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  1. I'm curious if this position is more of a mental health professional to help young players cope and adapt to the rigors of a professional baseball season, as well as adjust to their first extended stay away from home, as opposed to developing baseball acumen. However, I would be shocked if this hire was someone who did not believe in the growth mindset. Astroball made a big deal of the growth mindset, as opposed to fixed mindset, and I wonder if this hire will be helping to assess/develop players to that mentality.
  2. We played Baltimore home games during the protests in Tampa Bay. If these games need to be played elsewhere they can play at Camden. Hopefully it's not necessary and everyone stays safe.
  3. Looked ticked when a ball was hit down first base with Davis well off the bag, Bleier threw his hands up in the air. After giving up another double, Hyde came and got him. Bleier kind of jumped off the mound before Hyde got there and Hyde sort of had to stop him to get the ball. Whether Bleier said something to Flores about the positioning or Flores was ticked that he threw his hands up in the air, who knows? But they started yapping at each other. Players and coaches jumped in the middle between them.
  4. Absolutely agree it would be have been an overpay and most likely not true. Just relaying what Palmer said. Could explain why DD was so ticked though. Probably don't get that mad if you're getting Jack Zoellner in return.
  5. When the O's were in Seattle earlier this year, Palmer insinuated multiple times that J.P Crawford was who the O's were getting. I was surprised that Palmer would have had that level of info, so most likely it was conjecture on his part but interesting nonetheless.
  6. Meant to quote @Tony-OH in my previous post, not @LookitsPuck. Sorry.
  7. @Tony-OHI haven't seen Mason play. Is Wilkerson better than him in CF? How is Stevie at third?
  8. It's probably the equivalent of the amount of money you save/lose depending on whether or not you turn off the lights in a room you are coming back to in 30 seconds. So for the Orioles, it could be a lot.
  9. I think Troy gets paid regardless because the Blue Jays had already released him before he retired.
  10. We're all really just biding our time for more bromantic banter between you and Can_of_corn. 😉
  11. I heard Hyde's comments about our pitching staff and I think they sound worse in print than they did live. What has also been neglected is that in the same press conference Hyde praised the offense and talked about how they show up and they have guys who are having great years. He praised the effort, the approach and the results. So to me saying that right now our pitching staff isn't up to par with the best team in the division isn't that big of a deal. He didn't say I wish I had Aroldis Chapman instead I have David Hess. He said we aren't close. Buck called out and showed up players all the time and from 2012 until the last game of 2016 those teams would have killed for the guy. I don't know if it's right or wrong because I don't know the specific mental make-up of the players. Using Buck again as an example, he would talk publically about different players differently. Some guys he would say yeah they need to get better, others he would say oh you know so and so had a rough game but we're going to put him back out there tomorrow and expect good things blah blah. Because they needed to be handled and motivated differently. If both parties were frustrated and at equal fault, and I'm not sure I believe that, then Davis needs to get out front of this and back up Hyde because Hyde has had Davis' back all year and last night was no different.
  12. Saying all that, don't you then have to give Hyde credit for not throwing Davis under the bus? He covered for him.
  13. You probably don't get enough credit for all the cool things you do on this board. Transcriptions, line-ups, pitching stat lines, etc. Love the Homer updates as well, would be awesome if you could add the player's OPS at the end of the game where he hit the homer, but now I'm just being greedy. But seriously, thanks for being one of the best posters.
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