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  1. You can trade Luis Aparicio, and get back Don Buford in return, when you have an elite defensive replacement like Mark Belanger ready to step in. I like to look it as upcycling players. Sometimes it hurts because it's nice to have guys like Cal and Brooks who are lifetime Orioles, but championships would ease that pain. Chiming in on the Astros window and their moves; some of their decisions have been headscratchers. The second Altuve extension was questionable, particularly the timing. They had him for another two years at insanely cheap rates before he was a free agent and now he is very expensive and is starting to have trouble staying on the field for the whole season. That is most likely going to continue as he moves into his 30s, even if he is very productive when on the field. Letting Charlie Morton go led them to have to trade for Grienke taking on more money and losing prospects and pretty much sealing the deal on a Cole exit. I wasn't a part of the negotiations with Morton or potential negotiations with Cole and maybe neither of them wanted to be there much longer but with hindsight it seems feasible that the Astros could have had Verlander, Cole, Morton as their top three or even Verlander, Grienke, Morton.
  2. Thanks for the report. Could you explain what you mean by proximity risk? Never heard that terminology before.
  3. If a team expected to lose 100+ games is soulless for not wanting to pay 10 million or so to a player coming off a 4 WAR season what does that make all of the contenders who have also decided that said player is not worth 10 million?
  4. I was disappointed by the move but now that I understand the motive I am waiting to see how it works out before rushing to judgement. If he is able to get a decent return, then I would have more faith that the Villar savings will go back into the team and would be impressed that Elias called other team's bluff and was willing to put all his cards on the table instead of just folding to them. That could be helpful down the road in future negotiations. But if he is let go for nothing there's going to be lingering questions about the motives of the team and I would want to see something positive that assuages those doubts.
  5. Disappointing but need to see what happens next. I want to see this team adding talent and not dropping it. For me the Elias honeymoon period is over and he needs to start adding through means other than just tanking and getting a high pick. Tired of having to get excited for coaching and staff hires, as important as they are, as opposed to actual players that play baseball. I'm less optimistic for a Bundy return and I wasn't particularly optimistic in the first place.
  6. Could you link me to where Sig said he was going to leave or where Elias said he wasn't involved with the cheating scandal? Thanks in advance.
  7. I agree with the narrowing safety window. I have been taking the metro to the games for over a decade and not once did I ever feel unsafe. This last season though my girlfriend and my mother wanted to go to the Sherpa blanket game. My Mom hadn't been on the metro in probably twenty years. We got off at Lexington and walked up to the stadium and it looked like hell. I could tell my mom and girlfriend were getting nervous which made me concerned for the night walk back. The game went into extra innings and the crowd, already sparse, was thinning after each failed rally. Every other game I've taken the metro to had a decent crowd of people walking from the stadium to the metro. This time it was just us. I felt like I had to be super observant because of the women I was with and walked carefully past alleys. It was when we smelled urine on the streets that I felt like I had made a mistake. We made it home fine, no problems, but I doubt they'll want to take the metro again anytime soon. Sherpa blankets were really nice though.
  8. I also remember there being a report that the Osuna trade caused a bit of a schism among the Astros front office. Elias would have left regardless because he was offered a GM job but Sig MIGHT have been against the principle of the trade which factored into his decision to jump ship.
  9. I'm curious if this position is more of a mental health professional to help young players cope and adapt to the rigors of a professional baseball season, as well as adjust to their first extended stay away from home, as opposed to developing baseball acumen. However, I would be shocked if this hire was someone who did not believe in the growth mindset. Astroball made a big deal of the growth mindset, as opposed to fixed mindset, and I wonder if this hire will be helping to assess/develop players to that mentality.
  10. We played Baltimore home games during the protests in Tampa Bay. If these games need to be played elsewhere they can play at Camden. Hopefully it's not necessary and everyone stays safe.
  11. Looked ticked when a ball was hit down first base with Davis well off the bag, Bleier threw his hands up in the air. After giving up another double, Hyde came and got him. Bleier kind of jumped off the mound before Hyde got there and Hyde sort of had to stop him to get the ball. Whether Bleier said something to Flores about the positioning or Flores was ticked that he threw his hands up in the air, who knows? But they started yapping at each other. Players and coaches jumped in the middle between them.
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