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  1. Got no problem w/Brady - even gave me his cell #, something NOONE [email protected] the TROP would do! .... He's thr only person to express an interest in a Sarasota, Clearwater, Fl, and former Baltimore fan who brings folks to see BBall games, often @ my own expense.,...... to supprtr the Rays & O's.... Hec, I dropped $1900 plus taking folks to the TROPthis year and on Suite 29, and sec 311, 313, & 300 Fri nite. plus food (over $250) and they (Rays crapped all over me. - kicked out 6 cheap bobbleheads of "action heros" after a visit to give them a check, and several unreturned phone calls. Hi Bob it's Brady Anderson. This is not my area but I'd be happy to try to help you out. My cell phone is xxx-xx5 -8699. Send me a text and we can discuss further. If you're not being accommodated in a way that's fair I'll happily leave you tickets to a game of your choice. Don't want to lose you as a fan. Take care, BA Sent from my iPhone On Sep 29, 2017, at 4:20 PM, Bob Brinkman <[email protected]> wrote: ( before going to the TROP)
  2. Thanks Nash & OFFNY. A great time was had by all!!! ....Outcome...... so what!! ..... All the draft choice guys are happy. Saw Longo hit HR, that rocked, as did the 20,000 folks there. Many great stories to tell, starting from the hurricane like conditions on the way there. Gotta love weatherman - light showers predicted. .......More later, have drinKs to finish. MISS YA ALL. IN BUCK I STILL TRUST!! PS. Watching replay now as I missed a few innings, getting folks settled. That ground rulle single off the speaker got BUCK all fired up! Saw it live!
  3. YEAH.... MILEY HUH well the kids will be starting and I'm in Suite 29, w/rest of gang in 311, 313. We will rotate as we honor their service. Going on about 1500, my cost - While the Rays are accomidating us they are chaep bastards, IMHO. IN BUCK I always trust. BOLTONBOB on the way w/$250 worth of food, swag from my inventory, and a few rays bobbleheads they can spare. 40 of us!!
  4. We did the drive in a leisurely 1 1/2 hrs. , last year for the Solstice, spending the nite 0f Dec 20. watching the sunrise IN THE AM............... leaving @ 4pm to Clearwater beach for drinks & the sunset. Bucket list thing for wife! [email protected] if you want tics GREAT little IRISH PUB IN COCOA BEACH for food & drinks along the way! BOLTONBOB
  5. HI FOLKS...... 33 Members signed in ... Good to see Ya here! No Roy, cheering team on, NO Weams? Did they retire? Headed to TROP Fri Sept 29 ... GONNA see the O's, and the kids IN BUCK I STILL TRUST!! TAKING ABOUT 30 FOLKS... HAVE a few extra tics....
  6. GONNA see the O's, and the kids this Fri.......... IN BUCK I STILL TRUST!! TAKING ABOUT 30 FOLKS... HAVE few extra tics....
  7. YUP, tonight was the 1 loss.... 11-0 coming up! IN BUCK I TRUST!
  8. What nobody wants to come to FL to se the O's Sept 29... Geez Wiz!
  9. How much are the BOSOX tics on STUBHUB this year? Hey Guys..... HAD TO CANCEL MY LABOR DAY weeklong "outing,".......Something about the weather here in FL.... BTW, ......Any O's Hangout members wanna come to Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, FL for the final ------ O's - Rays final regular season series of year for both, .....O's of course are going to be the WildCard team in NY, when they win 11 or the next 12 (Ask Roy and others)........I have several tic's - 24 - I bought way in advance for $11 each for an O's party!!! ..........Treating some storm survivors, community partners, ETC. ......who stepped up to help our community (NOT THE MGMT HERE!) Also have 'extra bedroom" for' 'hot chicks' - just tell the wife we're related! WITCHY STILL AROUND?
  10. BOLTONBOB - The view after the hurricane IRMA!!! Well, bit of a week here in sunny FL. No electric/AC. ......... etc for 5 days, .........but tablet worked (when charged) for a bit of BBALL.......News, weather updates, etc. Sunday was the 1st normal day for Cathy and ME - She went out (in full Ravens gear) to our Ravens Corner @ Mugs and Jugs, .... I enjoyed the comforts of home and my living room, 4 TV's (Direct TV w/ MLB and NFL premium package, Bright House/Spectrum - think Comcast) - Steak & Shrimp, beer,etc. And 2 BMORE wins!. Ravens 2-0 - looks like a pretty good Defense and Joe???, with a bit of a running game. Good combo! Orioles - 12 to go and 6 losses down in the Wild Card race. Bet Roy and many have given up??? NOT ME!! Did i ever tell you ------ IN BUCK I TRUST WILL 84 WINS DO IT? 11-1 Rest of the way? Will the "kids" step up? Mancini, Hays, Beckham, Scoop, Manny,,, Bundy 165 innings so far, Givens 64 games (Most in BPen), ......2.26 ERA, .... 72 relief innings (Most im BPen), etc. Will the Big 4 - Britton, O'Day, Brock , Hart - give us "lights out" relief? Castille, Calif - great combo 28 HR's total - no worries there Davis, Trumbo not the 80 homers I was expectin" (47 total so far) - But Trey added 24, Becham 10, and Smith 13, even got 4 from Joey, 3 from JJ,....... Pena & Genty had 2 each , 1 from Kim and Hays, Prolly near tops in MLeagues for HR by a team! If we don't go 11-1, So be it!! GLAD to be ALIVE & HEALTHY Several old folks (neighbors) did not fair so well .....IN THIS CRAPPILY RUN......Senior Village ----I MPERIAL PALMS (Cathy staged a 1 person "sit - in" to ...... "Change Policy" .. .--- They tried to kick everyone out of the air conditioned CLUBHOUSE W/electricity for charging devices @ 9pm one night,.... Cops were called, neighbors jumped in and ........MGMT "changed policy to 24/7 open clubhouse 'on the spot' ... Reminded me of the 60's MLK, & 70's Vietnam days where getting beat or arrested was not uncommon. QUITE PROUD OF HER (I did help a bit) ...... We are funny that way about INJUSTICES,...... ALWAYS HAVE BEEN DESPITE THE COSTS - Many times personal....... BOLTONBOB - Peace Out PS......... See 4 DEAD in OHIO Ohio (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song) - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio_(Crosby,_Stills,_Nash_%26_Young_song) "Ohio" is a protest song and counterculture anthem written and composed by Neil Young in reaction to the Kent State shootings of May 4, 1970, and performed by Crosby ... Kent State shootings - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_shootings
  11. Yes, Hurricane life and sports are a challenge..... However I have Direct TV -RAVENS, RED ZONE AND MIX on 3 Big screens........ AND BoSox/Rays on 4th TV (only 40 inch'er. Lobster ready, Wings and Filet Mignon in oven and 48 beers and liquor cabnet full - Gotta love Hurricane IRMA - .00100 of an inch so far calm and cloudy 78 degrees AC off. Ravens up 17 - nil!TODAY........ IN JOHN AND JOE I TRUST!
  12. A few IM's and some mention of Prayer - ThaNks, but could all include an 10 game O's win streak or 10 out of 12, PLEASE! ......... BJAYS, YUCKS, AND BOSOX next!
  13. FROM THE 1/2 WAY POINT, not much has chaned except KC and Seatt;e faded a bit: " little bit of an "iffy start" to the 2nd half.......3 and 3, 3.5 games out of the Wild card; 3 straight well pitched games and hitting like we always expected!.......3 Teams (Twins- 46 L's, KC- 47, & Seattle- 48) vs the O's 49 L's- (7/20/17)....... 3 teams who are OK, not spectacular....... Tonight @ M & Jugs, Largo Fl. we are watching the BATS make up for Miley's struggles - 91 pitches, 5 innings, 5 runs! Music group, playing Chicago, Journey., Boston etc. - Great tunes...... Tony (mgr) Britney & Paul delivering GREAT SERVICE....... YA GOTTA STOP by this place - E.Bay Dr. [BTW, we are "sheltering in place" well stocked and like good Red Cross volunteers, have made sure our brave neighbors have plenty of bread, water, dry goods, ice, etc.] and our contact info if needed! Probably ot going to see a Bosox collaspe *(or a BJay surge) to capture the Division. L % GB BOS 81 61 .570 - NYY 76 65 .539 4.5 BAL 71 71 .500 10.0 TB 70 73 .490 11.5 TOR 65 77 .458 16.0 Wild Cards still 'UP IN THE AIR" W/ no team "streaking over LAST 10: Wild Card Teams W L PCT WCGB WCE # L10 STRK LAST GAME NEXT GAME NY Yankees 76 65 .539 +2.5 - 6-4 W1 9/9 @ TEX, W 3-1 9/10 @ TEX, 3:05 PM Minnesota 74 68 .521 - - 5-5 L1 9/9 @ KC, L 2-5 9/10 @ KC, 2:15 PM LA Angels 72 70 .507 2.0 19 5-5 L3 9/9 @ SEA, L 1-8 9/10 @ SEA, 4:10 PM Texas 71 70 .504 2.5 19 6-4 L1 9/9 vs NYY, L 1-3 9/10 vs NYY, 3:05 PM Baltimore 71 71 .500 3.0 18 4-6 L3 9/9 @ CLE, L 2-4 9/10 @ CLE, 8:05 PM Seattle 71 71 .500 3.0 18 5-5 W2 9/9 vs LAA, W 8-1 9/10 vs LAA, 4:10 PM Kansas City 70 71 .496 3.5 18 5-5 O's (vs indians), and Twins (vs KC) both opponents on a roll"! However we can overcome... Did I ever tell you IN BUCK I TRUST ? Twins have B. Colon vs KC, we have Jermy Hellickson vs Bauer (BAUER OUTAGE) -Not good karma, but INGO RAVENS. O's BUCK I TRUST! Year W L ERA G GS SV IP SO WHIP 2017 Stats 15 8 4.39 28 27 0 151.2 170 1.40 MLB Career Stats 45 40 4.41 128 119 0 704.0 679 1.3 All for now - go RAVENS, O's
  14. Lets just take a momrnt and thank the Balt. crappy neighborhood KIDS for GIVING UP -- functioning neighborhood Pools, use of rec centers, etc. etc, etc...... So the Hilton could be built 10 years ago w/City Money (300 MILLION, bonds) - included $60 million "reserve cushion" to pay down bonds of in case of "lack of revenue".....(MR HILTON - hotel mgmt. makes money, employs some folks @ 9-10 per hour... Woo Hoo!! Some mgrs. make a bit more. BTW, the 60 mil ran out 3 years into the venture - now the CITY justs AUTOMATICALLY GIVES (line iten for you acountants) $10-15 million in TAX MONEY TO STAY SOLVENT. And swimmimg alone w/grandkid most summer sfternoons in the nice big HILTON indoor pool is great - .....Grandson says, "Why can't we invite some of the neighborhood kids to join us?" Nobody else is usung this nice big heated pool, jacusi, sauna exercise rooms w/latest equiptment, free business center wcomputers for our 1% ERS........" "POLITICS, MONEY, Kickbacks (see Dixon) GREED, CORUPTION," I attempt to respond. HELP ME OUT HERE FOLKS!
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