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  1. I would guess most of my posts from the night shift between 1999 and 2006 would have me scratching my head. I often think, if I ever ran for an office, how many of my posts from the Hangout would bite me in the arse? lol
  2. Not to mention they are refunding season ticket holders. So yeah, not only are they not making anything, they are indeed losing money!
  3. Yup. If they are alienating us die hards who are actually season ticket holders, imagine what the casual fan is thinking?
  4. I have no problem with this line of thinking. But by the same token, when they return in 2021 or whenever, don't be shocked by the small crowds in their ballparks. At some point these overpaid "entertainers" need to realize that without fans, there is no sport. So in that respect, perhaps this pandemic is the wake up call needed to improve the sports model across all sports.
  5. And THIS aspect I pin solely and completely on the players. Right or wrong, nothing they can say as a group would convince me this isn't about greed. If they fear for their health, then I assume they are staying home and not going out anywhere? They have furloughed their maids and housekeepers and butlers and landscapers to avoid all contact with possible covid?
  6. I'll just say this. Every major corporation has a business continuity plan on what to do in the case of emergencies, disasters, pandemics, etc. Why did baseball (or sports in general) not have these contingency plans in place? If you really must point blame, it starts with the management of these sports leagues that had no prior planning in place and are instead reacting to everything after the fact.
  7. So you're agreeing its the players' fault? 😁😉
  8. Facts like when the CDC says masks must be worn to protect the spread of the disease, then reverses that saying they are not sure but wearing masks may actually make it worse? Facts like when the CDC says the virus can live on surfaces and we must clean clean clean, then reverses that saying they are not sure the virus is easily transmitted through surface contamination? Facts like its okay to go to Home Depot or the Liquor store, but not Sunday Mass or hold outdoor graduation ceremonies? Which "facts" would you like us to "Google search?"
  9. I have a comic strip I carry around that says, "Every year, just when I start to think life is totally meaningless, baseball starts again." Man, that is tenfold right now due to all this Covid stuff. If there is no season due strictly to money, it will be tough to get me to accept that and forgive. It pains me to not have baseball every night to watch, but now, my wife and I sit on the porch with a drink and listen to the frogs and birds and backyard animals. We watch the sun go down and just enjoy each other's company. When golf returns, that will be my sports activity on Thursday through Sunday. Football will come again in the Fall, I have zero doubts about that. Baseball could destroy itself in this Summer of 2020.
  10. I know I want live baseball back, regardless of how many additional rules are in place. BTW, speaking of dumb rules...spitting is banned, but what about when they lick their fingers and then grip the ball? That's ok? Seems about as dumb as half the other rules that are out there for the general public. All said, if the players do not agree to play, it won't matter if they have very valid reasons or not, the public opinion will be the players ruined the 2020 season and they will have a hard time earning the support of the fans back. (especially for those of us who still support the name on the front of the jersey and could care less about the name on the back.)
  11. I'm no lawyer, so just asking a hypothetical question. If the Union turns down the proposal and for all intents and purposes says we're not playing this year, could the owners say "that's fine, but we are open for business and we are going to field a team." Because I'd rather watch Tony and Scottie and Snutchy in O's uniforms than not have any baseball at all.
  12. I agree. And wouldn't mind it at all to be honest. The Orioles would actually have a chance.
  13. Me too, but most at bats were one or two pitches. We didn't have 5-10 pitch at bats that keep the game going and going. I'm not complaining. If the Sox and Yanks can have batters foul off the good pitches until they get one to hit, more power to them. Its the pitchers job to fool them into missing the ball or hitting a weak grounder.
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