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  1. On teams like the Orioles those are the things to try. Nothing to lose.
  2. Agree about rotation. Looking forward to seeing some guys get a shot. I am concerned about the Infield. Next couple of years we can get by but we lack prospects at higher levels. Maybe the draft picks work out. Obviously can trade for help there. Was looking forward to Adam Hall see play this year.
  3. They aren’t looking any better in the field minus that Severino play.
  4. Biggest concern for let’s say the next 1/2 years is the Infield maybe minus 1B and the rotation. At least with the rotation we can give some opportunities the next couple of years to arms I look forward to seeing.
  5. Overall I am pretty happy but it does seem like we are limping to the finish line. Glad it’s only a 60 game season at this point.
  6. I was very hopeful the way he started out this year. He is ok on a bad team but clearly need an upgrade.
  7. Hope Iglesias will be healthier next year. I do wonder what Elias will do at 3rd. Ruiz is not a lock to be back.
  8. Next year really depends on Mancini. If he can play and they want to give Stewart a long look that changes everything.
  9. Obviously I’m biased but if this happens it is just stupid. They should have at least weighed the last 2 seasons equally. Frobby’s formula makes a lot of sense.
  10. I think you are being creative with numbers here. Morales in his prime was much better than his career average OPS+. Same with VMart. Butler had an OPS+ of 128 before he starting slipping in 14. He wasn’t with KC in 15 when they won WS, Morales was. Gattis was on some loaded teams in Houston. If your argument is Nunez is good enough to be a DH on a winning team now I don’t disagree. That doesn’t mean he will be as productive by the time this team is ready to win.
  11. Nunez does not look to have a long term future here. He isn’t bad but his glove adds no value and he is probably at his peak offensively. They may keep him next year because they aren’t sure about Mancini but I can’t see him here 2/3 years from now.
  12. I actually am with Wildcard here. There is always a role on a team for an extra OF. Sisco’s offensive value is more OBP than anything. How many backup C’s are bat first? Sisco isn’t going anywhere for awhile but unless MLB adds roster spots and/or we start carrying 12 pitchers I don’t see a great fit.
  13. eddie83

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Clubhouse presence.
  14. eddie83

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Not surprising but lineup has really cooled off.
  15. eddie83

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Just hope it doesn’t hamper his offseason too much.
  16. eddie83

    9-19 vs Tampa

    Velazquez will be back tomorrow. Iglesias hit on hand/wrist area. In serious pain.
  17. At least it didn’t hit him on the head.
  18. That play was a little different.
  19. I am very happy Elias is here. I think he was the right man for the job and we are in a good place. Keep in mind though Brian Graham who was a Buck guy, ran the minor leagues. He wasn’t even hired by Dan. I think our player development is in a much better place now. Odds are they would not have been as good with Dan. That said it was never his show to run. It was a mess.
  20. What he is suppose to say? The owner wanted me to cut salary and this is only way to acccomplish that? Of course he is going to downplay it.
  21. This isn’t a normal year. In a normal year a player like Mountcastle would never even be on the radar for any votes. You can be ROY twice? At end of day it really isn’t a big deal but it makes no sense.
  22. I agree. I find it hard to believe Dan did it willingly. You think O’Day/Gausman deal wasn’t about money?
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