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  1. Can’t wait until Rutshman gets up here. Severino is fine for a rebuilding team but his glove would drive me crazy if we were ready to win.
  2. Very impressed with Kremer. Same team as well.
  3. Our catchers can not frame low breaking balls at all.
  4. The first two of those three aren’t hard decisions. If the NL keeps DH Nunez can be moved easier. I know Kjerstad is coming soon also. I wanted to see Mountcastle in LF, that said he still may wind up at 1B. I think you can still make some harder calls later on here.
  5. I don’t think this is an issue until Diaz is ready. They can explore what they have in Mountcastle. No need to make a decision now. As others have said Mullins is more of a bench player. I would not deal Santander myself. Switch hitters with his skill set are not easy to find. Do I think he is a lock to be good?, no but he has a chance. Mancini doesn’t even play into this, he was a 1B who played OF due to need. A creative manager using DH can give all these guys at bats next year. Nunez could be moved as well it needed.
  6. Side note. Somebody needs to start up game thread. I was bad luck yesterday
  7. This day did not exactly work out well. Hope tomorrow will be better.
  8. Somebody else will start the game thread tomorrow. Don’t recall last time i have done it. Bad luck.
  9. Put it in play this time.
  10. Aside from the lousy defense and inconsistent pitching we are seeing what money can do. Tanaka and Cole.
  11. At least Davis is playing to keep people’s minds off Ryan’s arm.
  12. 40 pitches one inning. Didn’t want to push
  13. Teams will test Mountcastle but throw wasn’t loopy just offline. May get forced out of OF anyway if all these OF’s work out. Be nice problem to have.
  14. Not sure why Iglesias was not given an error. Good throw and it’s easy out. Thats not a fielders choice to me.
  15. Short hop throw by Mountcastle on tag up. Short hop throw at plate by Iglesias on play at home. Would have been out. Bad throw home by Mullins leads to runners advancing.
  16. DJ HR top of 1st. Sloppy defense bottom of inning.
  17. I don’t think he anticipated he was going for 2.
  18. Ryan needed to charge that one more.
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