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  1. With Vasquez you throw over?
  2. Could be a couple of things. Assumed ball wouldn’t be caught or they would cut throw off and he would be easy out at 3rd. Urias had to make a mistake to me. He didn’t get back to the bag in time.
  3. I bet Urias didn’t tag. On one replay he looked like he was barely past the base when Chavis was already up and throwing.
  4. Did Urias not tag right away?
  5. He termed it as cash loss. Maybe cash flow? He didn’t say that specific loss of revenue, distinctly used word cash for whatever reason.
  6. If mods want to move to MLB section I understand but wanted as many people to see it as possible. Manfred is such a hot topic. He was just on SiriusXM with Chris Russo for about half hour. -Talked covid, social justice a little bit. Nothing earth shattering. Did say they were a little slow with social justice comments but wanted to make sure it was correct - paraphrasing -On criticisms he doesn’t love baseball. Said he loves baseball. Went in 1968 Yankee Stadium as a fan. Grew up with cable watching Yankees. -Not a fan 16 teams playoffs. Purely a 2020 issue. 12-14 playoff teams if we do it. -No Decision on DH National league. Seems to want to leave up to NL teams. -Extra inning rule has a chance. Players like it. -Less than 9 innings for DH tougher one. Not sure whether it has life. Sounds like that isn’t happening. -Not appropriate to comment on Mets new owner. Wasn’t a criticism just not appropriate. Did say amount for team speaks to health of sport. -TBS new Tv deal by 2023 will be 50 years going back to Braves. They will have Tuesday TV window. Good for our game. 3.7B deal -Negotiations with ESPN hopeful continue relationship. -Cash loss will approach over 3B this year. -Different without fans hope next year can. I wish Chris had asked him about draft but he did not.
  7. Kremer will finish with a 4.82 era. Not really how he looked this year.
  8. Stewart didn’t play that cleanly.
  9. This game has an NFL Preseason game 4 vibe to it.
  10. I had no idea to be honest they had been playing him out there. Looks like in minors he was never an OF.
  11. Is Chavis wearing skates from the Bruins out there?
  12. That was fitting for tonight.
  13. This game is one for the ages.
  14. Verdugo will be player that fans and opponents will love to hate.
  15. The FA class at 3B this offseason is brutal.
  16. Hyde could use a beer. Or several.
  17. DJ plays LF like a guy who is walking out of the bar on New Year’s Eve.
  18. Well we also have no evidence he can be an OF. I am more talking in general about being open minded on bad teams trying things out.
  19. Nice inning. K and double play.
  20. Man we are seeing some bad at bats tonight. Hyde can’t be happy.
  21. I hear you. There is little evidence he will make it as an OF.
  22. I wonder if he starts Sunday. Would be on normal rest.
  23. On teams like the Orioles those are the things to try. Nothing to lose.
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