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  1. When I played football in high school we played each year in a town in a very sandy area whose football field was sand with occasional sand burrs to hold the soil together. The high school fields there have greatly improved but they are probably still jerks.
  2. In this hypothetical, I probably wouldn't pay much. I do pay a lot more normally -- both MASN and 29-game ticket package, but it is hard to be enthusiastic this year for some reason -- not just a bad team because I watched and attended faithfully through all the bad years. Is it Covid-19? Who knows.
  3. Or something that would last as long as the drive to get there.
  4. Having grown up in West Texas and having lived both there and on the East Coast as an adult, mileage is the wrong measure. Where I grew up, 50 miles is a 45 minute drive without much stress. Around the DC beltway, 45 minutes gets maybe 10 miles at rush hour. Our commute to Orioles games is between 2-3 stressful hours for about 50 miles. We do it 30+ times per year, but that would be the equivalent of 150 miles in Texas.
  5. Well, I did re-up in spite of expressing some irritation the other day. I have watched and participated in a lot of baseball, both as an Oriole season ticket holder for more than 20 years and while working with the local youth baseball league as a coach and official. A lot of it was not winning baseball. I don't really care that we have traded two players I enjoyed because I also enjoyed watching some promising young players get a chance -- even when they didn't always look as good as I had hoped. Nonetheless, I did seriously consider taking my entertainment dollars elsewhere. Furthermore, I would not have come back. It is a multi-hour hassle getting to a game in Washington/Baltimore traffic and there needs to be some feeling that the team appreciates the long term fans. Some of the recent changes in Fan Fest, the Dugout Club, etc. (with each change something of a surprise) has not felt like appreciation. Being told by the fan rep that all that is just the way it is also does not seem like appreciation for my business. I like the changes to the baseball side of things, even though there may not be a winning team for a few years, because I see hope for the future under what I consider to be a more intelligent approach to sustaining a winning team. I believe, with no proof, that the organization seriously overspent for several years to maintain a hope of winning playoff games and thereby starved other elements of the organization. I believe, with no proof, that the current efforts to reduce spending on the major league team is necessary to rebuild the infrastructure, including the ability to adequately evaluate and train young players. I buy all that and I really can enjoy seeing less talented players giving everything they have to win a game, even if they are somewhat lacking in talent. However, I am irritated by some recent changes to things I enjoyed with little official explanation of why the changes were made. Wins are not unimportant to me , I would rather see a win than a loss when I fight beltway traffic to get there. That said, I am willing to watch losses if I am given a little more information about the reallocation of resources. I am willing to see things like Fan Fest cancelled if someone would say why it is not economically feasible given the need to re-allocate resources. I can deal with a lot of negatives if there is any attempt to explain why they are necessary. If that is whining to others, then so be it. Many on OH have ideas of why and I always like to hear those ideas, but I hear a vast silence from official sources. Feeding the mushrooms (season ticket holders and other loyal fans) a little bit of information could make up for a lot.
  6. On the other hand, showing disdain for fans, especially season ticket holders, might change the number in the elevator. Was it smart to not pay Villar? Maybe. Was it smart to cancel FanFest (that has been a family tradition for us for many years)? Maybe. Is it smart to change the Dugout Club? Maybe. Does all that have a cumulative effect on my desire to fork out a lot of dollars for season tickets (as I have for more than 20 years, including last year)? You bet it does. We have not renewed. Maybe we will and maybe we won't. I guarantee that if they make me mad enough to make me cancel my season tickets, I will never be back no matter how many wins and World Series they may win.
  7. Probably showing my ignorance, but as long as we're setting up a computerized system, shouldn't the strike zone be 3 dimensional, so we know whether the pitch passed over a portion of the plate and/or through the required vertical zone? This is technically feasible, I think, but might require a lot more cameras/computing requirements. The one on TV seems to be a vertical plane located at some point over the plate.
  8. As a long time season ticket holder who has paid a lot of money over the years to watch an often miserable team, fanfest was one event I could look forward to with pleasure. My family and I attend and enjoy it. We don't care about autographs, but always enjoy the sessions where the GM and Manager can be optimistic, some players appear, etc. To me, it makes up for a little rebuilding pain. I will be very disappointed if they don't have it. I know a lot of what is said is too optimistic, but it's nice to see people on a nearby stage instead of a bunch of uniforms at a distance.
  9. No, I really don't care about either particularly. I am just saying that with the bad team we had, some of the things that statistics reject as being of minimal worth (and correctly I think) have some value to paying fans who want to remain loyal even in down years. I send the Orioles my money even in bad years because I am a fan. It would be nice if they would look for relatively cheap opportunities to make the losing less depressing while we all wait for the long term plan to pay off.
  10. I understand that, in terms of runs eventually scored, the steals by Villar and others had little value. As a person who paid for quite a number of tickets over the course of a really bad season, I enjoyed them. I believe the team will someday wonder what happened to all the loyal fans if they don't do at least something to keep losing teams interesting while the assets build up in the minors.
  11. When the Olympics were in Atlanta, a ticket buyer from New Mexico was directed to foreign sales.
  12. I don't have a dog any more, but I very much enjoyed walking through the "doggie section" and watching the dogs having a great time.
  13. A thing to check on is the church parking lot just up from the K/L parking on Hamburg. Someone there to watch the car and a small enough lot to watch easily. Price is usually the same as Oriole lots but no reservation needed. End up walking two blocks more than from K/L.
  14. 30+ last year and probably the last 20 or so years. I expect to do 30+ this year too. I have to say last year was the first year I can remember that I didn't enjoy most of the games. Last year was also the first year I didn't try to watch every game on TV if I wasn't there in person. There was something about last year that was just plain bad, far more than just the record. I look forward to losing with a team that doesn't have that "something" even if I can't say exactly what it was.
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