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  1. Once again that's fine but I think the game is played by people not robots who spit out a certain amount of production. Could anyone of predicted how bad Julio Lugo would be this year in Boston. Maybe he can't handle playing in a media market like Boston. I think some players love playing in places like Kansas City and Tampa Bay where this is no pressure to perform. Some people say there is no difference in pitching in the 6th inning instead of the 9th inning. I like bullpens where there are defined roles. Some people can't stomach pitching in a big spot and stats won't show that. Dan Kolb had no problem getting people out as a closer in Milwaukee then he goes to a good team like Atlanta and pitches terrible. Kolb's previous stats would of given no indication of his struggles in Atlanta. Teams have to be able to see beyond the numbers. I think there have been times where the Orioles should of given minor leaguers a chance to succeed, I don't disagree with that.
  2. Thats fine but I don't think you can assume anything. Say what you want to say about Gibbons but there is no way I would of thought he would of been this bad this year. Phelps and Shealy struggled this year, did their minor league stats translate to MLB success this year, not that they can't bounce back but so can Gibbons. I don't have a problem with Knott and House here if Patterson and Millar are traded. Play Payton in CF and Huff at first and give Knott time in LF and House at DH, that is fine to me. However I see no logic in releasing a 30 year old Gibbons who is owed over $10 million and who has some MLB success so a 29 year old with no time at the big league level takes his spot.
  3. This is why I don't understand how people like Drungo can assume simply based on stats that a guy who hits in the minors will also be productive in the majors, guys like Knott and House. We see pitchers who can get people out in the minors and not in the majors. We don't see people after Rob Bell pitches well in the minors wanting him to be called up, why is it different for hitters? Scouts are watching these games and studying the strengths and weaknesses of hitters and can tell if a guy will make it in the majors, not that they are always right. I don't think Markakis started last year in the majors because of his stats but because of the fact that scouts thought his talents would translate to the majors.
  4. I am banking on these moves creating a winning team. Look I don't see it happening but I can dream. I really think comparing Texas to Baltimore is no comparision, the cities are very different. Other than 8 Ravens home games what sporting events in Baltimore attract big crowds or excitement?
  5. Here we go. http://www.imdb.com/gallery/granitz/6213/Events/6213/LievSchre_Jemal_14370922_400.jpg.html?path=pgallery&path_key=Schreiber,%20Liev Good call, I think he resembles Johnny Bench myself.
  6. Please do. Of course one game is a small sample size....
  7. I would myself. Our franchise is irrelevant right now. He could make such a huge difference in perception about the team. I am assuming that this wouldn't stop us from going after Teixera as well when I say this. I really think this franchise is a goldmine. We are leaving so much potential revenue on the table.
  8. I am not as down on Andruw Jones as alot of people are. His down year could be a blessing. We have not been an organization to take risks but I think he is a player I would take one on. I like wildcard's idea as well. The Yankees are willing to talk to Arod during the season about an extension I heard today. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2933023 You have to keep in mind the marketing abilities Arod has. I think he will break the HR record one day. He will get around $250 million total in my opinion.
  9. I have no idea if it would be 10,000 a game but it would be more of a benefit than a couple of thousand. First off Texas, (Dallas, Ft Worth area) isn't as good of a baseball town as Baltimore.They don't have anything close to the history we do. In Texas not only are the Cowboys big but so is high school football and without question college football. In Dallas they also have the Stars in the NHL, and the Mavericks in the NBA who both had very good teams while Arod was there. Other than the Ravens who own the town right now what else is there in sports that people care about? The Terps are popular but College Park is a DC suburb. I think Arod coming here would be a huge deal and keep in mind MASN's TV ratings would be much higher with a player of Arod's quality which in turn would equal more money. I think it would have a huge impact.
  10. I assume these guys have families and would like to see them from time to time from April to September. I have to disagree on this. The kid that umpired last night should be sent back dowm to the minors after this weekend.
  11. Umpires don't have home ballparks like players do, they are constantly traveling unlike players who are home half the time. I have no problem with them having vacation.
  12. How many teams in baseball have a Terry Crowley type, (pinch hitters) sitting on the bench? I get frustrated as well with LHRP's facing our lefties late in games but unless you have a 27 man roster that is how the game is played now.
  13. Where does he play? DH when we paying Huff 6 miilion a year. His defense is terrible, so he basically would be a pinch hitter. I have never understood that hitting at the minor league equals major league success. He is facing jouneymem minor leaguers and kids not ready for the big leagues. Fahey is only here because Miggy is hurt and they don't want Gomez playing everyday at short.
  14. I don't disagree but that doesn't mean House is that big of a deal.
  15. If he makes it to Boston's roster he will not catch. Mirabelli is Wakefield's personal catcher. Cust should of had a better shot but I think the rest of these players are nothing to worry about.
  16. I'll bet you JR House won't even be in baseball in 5 years.
  17. Stockstill was on Anita Mark's show earlier in the week and basically said House did not have a major league arm.
  18. If it is all about stats then why do teams waste money on scouts?
  19. Do you want him to tell the whole baseball world of what his plans are? A man with his resume isn't going to be a puppet, it's not like he would have a problem finding another job.
  20. Sign Andruw Jones next year and Teixera for 2009 . Yes both. With MASN we can afford them. This team is leaving $25-30 million a year in attendance money on the table. We have a boatload of money coming off the books after 2009. Teixera alone would be worth millions to this team long term. Put a better team on the field with a local hero equals increased revenue. If we try to win with the current path and hope for our prospects we will be in trouble.
  21. I'm sorry but I had not heard that. I think the Front Office needs to do what they think is right for the team. Most second year managers coming off a 92 loss season wouldn't have the power to do that.
  22. Why is it that everyone blames Perlozzo for the roster. I find it hard to believe that Sam a second year manager has the power to tell the Front Office who his 25 man roster will be. If you want to critcize the 3 man bench with Bynum that's fine but it was an ORGANIZATIONAL DECISION. The organization was concerned with only 1 off day through today and the back end of the rotation. I didn't like the idea at all but the idea it was all Sam that some have is a joke. Let's judge the man with Payton and Hernandez back.
  23. He talks about freedom of speech but tried to discredit Laura Vescey (former Baltimore Sun writer) as soon as she came here because she had the nerve to write a negative column about the Ravens and Ray Lewis after they won the Super Bowl when she was a writer I believe in Seattle. I happened to be listening to his station shortly after Anita Marks was hired at ESPN 1300 and he basically said they hired her because she has boobs, ok why should he care? it is not his station. If you didn't grow up within a 10 mile radius of Baltimore you have no business being a media member in this town in his eyes. I love the Ravens and I know they are very active in promoting the team but his shows with the players are basically mutual admiration society meetings. Nestor is as much of a journalist as Paris Hilton is an actress. I have no problem with any criticism of the Orioles because they have deserved it in the last 9 years. I like Tom Davis but I can't take his "sunshine" views of the team either so it is not like I am an Orioles apologist. I do not like the fact that the Orioles try to control media coverage of the team but it is a part of sports today whether we like it or not. The Orioles are not the first team to do this and they won't be the last. A real journalist doesn't make the story about themselves which Nestor has done consistently.
  24. Great post. I agree 100% except for Baltimore and Pittsburgh believe it or not in 2007. Your points on the NFL were dead on.
  25. Only 2 of 16 games are based off of the last season's records in the NFL. For example the Ravens play 6 division games this year, 4 against AFC West, 4 against NFC South, that is the same for Steelers, Browns and Bengals. The Ravens play this year Tennesee and Buffalo while for example Cincinnati plays New England and Indy. Pittsburgh plays Miami and Jacksonville and Cleveland plays NY Jets and Houston. That is a difference but not as big as some make it out to be.
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