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  1. Yeah for real! These terrible mods keep deleting all of my golden posts. Crazy how time flies. I was 12 when I signed up for this board, don't tell Tony, but I did it without parental supervision.
  2. I made this thread a REALLY long time ago...
  3. <p><p><p>Thanks scOtt!</p></p></p>

  4. <p><p><p>You can get video for most games here... <a href="<a href="<a href="http://livetv.sx/en/" rel="external nofollow">http://livetv.sx/en/</a>" rel="external nofollow"><a href="http://livetv.sx/en/" rel="external nofollow">http://livetv.sx/en/</a></a>" rel="external nofollow"><a href="<a href="http://livetv.sx/en/" rel="external nofollow">http://livetv.sx/en/</a>" rel="external nofollow"><a href="http://livetv.sx/en/" rel="external nofollow">http://livetv.sx/en/</a></a></a></p></p></p>

  5. Been awhile since I've posted anything. What's up guys? I'm in Indiana for the summer, does anyone know of a way to tune in to the radio broadcast for free?
  6. I invite you to watch this video and tell us that none of these guys are athletes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6unOpTa_HU
  7. Towards the end he was 85 and below I believe.
  8. I don't think his curveball will translate well. I don't think the break is late enough or distinct enough from his slider for it to be a successful pitch for him. I'd rather him focus on the cutter, 2seam and changeup. I don't think he has the stuff to be a starter, though he has the makings for a very crafty pitcher.
  9. Looks like he sits around 85 mph on his fastball, and it appears he throws both 2seam and a cutter/power slider. I saw a few with some downward action so I'm not sure if he has a curve or if his slider/cutter is just a bit inconsistent. I see a circle change with nice movement and speed difference but it looks pretty distinctive coming out of his hand. Sits around 75 mph with this change up. He's a soft tosser, but from what I saw he hits all speeds between 73-74 up to 85-86.
  10. Crazy O

    Ravens @ Bears

    Clutch Clark catch. Huge.
  11. Crazy O

    Ravens @ Bears

    Where has this Ray Rice been all year??
  12. My fiancee went to Notre Dame for one semester (before transferring out of that horrible community). Not once was that situation ever mentioned, only last year. She did not find out about it until she found a similar article about it browsing the internet. What's ironic is all over the campus they have "What would you fight for?" posters. Quite horrible.
  13. I'm opposed to this on many fronts...however, I think that the fact of it being damn hard to enforce. 1. Another thing the umpire can screw up...take the game away from the umpire, don't add more to their duties. 2. At what point is there no chance for a catcher to make a play? Where is he allowed to stand? What if it's a bang bang play? 3. How is every single umpire gonna call this the same way every time? I guarantee you, explain the rules to 10 umpires and have them watch a video...I bet you get at least 30 percent error rate. Catcher was my favorite position when I played. It's part of the position. The catcher should have their mask on unless there's a popup, so his safety should be fine. The runner has a helmet, so he should be fine. Stupid rule.
  14. Not sure if it's still there, but there was a store in downtown Frederick called the Pop Shop which had all the special sodas, in glass bottles. For anyone who's interested.
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