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    Knott DFA'd?

    Great let's call Jimenez up so we can sit Millar and Huff who are both under contract next year. You bring up guys only if they play into your future plans. Bako being on the 40 man roster over Jimenez means exactly what? You act like it means Bako is a part of the future he isn't. Knott has nothing to do with Bako. Knott was judged not to be good enough. Do you honestly think that if the Orioles thought Knott had a future here they would let Paul Bako stand in the way? If you want to be mad over Knott being let go fine, but don't act like it was a Bako or Knott decision. Releasing a player because it makes you feel better acomplishes nothing. Maybe he is here because the team sees no point in releasing a 10 year veteran who has struggled just for the sake of doing it.
  2. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    If Paul Bako is back here next year I will personally give you $500 to give to a charity of your choice. Paul Bako isn't blocking anyone from being here who the team thinks should be here. A months worth of games isn't going to make House or Knott a better player-they are who they are. Bako has started 1 game in 2 weeks.
  3. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    And what would our "stars" slugging percentage be if they were facing the same AAA pitching Knott is. So Knott's 13 bombs equal 13 bombs at the major league level?
  4. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    Like I said Redman was or is the answer. Do you really think the Orioles are saying to themselves that Tike Redman-who is only 2 years older than Knott- will be our starting LF next year? I didn't realize utility infielders were suppose to slug well ,I always thought their job was to be able to field. There are alot of reasons not to play him, like maybe they have judged his talents are not good enough. You don't think Knott wasn't being judged everyday at AAA. I guess playing him in September is going to change his ability to be able to hit a breaking ball or not. AAA pitching stinks. The Orioles are a 900 run offense playing against Tampa Bay, Chicago and Kansas City this year. AAA pitching is basically the Rob Bells and Kirk Birkins of the world spread in with some young prospects who may or may not make it at the MLB level. We have seen first hand this year the difference between being successful at AAA and the Major Leagues. The reason the Orioles have stunk for 10 years is because until this year their starting pitching was weak, a poor bullpen and a lineup without pop in the middle of the order. Until Bedard developed our best pitcher since Mussina was Rodrigo Lopez. We still don't have a true #4 hitter. A team wins based on how good it's core players are not who their 4th outfielder is. I am not defending the Orioles overpaying for mid-level talent. Just because they haven't built a winner doesn't mean they are wrong on Knott. Jay Gibbons who has a MLB resume and is only 1 year older than Knott is hated on this board and Knott is loved. It is always easy to root for the underdog.
  5. eddie83

    Knott DFA'd?

    You would think Albert Pujols was released. The guy stuck out every 3.5 at bats at against AAA pitching. Maybe we can bring AAA pitchers along to face him at the major league level. I guess it is the ballparks fault he can't make contact with the ball. As pointed out his numbers were actually worse on the road. It's nice to judge the Orioles when we don't even know who our LF will be next year. I guess by playing him in September he will morph into a completely different hitter. Jay Gibbons may very well be our 4th outfielder going into next year for all we know..
  6. The thing that has to be blown up is the way we do business not team itself. Due to our wonderful owner the Front Office has been incapable of having thier vision-whatever that is- play out. I haven't been impressed by our current GM duo but now we finally have a baseball man running the show. I understand the goal isn't to patch a team together but to win a world series. We play in a good market and own our own TV network, so let's us that to our advantages. This team is not as bad as we look right now, not even close. The majority of players impacting these games will not even be here next year. I really do not see where we are much different from where Detroit was in 2004-2005. Things can change much quicker than people think with some postive moves. MacPhail has to be given a legit chance to let things play out the way he wants them to. If the roster is much improved by Opening Day in 2008 all of this uproar over the September call-ups means what? If you can deal some higher paid contracts so be it. What I want to see in the short term more than anything is playing meaningfull games late in the season. The 1992-1993 Orioles were not great teams but both provided enjoyable summers to Orioles fans. Both years we went into September playing for something. It is depressing every year that going into June we are already out of the race. A couple of bats and improving the bullpen-not that I have easy answers - changes the mindset of everyone. MacPhail should first actually fill the holes we have first and then if it doesn't work blow it up. By blowing it up now we are basically blowing up teams built to be .500 at best. Maybe it is a combination of trades or free agents but it can be done. Playing in this division is always going to be tough. I just want to see the Baltimore Orioles be as good as they can be. If that means for right now 3rd place and 88 wins, sign me up because it will have been a fun summer. The value of trading of dumping players this offseason and at the trade deadline next year isn't that big of a difference. Try to win first then blow it up, just don't throw a flawed team out there on Opening Day and hope things turn out in a best case scenario like we have done for years. I say no to a total rebuild. Our dysfunctional front office has cost us, not the decision not to start from scratch.
  7. Fair enough. I don't think Penn making 5 starts or 0 starts the rest of the way is that big of a deal. Unlike other pitchers he has already been at this level, so it isn't foreign to him. He still could be called up to replace Birkins in the rotation, if so I have no issue with it.
  8. You act like who is here now will be here at the start of 2008. I could care less if all three guys get called up. I don't think it is an indictment of the players abilty or future promise if they are not called up. Reimold and Penn are much different than Knott. The first two names have a future with this franchise the third doesn't IMO. I certainly expect an upgrade next year in LF with a player that isn't here right now.
  9. So bringing up a kid who has battled injuries all year proves what? I think the Orioles already have a very good idea about Penn. I think he will be given a good shot to win the 5th starting spot in spring training.
  10. You are reading far to much into things. Mora and Millar will be starting here next year. There is a very fine line between seeing the kids and alienating the veterans who will be back next year.
  11. I'm sorry but I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill here. Penn has thrown about 40 innings in the minors this year, we already have 14 pitchers as it is. Reimold is in AA ball, maybe they don't think he is ready yet. I don't think Knott who is 29 years old is in our future plans so why bring him up. We have called up players that our not a big part of the future to look at bench options for next year. Just because we haven't called up the "big names" -Penn and Reimold -doesn't mean they are not in our future plans. No one in their right mind can think calling these guys up means that they are big pieces to the puzzle. Appeasing the fan base might not be in the best interests of the organization. Penn and Reimold both have very valid reasons why they are not here.
  12. Try 3 or 4 pitchers. People want prospects for our veterans and we have a kid in Loewen who is very talented and make a huge difference next year. Another quality starter and a reliable set-up man and closer would help dramatically. Good teams don't have to worry about their last guys out of the pen because if the guys in front of them are doing the job they are not pitching in big spots. I am not saying we will add those 3-4 pitchers for one and we need offense regardless. Bradford and Walker with 2 other quality arms in the pen doesn't look so bad. Another solid starter, Loewen to go with Bedard and Guthrie isn't a bad top 3. Now I have no idea how a guy like Loewen will pan out but we also have no idea how any prospects we aquire will down the road will either. The pitching depth is built to win soon.
  13. A draft pick is worth $14 million next year for a 1 year rental of Sexson? A rebuilding team trades for a 1 year rental? People complain about the awful contracts we give to guys and then want us to take on someone's else's bad deal. Why not keep Millar and use the money you would of paid to Sexson elsewhere. Seattle would have to pick up alot of his contract to even remotely look at adding him.
  14. Trembley is defending his player, which I would expect him to do. Miggy plays off of emotion and he his a streaky player. I was on the side to keep him but the more I watch him I think we might be better off to deal him. I am not blaming him for all of the problems or trying to scapegoat him but you simply expect more out of your better players. Stats don't show all of Tejada's flaws. I think if Manny Ramirez was on a team similar to the Orioles his flaws wouldn't be laughed away either. I just personally think the face of your team should play the game the right way and Miggy doesn't. I don't think he is a clubhouse cancer but teams rally around the better players and for a team trying to build something I don't think he his the guy to build around. I am not trying to say that Luis Hernandez would be an equal player or anything like that. Trembley can only do so much from the dugout, you need more consistent play from your star.
  15. I think sometimes Tejada gets too much blame but Chollie does have a point. Too many times in these funks we see ourselves in key players like Miguel are right in the middle of it. How many people got nervous when the ball was hit to him tonight? Did you feel that way with Cal or Bordick in years past? I didn't. I know the ball wasn't hit hard but Cuddyer is a slow footed right handed batter and Tejada has a strong arm, there is no need not to set yourself and throw. It was a poor effort period. Teams feed off of their better players and Tejada is a better player in a winning environment, not when you are trying to build a winner.
  16. eddie83

    A few things

    I agree 100% with your last comment. My point is you cannot judge based on MILB numbers and say that that will translate to the majors. How many times yesterday would Olson of gotten a hitter to swing at a pitch just off the plate at AAA that a MLB player let go.( I know we have no way of knowing) A pitcher with lesser stuff has to dance around the plate more than a power pitcher generally speaking at this level. If you look at a huge sample size than sure the numbers would work better than an opinion. Here we are dealing with different human beings, who bring different skill sets to the Major League level. Everyone is different, that is all I am saying.
  17. eddie83

    A few things

    Mike Maddux was a reliever for one, not a starter. A starter can afford to pick his spots more than a reliever any day of the week. Number two of course teams look at stats but how many people on this board had seen Guthrie or Burres pitch before they came to Baltimore. If you look at the numbers you would have no way telling the difference between the two. They are two entirely different pitchers.
  18. eddie83

    A few things

    Guthrie's stuff is much better than Burres. If MILB stats are so important then why do teams waste money on scouts when they could just look at the numbers. Guthrie is a power pitcher, Burres stuff at the major league level is good but not great. You can't tell me there isn't a big difference in talent and plate disicpline between AAA and MLB. The fact that Burres has more walks at the MLB level than AAA based on his stuff IMO would be predictable. I think Garret Olson's walk ratio will go up at the MLB level as well. Guthrie can afford to challenge hitters a lot more than Burres can.
  19. eddie83


    It is personal for Bud. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/baseball/mlb/02/27/shadows.afterword/1.html Selig's concern over Bonds's use of performance-enhancing drugs was eclipsed by a sense of personal betrayal: twice the commissioner had confronted the ballplayer in the midst of the BALCO scandal, offering him the chance to come clean. Instead, Bonds had told Selig he had nothing to worry about. I don't have a problem for people to get on MLB for the steroid issue but the MLBPA deserves just as much criticism. The players with the power of the union could of stopped this long ago.
  20. I think it is a great trade for Boston. They are playing to win now. Teixera could take Manny's place in the lineup and financially after 2008 when they can let Ramirez walk. Boston can easily afford to keep Teixera plus they will be selling him on Boston the next 1.5 years to keep him after free agency. He could fall in love playing in a winning environment where every game means something. I understand people say he can sign with anyone after 2008 but I still think a team that trades for him has a big advantage keeping him long term.
  21. I agree. I don't think a couple of free agents stops you from building via the draft. The Tigers signed Ordonez before they were ready to contend and it has worked out very well. In some cases a free agent helps to accelerate the rebuilding process. I am talking about a limited amount.
  22. We are building our pitching from within, Angelos has never signed a big time starting pitcher anyway. By 2010-11 Weiters, Rowell and Markakis could be a big part of the core built from within. Signing a couple of top notch free agents doesn't change that. We have signed overpriced mediocre talent. Other than Tejada and to a lesser extent Ramon Hernandez we haven't brought in any impact players via free agency. I agree we can't build a team with free agents but the right ones sure can help.
  23. I definately would make that trade. We need to change the losing culture around here and Teixera would go a long way in changing that mindset. I know MLB isn't like the NBA where one player can change a whole franchise but Bedard, Guthrie, Loewen etc all have to come through for us if we are going to win regardless. We are not dealing any of those three. Our franchise is not in a position to play it safe. Mentally the fan base is becoming exhausted over the excuses and ineptitude of the franchise. Teixera would be step one towards changing that.
  24. Every team has dead weight, including good teams. If you acquire 2 big bats-not saying we will- it would make a huge difference. You put less pressure on the guys struggling to perform. Look at the Tigers offense this year. The Tigers bullpen is struggling alot but their offense is carrying them. This year we put all the weight of the team on the bullpen and when they struggled we were finished because our lineup isn't good enough. Two legit hitters if effective would in theory based on the number of close losses we have would of made a difference. Will two hitters alone put us in contention?, I don't know but I would like to see how much it would help. At least I would feel like we have a fighting chance to be successfull instead of crossing my fingers hoping we can get to .500. We have been playing shorthanded for years asking people to hit where we need them not where they should be. As far as MacPhail goes I am more concerned with who is on our opening day roster in 2008 then what happens by July 31. I hope he can make some moves by the deadline to help us for sure but he has the entire offseason as well. The players I think we have that we can move are Millar, Patterson, Trachsel and maybe Payton. Baez and Gibbons are our problems and I don't see anyone taking them on. Mora didn't sign a NTC so after 4 months he could be traded. I have no problem trying to trade Walker or Bradford but we do need someone if we are going to try to be better next year for those roles.
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