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  1. Mostly enterprise users, I would think. I work in legal services and I've seen several attorneys that go to trial with video files related to their case on an iPad that they connect to a projector or monitor and play back for a jury. In that situation it makes sense to have things like that stored right on your device. The last thing you would want in the middle of a trial is to need to stream an important video clip and realize that your internet connection is lost.
  2. 2004. Barry Bonds and the Giants come to OPACY, and I'm sitting in the LF stands, about 8 rows back. Bonds hits a HR in the 3rd, and all the bandwagoners go nuts. In the 8th, Raffy hits one to make it a 1-run game. Immediately after that I yell out to Bonds "Hey Barry, you don't need steroids to hit home runs. You just need a little Viagra to get some 'wood' on the ball!" This of course is when Raffy's Viagra endorsement was all over TV. Sadly, just over a year after that, the joke would be on me.
  3. But then you end up with McNulty as #3, who I thought was the most central character to the entire series. I'd put him in Bunk's #1 place. And I'd put Marlo as a #1 too. He's there from Season's 3-6. And you see his character evolve over the years, starting out as a young thug, but over time comes to learn the business side of The Game. He's actually what I would have pictured Stringer being like if the show had been set a few years before Season 1.
  4. Steamed Crabs. In-n'-Out Burger. Double-Double.....Animal-Style. I really expected that they would have expanded to the NW by now.
  5. Michael a #2 seed? I like his character, but he doesn't even appear until Season 4. Same with Stringer and Avon.....they're gone after Season 3 and yet they're #1 seeds? I think to be a Top-2 seed you need to be around for more than just half of the series.
  6. Apple is one of the best when it comes to refurbs. In addition to the 1-year waranty, I believe they also put a new casing on every refurbished product they sell....so it even looks brand new, for $50 less.
  7. JMHO, but I concur that getting 3G (or 4G when it becomes available) is a waste of money for a tablet. Unless you really intend to use it a lot away from home or office, places where WiFi isn't readily available, then it doesn't seem worth it. Even then, it's probably better to just pay an extra $10/mo for the mobile hotspot on your phone than it is to get the service directly on your tablet.
  8. If Ralph had only won 5 games last season, he wouldn't be coach right now anyway. We obviously know KA was intent on replacing him. If Anderson waited until after this season he would have been able to do it without eating any contract. It's interesting food for thought to wonder who might have been the new coach though. With competition for Leach this time, would UM been more eager to hire him, or would they not even interview him? With Edsall coming off a 5-win season at UConn (assuming they would have the same result had Edsall stayed) does he not get the interest from UM that he did coming off a Fiesta Bowl bid? As to MD's ceiling, I feel that it is definitely higher than what Friedgen's last 7 seasons gave us. It certainly isn't NC caliber. But I think 8-9 win seasons could be the norm, with a 10+ win season and a serious run at the ACC title mixed in now and then. Of course the thing to keep in mind is that the ACC currently has 2 national championship caliber schools that have been under-performing for most of the past decade. If Miami and FSU return to national prominence, and still penciling in VaTech for 10 wins a season give-or-take, all of a sudden winning 8-9 games regularly in the ACC is pretty impressive.
  9. And they both come with off-field issues.
  10. If I recall the timeline of events, Loh had not actually assumed the role of president when KA was hired. Loh had been appointed, and did have a chance to interview Anderson while still at his old job....but at that point wasn't KA already identified as "the guy," and Loh was pretty much in a situation where he was just expected to rubber-stamp his hiring, and not even in an official capacity? That to me would indicate that Loh probably doesn't feel a great deal loyalty or ties to Anderson.
  11. Well, that last 3 at the buzzer did clinch the over, so there was something on the line there.
  12. Weijs is still in. Padgett has had one of the quietest double-doubles I've ever seen.
  13. Shocked Roy isn't putting his seniors back in. Give them one last hurrah.
  14. Turge has to be losing his mind right now. Wonder if we'll see the walk-ons soon? Keep Stoglin away from Twitter.
  15. The timing wasn't nearly as inappropriate at Henson's dunk, but Faust seems to be enjoying the crowd's reaction after throwing one down.
  16. Same here when I was in the service. I'm not sure if it's a military-wide thing now, but back then it was pretty much up to the base commander as to whether or not it was OK to have beer at the workplace while off-duty. There were a number of times we would get a half-keg for a picnic when I was stationed in CA. My other duty station was at Lackland AFB, TX. There drinking beer was pretty much limited to the living areas and the clubs, but that was primarily due to the fact that Lackland is where basic training is done for all enlistees entering the AF more than it was anything else.
  17. Depends on what you mean by at work. I've worked places where it was OK to have a drink there at the office after the workday was over. I've never worked anywhere where it was OK to drink while working.
  18. And there's plenty more reasons to forget about Burfict after the Combine, at least in the early rounds of the Draft. Like I was telling anyone who would listen, we don't want any parts of this guy.
  19. Through 2013 they are. We don't know after that. If automatic qualifications are eliminated, how often is the re-vamped Big East likely to get a bid in a BCS bowl? I'm not saying it will be more lucrative to try and go in a different direction, but it's at least worth examining I think.
  20. I'd put more stock in that if it was the Kentucky boards that were saying it. But, if true, then.... :2yay-thumb: :clap3: :thumbsup1:
  21. You must have a short memory. http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/showthread.php/118371-Bye-Bye-to-Danny-O-Brien?p=2678138#post2678138 http://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/showthread.php/118371-Bye-Bye-to-Danny-O-Brien?p=2677978#post2677978 And how you can come on a board full of Orioles fans and preach about lacking patience is beyond me.
  22. Another alternative might be for the Big "East" and the newly formed Mount USA Conference to say "screw you" to the BCS schools (not that they were ever really a part of it to begin with, even though technically all the non-AQ conferences got a tiny sliver of the BCS pie). Maybe they could take the other conferences too (MAC, Sun Belt, WAC) and just form one big football conference. Then break them all down into geographic and/or rivalry based divisions, play a season, and then (hold on to your hats, folks) have a playoff (insert Jim Mora rant here) to determine a champion. I bet ESPN would have more interest in paying/broadcasting those teams in a playoff game over worthless matchups like the New Mexico Bowl or Pinstripe Bowl. And if they get the NCAA to sanction the playoff, then the winner could officially call themselves the Division 1-A (or whatever they decide to call it now) Football Champion.....I bet that part would piss the BCS schools off good.
  23. If he continues to only win 2 games a season, while alienating just about everyone in the process, the money to buy him out will magically appear from somewhere. If the Athletic Dept. can't squeeze enough money to cover the sunken cost (with the belief that it will pay off financially down the road), then some "anonymous donors" might cut a check. Of course if it comes down to the private donors having to do it, then Kevin Anderson can kiss his job goodbye as well.
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