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  1. note to AM, your pitching staff blows!!!!!!!!
  2. First off, ok you can call me DUDE, but dont ever use the Gay word. Some people are so unreal. The stuff you people piss about on here is really lame.
  3. Really, you got anything better to do, watch the game.
  4. Seriously???????????? sorry wrong key I hate the Red Sox
  5. They played it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  6. that dunkin donuts commercial was GAY!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This is where the game will be lost. They have a bullpen, we dont
  8. I knew our pitching would be weak, but this is discusting
  9. Man, cant field, cant pitch, what our team ERA at anyway. Just shoot me now, Im watching this game with Red Sox asses!!!!!!!!!
  10. This is easy, I like both but it MAIDEN all the way
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