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  1. Ditto me. Hitting has become less of an art. Everyone's a one trick pony.
  2. I mean that is "David Hess" down the middle of the plate. It's amazing how frequently our pitchers split the plate almost precisely in half.
  3. The Orioles are really, really good at combining mental & physical mistakes. It's uncanny.
  4. About that long. Couldn't even get one out before the lead vanishes.
  5. What a terrible idea that was.
  6. No mention of the splitter previously lauded by Luke.
  7. PS Adley Rutschman is OPS’ing .500 at Aberdeen. BOOM!!! I actually watched Beverly Hills 90210 at my wife’s behest so I missed all the fun. I think in retrospect I would rather have watched the Orioles get physically pummeled about the face and neck.
  8. At least we have something to talk about!!!
  9. It is what it is. You would think that there would be a little bit of variance in the consistency of Orioles pitchers giving up home runs, however. It is truly amazing how many home runs David Hess allows. He has given up 27 home runs in 74 innings. That is unbelievable!
  10. That’s baseball baby.
  11. Bring that fresh meat Nestor Cortes in...
  12. Pretty good rule 5 pick.
  13. That’s because he plays for the Orioles.
  14. I think that’s too simple. MAYBE he would have jumped over the wall into a tray of beers and then had some hot nacho cheese spilled into his eyeballs. Then as he’s laying there, a three year old tosses his parents keys off the upper deck squarely onto his groin. Then when gingerly climbing back over the fence, he catches a cleat and falls into a heap on the warning track, breaking his entire face. Then perhaps the USC marching band stomps him into the turf while playing “Louie, Louie.”
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