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  1. He was stealing and didn't wait for Jenks to go home.
  2. Why would you not hit Ramon there?. A home run threat in a one run game. I had no problem with it at all. You are not going to hit him for any guys at the top of the order.
  3. I thought Vasquez threw some hittable pitches in the 8th, I thought the final pitch to Ramon was a hanging breaking ball. Payton had a pitch to hit as well.
  4. You have got to be kidding. Walker and Bradford are proven pitchers, this is the exact time of the game they should be pitching, why else are they here??
  5. The Orioles in my opinion were at their peak in popularity when Angelos took over. Camden Yards was 2 years old and crowned the best ballpark in baseball. Cal Ripken Jr the hometown hero was in the middle of his streak. No NFL team existed in Baltimore. A competitive team in 1992 and 1993 that averaged 87 wins and was in contention in September both years. All those factors lead to a team that ranked second in attendance in 1992 and 1993, before Angelos took over. Angelos spent money on players like Palmeiro, Surhoff and Alomar that hepled us reach the playoffs twice. Yes, we got an NFL team, Cal had to retire sometime and the allure of Camden Yards would diminish over time, but that doesn't excuse the ineptitude that we have seen. How anyone can blame an owner that has been dead for almost 20 years and was dead for almost 6 years before Angelos started is beyond me. Two franchises that didn't even exist when EBW died, in Florida and Arizona have combined for 3 World Series titles. Both franchises were completely blown up with different Front Offices and Owners and got back to the playoffs. We can't even have a competitive team into the month of June. When it came time for Angelos to stand on his own feet and not piggyback what he inherited he has failed miserably. If he didn't know the importance of hiring quality people to run the baseball operations department and how important a minor league system is then he had no business buying the franchise. This will be Angelos' 15th season as an owner and I hope I am wrong but another losing one it looks like. If we have a losing season that would be 12 of 15 years, which is 80%. At some point in time you have to look in the mirror. I had no problem with Angelos fighting for his rights when DC got a team but he didn't have to alienate so many DC area fans in the process. All any owner can ask for is a strong fanbase and good stadium situation. We have both plus only one other pro team in town and a great history and tradition. Everything is and has been in place to win just not the right people running or owning the team. Baltimore is a goldmine franchise and EBW didn't damage that.
  6. I know how people view a pitcher's win-loss record but the fact the guy has a .500 record on mostly bad teams says something. Maybe he is one of those guys that seems to be better than the numbers show to some level. I think McPhail wants to put people in a position to succeed. If the organization honestly thought our young guys are ready he wouldn't sign Fogg. Unlike previous years McPhail is not trying to ask too much out of people. Not having Bedard anymore puts alot more heat on Guthrie and Loewen. There is no harm in having legit competition at the AAA level.
  7. You act like there are great quaterbacks all over the place. Most teams in the league have issues at the QB position. I doubt Billick said don't go after a quality guy because I would rather try to win with a nobody. Quarterback play in the entire league is terrible. Some teams made great draft picks to sign guys other teams got lucky. As smart as New England is they waited until the 6th round to get Brady. Cleveland started the season with Frye and drafted Quinn, how much faith did they have in Anderson?-who still has only had 1 good year. In 1998 as laughable as it sounds some NFL people liked Leaf over Manning. The Colts were lucky they were bad at the right time- and they then made the right choice. The Colts made the playoffs going back to Baltimore 3 out of 21 seasons including Manning's rookie year. Since Peyton's second season this will be 8 of 9 years in the playoffs. Had they made the playoffs in 1997 like they did in 1996 they wouldn't have Manning and where would they be now? Probably like most teams looking for a QB.I have major problems with clock management with Billick but how anyone expects any team with the talent we have had overall on offense to be solid is beyond me. In 2003 when all we did was run Jamal and made the playoffs people complained we never threw the ball. I guess Billick should of put it in the hands of Boller and Wright. Of course nobody mentions that any coach plays to the stregth of his team which here of course is the defense. If people think that hiring a new coach will change the offense it won't. Talent will change that. If people think that Billick has lost the team and it is simply time to go I can live with that line of thinking then bashing him about the offense.
  8. Vatech is right our offensive personnel is not good. Billick called the play in the third quarter where Darling was wide open and it turned into an interception, a better QB-WR combo completes the play. Billick isn't the one playing cornerback nor is he the one responsible for the lack of depth there now. Billick isn't the one who allowed Jason Taylor to be untouched multiple times including the 2nd down play before the missed field goal that turned into a 3 yard loss. Look around the NFL the teams with good offenses have good QB's it is not that complicted. None of the QB's who left here have accomplished anything after they left-Blake, Wright, Banks, Mitchell, Redman etc. Most of those guys had little success before they got here as well. Dilfer was so highly regarded that after winning the Super Bowl he couldn't get a starting job. How about the wonderfull WR's we have had who have left Baltimore and gone on to do anything elsewhere-no one. Our defense has had multiple defensive coordinators and since 1999 and except for the 2002 salary cap year we have finished in the top 6 every year. Lewis, Boulware ,Sharper, McCrary ,Suggs, McAlister, Reed etc are the reason not the coaches. Marvin Lewis was the defensive coordinator in 1996 with no talent and we ranked 28th of 30 teams. It is amazing how much smarter he got when are talent improved. Since Lewis took over the Bengals in 2003 their defense has never ranked higher than 22nd, I guess he's dumb again. If Billick get's fired-he won't- it will please the people who want him gone but those same fans will want to run the next coach out of town unless we improve our offensive talent.
  9. They were complaning on the MASN postgame show about not throwing it in the overtime period. You have one of the greatest kickers off all-time and you are running the ball great and in field goal range. Nobody is ever happy, people complain about not running the ball enough and then when we are running the ball great we should of thrown the ball. Players win the game. If Boller and Darling connect in the third quarter a play call that worked we would of had a 10 point lead. Billick has never had a quality QB since he has been the coach.
  10. Same opinion, Sox in 6. They need a split in Boston. I think they can get to Schilling.
  11. They wanted to start the World Series on Wednesday instead of Tuesday to avoid a Friday night game. TV ratings in general stink on Fridays and Saturdays. The Division and LCS rounds were effected because all along MLB wanted to start the World Series in the middle of the week instead of on a Saturday for TV reasons. They had 4 extra dats to play with. Before 1985 the World Series for years use to start on a Tuesday instead of a Saturday, the change from 5 to a 7 game LCS changed all of that. If I am not mistaken Selig would like to see a 154 game schedule but the owners don't want it.
  12. eddie83

    TV ratings

    Here are some interesting articles on the subject. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnist/hiestand-tv/2007-10-16-TBS-LCS-ratings_N.htm There are a couple of things in this interview as well. Only 4-6 percent of kids under 11 watch the World Series. http://www.bizofbaseball.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1594&Itemid=81ll. One thing that has always bugged me is the claim that kids don't follow baseball as much because the games finish so late. I grew up missing the end of alot of postseason games because I had to go bed and it never stopped me from being a fan. I wish the NLCS games would of started earlier as well but living in a country with three time zones makes things hard. If they would of played the games at 4PM eastern time most of the people in Denver and Phoenix would still be at work, and kids would be in school when the game starts.
  13. I agree. Sweeping it under the rug will raise far more questions. With Mitchell releasing the names it proves baseball isn't trying to hide. The IRS can't catch everyone who cheats on their taxes but that shouldn't stop them for trying to catch people that do. Consumers have a right to know what players used PED's. Selig had nothing to do with this investigation either, it is all Mitchell. The report would have no value if the names were covered up.
  14. Tom Davis and Dave Johnson were talking about Leo this morning. Davis said Leo was going to be fired in the middle of last season but Perlozzo went to Angelos to stop it. Johnson heard from people he talks to that Leo was a "bad guy". I for one think the firing is a good thing. I think Leo is a good pitching coach but you can't have it both ways. If you want an organization to do things the right way then they have to be able to fire people even with a track record if they think the move will be in the teams best interests.
  15. I have a negative attitude towards this franchise. I hate the fact that being a big baseball fan my summers have not been nearly as enjoyable the last 10 years. I take what has happened here very seriously. I think the franchise needs major improvements both on and off the field. There is a big difference between having a negative attitude and acting like every single thing this franchise does is wrong. Your paragraph about MacPhail fits your mindset perfectly. Why is MacPhail going to fail? You have a negative attitude about someone who has has been here for 3 months. You have already prejudged someone without even giving them a fair shot. Aparicio is taking advantage of the fact that next Monday's game is a rain makeup on a weeknight against Kansas City. He knows even a small amount of people will stand out. He is doing this for attention. We hired a guy with 2 World Series titles and off the field the Orioles created their Orioles Reach community program. Our manager has a leadership quality that has lacked here for years. Let's crap all over new people who have nothing to do with the current losing culture and not even give them a chance.
  16. How many "legit media members" have had a water gun fired at them? Nestor acts like it was some mafia hit job.
  17. I would listen to WNST every now and then, (when I could get the station in) but I haven't listened to the station except for a couple of times in about 3-4 years. I couldn't stand the same theme of how much baseball sucks. I personally have never understood the argument that because the local team stinks it means the sport itself stinks also. Baseball has it's share of problems but so do all sports. It must suck to go thru life so insecure that you have to point out everything you do. Nestor points out how many hits is website gets so why doesn't he discuss what ratings his station gets also. I never have had a problem with the media being critical of the organization because they deserve it. What I do have a problem with is that some of the valid points he does make he also makes points just for the sake of being negative. The whole attendance theme is a complete joke. It is all about tickets sold as everyone knows. How many people attend Maryland baskeball games against non-ACC competition in November and December? The last couple of years Comcast Center has looked half empty while the Terps announce a sellout for the games-which they are. Blaming MacPhail for anything shows a complete lack of intelligence in understanding the sport and how it works. Another PR event is all this is, and it accomplishes nothing.
  18. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    Would it make you feel better if Bako was released right now and they called up Knott and then they released Knott after the season? They don't want Knott and you keep making it out to be a Knott or Bako question, it isn't. Jimenez is yet another AA legend, I have no idea what their plans are with him. Do you think that maybe the 40 man roster will change before next year? Who cares who is on the 40 man roster right now, it matters who is there next year. You keep trying to turn this into something it isn't.
  19. eddie83


    DC was throwing at Pedroia, and it was a joke. My point was every team has had players do this type of behavior at some time. I am afraid someone is going to get seriously hurt, I think we have been lucky it hasn't happened yet.
  20. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    I understand the sport of baseball just fine. You don't build for the future with 29 year old AAA talent. It amazes me people like you are making it out to be a big deal. Let's just move on and agree to disagree.
  21. eddie83


    Were the Red Sox embarrassed when Pedro threw at Karim Garcia in the 03 ALCS on purpose because he was mad? There is alot of hypocrisy in baseball. Roger Clemens because he is a future HOF'er can throw at people and that is OK. When Roger pitched for Toronto the Yankees hated him, then when he becomes a Yankee all is forgiven. What Daniel did is bush league, but let's not make Boston out to be a bunch of saints.
  22. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    Payton is no more a part of this franchises future than Knott is. If they improve in LF next year then what will people say. Have you even seen Knott play defense? We get the results we deserve because we haven't played a player that no other team deems MLB worthy? A good bullpen would of made a world of difference on this team, not Jon Knott.
  23. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    The moves they are making now are foward thinking, you just do not agree with them. Knott might be hitting 28 homers for a AAA team next year. When we add players this offseason and we will, will players be coming off of the 40 man roster?, yes they will. Knott is not in their plans and that bothers you. If Knott is not in their plans why call him up? You and I have no earthly idea what the Orioles opening day roster will be for 2008. I am sure that MacPhail wants the best 40 man for next year as well. Give the team a damn chance to see what they do for next year. Don't blame MacPhail for the faults of the past. He deserves an opportunity to see what he can do. They didn't hire some bozo here, the man has been in this business his whole life.
  24. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    You are right, the Orioles and me do not value offense. If Jon Knott is Ryan Howard he would be here, he isn't. You look at the complete player not just whether or not he can hit homers. Corey Patterson is a good defensive CF that is why he plays. It ain't working because the whole team isn't good enough. A Benny Ayala type player is going to have what impact on this team? If Knott was a middle of the order type hitter he would already be in the majors. I certainly hope Jay Payton isn't our fulltime LF next year, and I don't think he will be. You also can't defense walks, I guess that is the fault of the defense. Bringing up that the team is allowing alot of runs lately has nothing to do with our defense. This group of pitchers are AAA quality. Alot of the runs being given up are by pitchers who will not be here next year due to not being good enough or not being ready. The Yankees wouldn't be close to a .500 team with the pitching we have had the last 3 weeks.The question is, is a given players offense good enough to warrrant playing with a poor glove. If teams thought he was that great of an offensive player he would already be in the big leagues, maybe they are all wrong but maybe they are not.
  25. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    I never said that those guys would of hit more homers-except IMO Gibbons- at Norfolk, they wouldn't because they are not home run hitters. I fully understand Norfolk is a pitchers park. Why is it that being a better player automatically means you have to hit more home runs? Corey Patterson is a better all around player than Knott and so he is a healthy Jay Gibbons. This isn't a slow pitch softball team here. Defense does matter. Unless you are getting rid of Huff defense should matter. If the Orioles would of called up Knott and he would of got 80 at bats in September and they still would of released him would it of made anyone feel better? I fully expect the Orioles to make a significant improvement next year in LF, and if they don't I will be the first person to rip them. If I am coming across as defending this organization I am not. Maybe you are right and Knott would of helped, I personally want to see a bigger improvement. It is up to MacPhail now. If they patch together another LF like this year than the argument about giving Knott a chance has alot more merit. I expect much more.
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