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  1. He's got great hands - he pulls them in to get the fat part of the bat on inside pitches a lot. I'd like to see him be more selective. He gets himself out a little more than I would like.
  2. They don't come more genuine or wonderful than Mike Williams. Rest in peace, my friend. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face.
  3. His fastball command and velocity was outstanding. He was 94-95 touching 96 and painting. That's obviously the key for him. Commanding this fastball.
  4. It's probably not as dire as it feels, but when I look at Norfolk & Bowie's respective pitching staffs... I am not overly impressed.
  5. Sure wish that list included guys that were relatively close to contributing at the big league level. Also wish it included, you know, MORE GUYS.
  6. It is amazing to me that a collection of professional baseball pitchers could be in the same place at the same time exuding the same amazing level of incompetence. What are the chances!?!?!
  7. God I hate being an effing adult.
  8. "Churning" intelligently is the key, and until now it's been a lot of windows and where is our current window? Is it open? Is it closed? What is our window doing right now? I really hope that we can get to a level of sustainability where Tampa is. That takes a lot of time and whatever happens with the new CBA could alter that dramatically. I guess we'll see. We need to be comfortable with trading valuable pieces from competitive teams at times that are not intuitive if it means greater competitive sustainability. What does that look like? Bad PR!!!! Appeasing the fanbase should defi
  9. Yessir I know. What could go wrong!!!!!!!
  10. The last two decades of watching this organization has a tendency to grind one into a fine paste. Now that I've got kids, it's become much less about "I DEMAND SATISFACTION!" and more about "Hey, look buddy!!! They're playing baseball!!!" When you say "putting everything off" what do you mean, exactly? Winning 72 games? Not being an embarrassment? Picking 11th instead of 5th? I would say that so far, Elias has done a representable job transforming the entire organization. I would feel better about things if Kjerstad was not battling heart inflammation, obviously. I would also feel b
  11. My entire baseball watching life has been to be overjoyed with mediocrity but to expect Paul Bako. Apologies to Paul Bako.
  12. I mean... we just need to trade everyone and get some MLB level talent!!!! Then hand out some 7 year contracts... WINNING!!!!!!!! The truth is I have no idea but I agree with you that there should be some kind of middle ground. I'm not sure what that looks like as it's never been done in my lifetime by this organization.
  13. I have zero expectations save maybe another couple Matt Harveys. I'm not sure I care all that much about winning 73 games vs. 53 games, but it is exhausting watching the same BS night after night. Thank the lord for milb.tv.
  14. You have to constantly be doing the little things like actually taking advantage of talent bases in the Caribbean & South America (OK THAT'S NOT A LITTLE THING WHATSOEVER) to keep the talent flowing through the system. If you've got revenue streams like the big market teams then maybe you could get away w/ not doing that. Who knows what's going to come of the new CBA. But what Elias is doing actually is the best path forward to get the org on it's feet from top to bottom. He inherited a dumpster fire, and while the top of the dumpster is still flaming uncontrollably, the foundation is
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