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  1. I think he handles the bullpen fine. Until you get a legit starting rotation the bullpen will always have issues and that goes for any manager. I do think at times he uses the hit and run too much, like today. Sending Markakis made no sense. He is managing a team that was in the middle of their 10th straight losing season when he toke over, that is his biggest challenge. He has to build a winning attitude around players who have never won before, it isn't easy.
  2. 9-13 isn't good when you start out 6-2. The biggest thing I want to see is the end of the losing culture. At some point when we have another tough loss and it will happen we have to rebound right away, we never do. You are not unrealistic but the last 6 games have been brutal to watch. At some point this team needs to fight through adversity and win. I am sick and tired of watching the same thing happen again and again. Until we actually do it it is all talk.
  3. It's a typical Orioles funk. Anytime we lose a tough game like Friday we play poorly for a stretch. The last 2 games reminded me of the last week for Perlozzo in 2007, the final ending was already written it was just how the script played out. I had no confidence at all the last 2 days. I guess it is just the sign of a bad team but for once after a tough loss I would like to see us step up and win 4 of 5. The team plays mentally defeated. They look like they expect to lose. It seems like after a tough loss it confirms to them that they aren't any good.
  4. I was at the game tonight ,brutal loss. Trembley managed fine tonight. If he leaves Ray in the 8th and he struggles people would complain about that. Koji looked finished to me, that was the right move. Izturis needs to make that play in the 8th, plain and simple. I had a nervous feeling all night when we didn't add any runs and then the Andrus play in the 8th inning. Ray might wind up being the closer again but people need to be patient. Trembley isn't going to rush him back to that role nor should he. This is a Texas team we should take 3 of 4 from, we better get a split now.
  5. Wins indicate an ability to pitch as well that never show up on any stat. I am not talking about an individual season like Guthrie or Peavy last year but the whole career. I want professional pitchers on this team. People who know what they are doing. You are going to lose the team like we saw the last six weeks last year throwing minor leaguers on the mound. His trends are down no question he isn't an ace but he has shown an ability to take the ball and soak up innings. With a quality offense he can be very valuable. Nothing demoralizes a team like what we saw last year. I want pitchers when they get run support to go deep into the game and not go 5 innings or less like we saw with Olson and Liz. It was an act of God we won the number of games we did with those 2 on the mound. Is Burnett the right fit over a guy like Garland considering the money and injury history?
  6. You are right, I was looking at his earlier numbers. I still don't find them to be alarming.
  7. He isn't great but has value for us where we are right now. Outside of Guthrie last year we had no professional pitchers starting. Cabrera had talent but looks like a lost cause. The Orioles need to put pitchers on the mound who know what it means to take the ball every 5th day and don't implode the first sign of adversity. He has made 32 starts or more 7 years in a row. You don't pitch the number of innings he has by not knowing what you are doing.
  8. Garland is 29 years old and durable. You fail to mention his decreasing walks. There is plenty of value in what he can give us. He had a down year last year but hardly showed he is finished.
  9. I doubt he gets that, more like 3 for 24.
  10. Burnett is like JD Drew, ok for a big money team to take a risk on. Burnett has more talent than Garland and a much higher ceiling, but also much more risk. I am not judging totally on wins but it does matter. Burnett has won more than 12 games once-that says something. His two best years were contract years.
  11. I say it is 50-50 odds Garland wins more games than Burnett the next 3 years and 60-40 he pitches more innings. Garland won't get 80% either. Garland would be our second best pitcher by a country mile.
  12. How can you say that? He has thrown 200 IP 3 times in 8 seasons. He has started 30 times or more only twice. He hasn't pitched 200 innings in 2 of the last 3 years.
  13. I agree with you, Pie should not be handed anything. Being our 4th outfielder would give him a chance to earn more playing time. I like Greene myself but he has only 1 more year on his deal.
  14. He drove me nuts last year. I could not stand to watch him pitch. He seems very likeable and works hard but I wonder if the Orioles think he has the mental makeup to pitch in this division. He had trouble going 5 innings with great run support. I think it would be great for his career to go the the NL West.
  15. Felix Pie better not be the reason we don't go after Teixera they should not go hand in hand. Huff is only signed for one more year anyway. I have nothing against getting Pie but let's not go overboard.
  16. Possible, my personal opinion is if we trade Scott we need a somewhat proven pitcher in return. Peavy will probably be making less money than Burnett the next 4 years.
  17. Abreu has been mentioned with the Cubs, I don't see them wanting Scott. I just don't see Montanez as a 4th outfielder, he is a butcher defensively, maybe the 4th guy off the bench. Sonnanstine is going to cost a proven bat. The guy makes no money and is young. The Rays would want a starting calliber RF or DH.
  18. Francesa said earlier in the week Posada is healing well and the plan is for him and Molina to be the catchers. Matsui would then DH I guess unless he would be dealt.
  19. Swisher fits in better in NY then here. He is a complementary player we need a Texiera type. Heyman also said that basically that everyone is available with the White Sox, Ozzie wants younger players. Look for the Yanks to make a move for a CF, Heyman said before Mike Cameron is an option for them.
  20. Just heard Jon Heyman on YES with Mike Francesa, they got Swisher for first base. Bottom line is Yankees want Sabathia and 1 of Burnett or Lowe. Hopefully Boston does not go after Mark.
  21. MASN is televising the rally at 12pm and a replay at 8pm tomorrow.
  22. The road hat was not updated on new era's website, can you at least say if it is a road hat or another alternate hat?
  23. They pulled the new hats from the website. I guess the Orioles contacted them??
  24. The cartoon hat was worn from 66-88. It had the black front from 66-74. White front from 75-88. We had 4 losing seasons wearing that hat (67,86,87,88) out of 23 seasons. All 3 world champs used that logo. I was excited about the brand new hats and uniforms in 1989. I don't dislike the hat we have now, I just think with 4 diiferent hats including the batting practice one you could somewhere use that logo that's all. I was 8 years old when we won in 83 and considering our recent history a little nod the historic past isn't a bad idea in my mind. How about an all black road hat with the cartoon bird? The logo never won us a game but the logo does have meaning to the fan base who are old enough to remember it.
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