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  1. Not sure if its a sign of the COVID times, an indication of the impact of not showing ST games on MASN, or maybe I am just not the fan I used to be. But here we are 3 days from Opening Day, and for the first time in my nearly 47 years on this planet, I'm not sure I could tell you ten guys on the Orioles opening day roster.
  2. Hogan just announced limited fans will be permitted to be at Orioles games, including Opening Day. I sure hope there is some reward for those of us who have kept our season tickets through all of this mess. Now I am excited for baseball!!!
  3. Agreed. He is getting paid by his employers for under-performance. The employer, the Orioles, are the ones who "owe it to the fans" to cut him loose.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree, but growing up in the 70's and early 80's many weeknight games started at 730 I believe. Only a few games were televised each week, so I mostly listened on the radio, but even the televised ones I was listening to the end of the game in bed, and I still grew up as a die hard fan. The difference is I like the sport of baseball, and the Orioles were always good back then. The games ending late has always been an issue, that is not new, and actually MLB has done a better job in recent years changing to earlier start times on weekdays and having way more day games.
  5. With the lower attendance we've seen over the past few decades of losing, I think a lot of your ideas about removing traditional seating and replacing it with bars or congregating areas would be cool. Sarasota's Spring Training facility and Aberdeen are two examples I have been to that have picnic area seating where you can still enjoy the game, but in more of a social environment with friends than just sitting in a standard chair. That said, I like to just sit and watch the game, and not have my back to the field, so I guess I'm in the "get off my lawn" crowd. But I also think there is so much empty seats now, there is plenty of room for both seating options.
  6. I am puckering just thinking about seats on top of the warehouse. lol
  7. Match Play. Whoever scores the most each inning wins the inning. So if the visitor doesn't score in the top of the inning, and the home team scores any run in the bottom, they win the skin and move on to the next inning. Winner of the most skins after 9 wins the game. Beer Rules: Each player must hold a red solo cup of Natty Boh at all times during the game, both in the field and at the plate. Um...No. Don't change anything. Baseball is a great game. Play the traditional rules and let us fans of the game enjoy the game. People who think its slow or boring will always think that, no matter how many ghost runners are put on base to start an inning.
  8. If the hope is that Davis pulls his back shoveling his driveway (I KNOW he lives in Texas, shush) then why not just cut bait and let him go. Its lost money any way you cut it.
  9. You beat me to it Corn. The team is in a rebuild that is seemingly taking forever with no real signs of being ready anytime soon. They have gotten rid of the pre and post game shows and the "fan favorites" (or not) that sat behind those desks. And truth be told, by the time we are ready to compete, I'm not sure a 30 year old Mancini would really make much difference at that point. So yeah, IF the deal is right, you make it. BUT...you don't just give him away. That would be ludicrous, which means the O's will do it. In any event, the Orioles are still trotting out Chris Davis every game, so they are giving us fans what we want. (sarcasm alert).
  10. Its pretty telling that I am more upset about the Orioles and MASN getting rid of our favorite announcers than I am about the piss poor teams they have put together over the last 5 years, but alas, this is where we are. I would always have the pre-game show on while I was cleaning up dinner, so now I guess its just MLBN all the time except when our game is actually on. I've always liked Dempsey and Tom Davis and their over the top homerism. I'm not sure why they get criticized, as I have no problems with local guys supporting the team that we all love. Gary Thorne is the biggest blow here. Yes, he would make occasional mistakes with names or pitch locations, but unless you are visually impaired, I sure don't need a TV play by play guy to tell me what's happening on my screen. Gary was an entertainer, pure and simple. He made even the worst Orioles blowouts entertaining to watch, his his stories, humor, and whiskey laugh. I used to love the 7th inning Jack Daniels break, where he would proudly spout out..."Drink................................................five minutes later........responsibly!" Made me laugh every time. On a personal note, 7 years ago when my wife and I went to our first (and thus far only) Spring Training trip, my wife ran into Gary at FanFest and was asking him for advice since he lives in the Sarasota area. He took a good 10-15 minutes of his time to address her questions, make suggestions on where to stay, eat, what to do, etc. He is a great guy, and I know he doesn't need this job, but I for one will sure miss him. As for the Orioles. Their on field product stinks. They are cutting the shows on MASN. They've been holding my season ticket money for 2 years without me having any positive to it. I'd say this might just be the final straw to make me use my season ticket money after 2021 on more "entertaining" products.
  11. Spot on. The Orioles are the only reason I keep DirecTV at this point.
  12. This is an interesting perspective as well, and one I was thinking about the other day when thinking about the NFL playoff. Are the Ravens the best team in the NFL this year? Heck no. But can they get hot and win the whole thing. Yes sir. Like we did with Joe's 11-0 td to interception postseason championship run, or like when our defense led us to our first championship. Baseball can be the same way. The best team doesn't always win. We probably were the favorites in 2014 but injuries and a hot KC team knocked us out. But yeah, 2014 was a hell of a fun year, and I'd like to have competitive, contending teams every year.
  13. In fact they raised our prices. DTV has gone down the tubes since AT&T bought them.
  14. I think the Ravens have spoiled us. Aside from a few stinker years, every year the team is in contention, we've made the playoffs more than not over our history, and we have two Super Bowl wins in 25 years, and are currently in the middle of a great young team making another run. But, how would we feel if with all that success, we had never made the Super Bowl? It would be devastating. Like Frobby and Corn said, when we won in 83, I had no reason to believe that would be it for my lifetime. I was only 9 years old, and it was the second time we'd be in the World Series in my short life. The Orioles were the class of the league for many years, and then....nothing. While 96 and 97 were fun, and 2012, 14, and 16 brought us back into that giddy feeling of playoff baseball, I am now nearing my upper 40's, and I honestly think I'd take that 2027 WS even if it meant 6 more years of losing to get to that point. The feeling I had in the upper deck when Damon Young cleared the bases to beat Detroit was awesome. I still get goosebumps thinking about it. But at this point in my life...I want to finally, as an adult, experience the ultimate glory of a WS win!
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