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  1. Looks that way. Stanton looked locked in early on.
  2. Not that they can’t afford it and clearly it’s not in same zip code as Davis but Stanton deal is not a good one.
  3. Not that it mattered for Cobb but time of day just adds to it.
  4. I don’t like 7 inning games for the future. I would rather teams be allowed to add 2 players for a DH or one player per DH. Don’t care about MiL.
  5. The Yankees have some legitimate issues long term. Ton of money to Stanton who can’t stay healthy, Judge can’t stay healthy. Sanchez will be gone in a couple of years. Torres is young but rest of lineup is older in general.
  6. If they don’t score off Cole what does it matter? The offense will determine how to manage.
  7. Bring in your best down 5 with 12 games in 10 days?
  8. 7 inning game vs Cole down 5. Maybe Cobb can give us a couple of more innings. If you aren’t going to pitch him then when would you?
  9. Good point, nice low leverage spot for Fullmer.
  10. We should be fine. Didn’t play yesterday. Two, 7 inning games. Yes. I would use Eshelman.
  11. I may need to start drinking now. It’s the weekend after all.
  12. I don’t agree with you here at all. There are many clickbait articles from the media but this isn’t one. Connolly did some speculating on the article but when your top TV broadcaster isn’t appearing it’s a story. Bottom line is they announced he was back before start of season and it looks like he didn’t have a contract. Then after the resumption they leak out some members not coming back due to covid reasons and with Thorne that wasn’t true. Then it is announced he has signed a deal and yet he still hasn’t appeared and has no idea if or when he will.
  13. True. I an wondering what the rules are for the postseason. I thought I saw somewhere you had to be up by September 15th to be eligible for postseason.
  14. Keeping him down next year is not an issue at all. The issue would be using the 40 man spot. You could justify using him now and still justify sending him back to the minors next year.
  15. This is a fun time to be a real fan of the team. There are still many flaws and those would be exposed even more over 162. That said it’s great to be able to see what’s ahead. Nothing is worse in sports than a veteran team past their prime. Last year I thought the team competed well. Now we are seeing maturation of some of those players plus seeing some legit young talent arriving. Can’t wait until Opening Day next year when hopefully we can go to the stadium and watch this team. That said 20 games to go and I’m looking forward to it.
  16. I need a phone with a bigger screen.
  17. Should have been zero runs that said easily could have been worse.
  18. What was Sevy doing? That inning may haunt us.
  19. For full disclosure. Orioles are at 4.79 R/Pg, Yanks 4.77. One more run, same number of games
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