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  1. Ya know something? Fans get upset all the time that there is no loyalty in baseball anymore. (or any sports). How could Manny not try to work out a long term deal with the O's? Booooooo Manny. How could Moose leave and sign with the Yankees? Booooo Mussina. And yet here is someone on the Hangout. The best of the best. Starting a thread about releasing a solid player who is coming off cancer treatment. Well you know what? Boooooooooooooo Hangout for this even being a thread.
  2. I guess we should thank the Orioles for playing like crap the past two weeks, opening up the trade talks and closing the door on any thoughts Hyde may have had on trying to talk Elias into keeping the team intact. This is still a rebuilding club and we are still a few years away. While the .500 record through the first 24 games was nice, we can't lose site of the overall long term plan. So, with that said, I certainly hope Elias is not done yet today.
  3. Maybe he'll get hemorrhoids from riding the pine?
  4. No one is ever going to do that. That is just spite, and there is no reason for it. Play him a couple times a week and see what happens.
  5. Oh, I disagree. Hyde does not seem to be a fan of Davis, and has been stuck with his contract and zero production since he came on board. They had that blowup in the dugout last year. I absolutely think Hyde is the one benching him. As for playing time, if Nunez starts slumping, they will put Davis back at first. Nunez defense is so bad he is a liability out there. So Nunez needs to keep hitting or we're getting the return of Davis.
  6. Sounds like between the Davis play and Smith's base running, I should be happy I fell asleep in the top of the ninth. So essentially we've given away two games in the last three.
  7. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  8. Isn't this kind of like saying "it wasn't THAT long ago that Chris Davis was hitting bombs and leading the league in homers." ???? I agree with others, just bring up Mountcastle already. Although it looks like our little hot streak is over and we should fall nicely back down the standings again.
  9. I sometimes take 3 Advil's prior to golfing to ease my hand pain. I believe this exceeds the proper recommended dose.
  10. Well he would have made that scoop. Of that I have no doubt. Nunez should never bring his glove to the ballpark. As for Crush, he's done. I don't know why he couldn't bring his success of Spring Training and Summer Camp into the real games, but he hasn't, and he's actually playing worse than the past two years, if that's even possible. I love the guy, but he's done. Move on. (That said, Hyde HAS moved on. That pinch hitting spot was Davis' only appearance in the Nats series, unless I missed something?)
  11. Yeah, its 5pm. (I had to look really hard to find it though.) So, in a season of "firsts," has there ever in the history of baseball been a team sweep two 3-game series in back to back days? Because that's a real possibility today.
  12. Orioles leading the league in batting average and 2nd in OPS and SLG. Imagine if we dropped Chris Davis' numbers out of that? 😉
  13. I've liked most of the crews this year. As others have said, Newman and Bordick are really solid on the pre and post game shows. I absolutely love Ben. His knowledge of the game and dry humor is spectacular for the broadcast. While I like Scotty G a whole lot, he is not impressing on the play by play. He doesn't get excited for the bog plays (watch the inside the park homer and the pop up from last night as exhibits A and B) and he makes enough mistakes to make Gary Thorne grimace. It does make me reminisce to the days of Channel 2 in the 80's with Scott and Brooks calling O's games. Fun times. All of that said, I really miss Gary. Listening to him call games is like sitting with your favorite uncle at the bar watching a ballgame together. His excitement for the game and his humor are sorely missed. I hope he's back next year. I'd love to see a bunch of games with him and Ben together. Oh, I did fail to mention, I love it when they cut to Palmer in his living room just chatting with the guys. Good stuff.
  14. You've made my day! Thanks for sharing!!!!
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