nobody mentions is the fact that Dave doesn't have a contract for next year. The players know that, everyone knows it. How can you blame Trembley for losing the clubhouse when the ORGANIZATION itself is putting no pressure on the team to win. The franchise is using this year to rebuild and evaluate itself. The fact that Mora whined is irrelevant since he did the same thing under another manager. Why would the Zaun trade be made because of clubhouse issues?, if Dave is the problem then Gregg could of played for someone new next year. Dave hasn't lost the clubhouse, he is managing in the last year of a contract for an organization that has lost for 11 straight years, soon 12. The franchise has put no INTERNAL pressure to expect more from the players. I think MacPhail has done a great job and he has a plan for everything. The Orioles right now are getting experience for their younger players. This off-season aside from trying to get better talent the ORGANIZATION has to change expectation levels for 2010. No matter who the manager is next year the manager will be in a much better position to succeed if the team is put on notice.
  9. I hate both teams but love this matchup. The Orioles are my team but I love the big games. Both teams will probably get in but the Red Sox look more vulnerable than I thought they would be. Thursday's game is on the MLB Network, Saturday's afternoon game is on FOX and the Sunday Night game is on ESPN and none of those three games conflict with the Orioles games those days. I am sure the way these teams play each other the Saturday game will probably last close to 8PM though-410PM start. I miss the tension in games you see starting about this time of the year when teams are contending. I know there are still alot of games left but these games are still pretty big. Boston is 8-0 against against NY this year. I say it will be a 2-2 split. Hopefully the Orioles will soon be playing important games but for now this will have to do.
  10. I can guartantee Melvin that Boston would not of put up with his nonesense over the years. Hopefully he gets released so everyone can move on. A couple of years from now he will go into the Orioles Hall of Fame and everyone can move on. He has been a good player but like alot of athletes he has a sense of entitlement that only a few deserve and he isn't one of them.
  11. Lord I hope for his sake we got his son and not Elbert, that would be terrible.
  12. You would leave a power hitting right handed hitter in Butler,who is red hot to face a soft tossing lefty when you have Jim Johnson available and rested? I would like to meet the manager who would do that. You are not saving the pen you are creating poor matchups. Johnson hasn't been overworked. Hendrickson has pitched well because Trembley has used him wisely and hasn't put him in positions to fail. He has not one time had him face right handed hitters when we are ahead in the 8th inning. He has pitched when we are behind or against lefties. Multiple innings mean nothing if they are not effective. Being able to soak up innings in a blowout is not the same as pitching th 7th and 8th in a tight game.
  13. Here's the point. Torre will have no problem using Broxton for a 4 or 5 out save in the postseason like he did Rivera. OK, so where is the great need for Sherill? LA has a great closer and no question George would help them but at what cost. Sherill is a luxury item for them not a neccessity. Their bullpen needs depth because of their starters not giving them length. You don't manage the postseason like the regular season. If they think Elbert can get big lefties out then why deal him and other prospects.
  14. I get that. My point is that Hendrickson never would of been brought in the 8th inning last night had Berken went 7. Hendrickson faced 2 lefties in the 7th, I don't think you let him see Butler in the 8th no matter how good he looked in the 7th inning.
  15. If Elbert is so good then why would LA trade him for Sherrill? Plenty of teams like Anaheim in 2002 with KROD and the Yankees in 2007 with Joba had no problem giving the ball to a youngster in a big spot. That makes no sense to me.
  16. I guess you saying Hedrickson is one of our better relievers? Had Berken gotten thru 7 innings last night you never would of seen Hendrickson.
  17. You are complaining he went with Johnson last night with a 1 run lead in the 8th inning and now you call Johnson one of our best guys? Trembley did nothing wrong last night or tonight. I had no problem going with Johnson for 2 innings tonight.
  18. He used Johnson, his set-up guy both nights with leads in the 8th inning, what's the difference? The only reason Johnson finished the game was the 2 runs in the 8th. There is no way you let Hendrickson pitch the 8th inning last night.
  19. Schmuck is not a kool aid drinker at all. I enjoy his radio show and columns. He is negative towards the team when he feels it warrants, but not so negative like another media member in this town with his own radio station that it becomes a joke.
  20. I honestly don't know what options MLB has though that are realistic. I think Selig has tried to and has accomplished alot with revenue sharing. The union is what it is. We all know the NFL is different because the game is built around it's massive national TV deals. I have given it a good bit of thought what I would do is to add a second wild-card team in each league. That way a strong third place team could still make the playoffs. I am not one to blame the Orioles woes on the Yankees and Red Sox, we are to blame not them. The bottom line is the system isn't fair though. By adding another wild-card team the Yankees and Red Sox can't in theory buy all the available postseason spots every season. You could have the 2 wild-card teams play a best of three with the winner advancing on to the division round. The negative would be all 3 division winners would have 4-5 days off before the playoffs start. I guess the wild-card winner could have momentum that the division winner they play doesn't. I think though the positive would be alot better. The division winning teams could line all their pitching up. By adding another playoff team alot less crying about money would occur, I know not all. I think it would on some levels put more pressure on teams to win because there would be somewhat less of an excuse not to make the playoffs. Sure things wouldn't be perfect. I for one still like an unbalanced schedule which still makes it harder on teams in some divisions than others. Adding another team wouldn' impact a team like the Orioles this year but definately could in the years to come. Overall I like fewer playoff teams not more but things aren't equal. I don't think you would cheapen the playoffs too much either. I think you still have a better chance of a team with a mediocre record winning a divison than a second wild-card. I know the NFL has talked about adding another playoff team which I think is a joke but for baseball I think it makes sense under the circumstances. I would stop at 5 teams per league, no more, nothing like the NBA or NHL. As far as the premium free agents go how many of these players don't sign with "premium teams". The system is setup for the players to have their cake and eat it too.
  21. Why let Jones and Wieters learn how NOT to play the game by veterans who should know better? Has anyone one time this season ever heard a postgame clip where any player was ticked off about losing and how we play the game? What does it say about them, they are the ones playing. I am sick and tired of the manager being blamed for veteran players who fairly or not seem to play the game with a complacent who cares if we win because we are not suppose to attitude. None of the veterans seem bothered by how we are playing at all. They are the ones who should be putting a stop to it. Our second baseman signs a 4 year $40 million contract and at times plays the game with the enthusiasm of a funeral director. It not the rookies playing the game the wrong way it is the veterans who should know better. These guys should police themselves and not need a babysitter for a manager.
  22. I disagree here. Wieters moved inside you could see it before Johnson threw the pitch. Matsui has one thing on his mind there jerking the ball to right field. You don't pitch to a hitters strength in that ballpark in a tie game. Make Matsui hit the ball to the big part of the field.
  23. As soon as i saw Wieters move inside I said oh no. How stupid can you be. Make him hit a pitch on the outside corner, that is sooooooo stupid. It's not like the target was outside and he missed his spot. This team knows how to lose very well.
  24. Why should Pie start everyday? How many teams are going to play a guy at a corner outfield position like him? What does his power project to be? The guy has shown flashes but tons of inconsistent play.
  25. Why? Where is the terrible roster management.
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