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  1. I'm excited for Schoop. By all accounts he plays a plus 2B defense and can turn a great double play. If he can field his position and provide some pop his first season I'm all for it. His build kind of reminds me of Jeff Kent. Love it!
  2. So if Schoop isn't ready to take over 2nd our season is lost? Seriously? Nice review. I know it's been popular to doubt the Orioles since their Cinderella run in 2012. And I think Buck wants the doubters to keep doubting. But as a fan I get a little tired of hearing how overrated the Orioles are. Bring the pain boys!
  3. Not particularly. But here's hoping some of his spring struggles have been him working on some pitches to get lefties out and keep balls in the park.
  4. Not shocking whatsoever. The rag and the boys in Bristol have been Orioles doubters since the emergence in 2012. 77 wins could happen but my guess is they're going for a little shock value there. And keep the natives in Boston and NY pleased.
  5. I'm excited to see Schoop playing so well. But let's see how he looks the last fee weeks of spring.
  6. I have no issue with bringing in Ervin and putting Bud in the back end of the pen. He's a two pitch pitcher. Let him bring it for an inning. Tillman Ubaldo Chen Ervin Miggy That's reeeeaaaallll niiiiice!
  7. Very encouraging. Between the injuries, his worst season to date and no contract beyond this year it's not shocking. Lord knows why his performance has faded over the years, getting married? Having kids? Natural athlete that never had to put a ton of work in before? Recent injuries? But he's only 30 and sometimes you need a wake up call. I'm pumped that the boys are still pissed about the Sabathia hbp. Thought it was cheap then and still do. The guy was looking for a swinging strike when Markakis was writhing in pain headed for the dugout.
  8. I wouldn't move him. He's 21 and took a big step last year. I actually thought he looked good today. Mike Napoli is going to take some really good mlb lefties deep this season. Teams kill for young lefties.
  9. Especially for a guy just getting introduced to an American diet.
  10. Sure looks like Heyman is on his own on this one.
  11. It is interesting that the cavalry of rosenthal, morosi, et al have not chimed in.
  12. I too wanted Morales as he gave us some protection if Davis went down. But I'll trust DD on this one. I suspect it's a two year deal with an option for a third. I do like that a quality organization like Texas has nothing but great things to say about him. Sounds like a quality clubhouse guy as well. Lookout 364!
  13. Look out 364. Sorry I don't know how to do the twitter copy post. https://twitter.com/jonheymancbs/status/437178708928253952
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