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  1. I may be in the minority here, but I'm disappointed. We are clearly in a rebuild, as admitted by every member of the Orioles Management Team, so why are ticket prices not lowered while we rebuild? Why am I expected to keep paying major league prices for an inferior product? The Mrs really wants to renew, but I am having my doubts. I didn't have much fun watching 15 losses in 20 games last year. I can watch for "free" at home and just go to a few games. I can't say a Why Not t shirt or any other reward giveaway is going to make me want to pay for a season plan. Convince me Orioles Hangout. Convince me Orioles Management. Somebody convince me!!!!
  2. If this is about eating crow, I will be first in line. I did not like the Lamar pick, never thought he'd get back his inaccurate passing, and was sure the running would eventually have a gameplan against it (see exhibit A: Ravens vs Chargers playoff game). Needless to say, I was wrong, and the guy has made a believer out of me. I just hope I'm not getting set up for a higher fall to reality.
  3. I'm 5'6 so I feel your pain. The new rail makes it much better, but when it was the actual wall there with the padding, I had to be in the front row or I didn't see anything. *shortpeopleproblems*
  4. You could even add "drink tables" so people can stand along this new flag court area and converse while the game is going on, so that would make the people happy to go to games to not watch the games. 😂
  5. Nice work, but I don't like the aesthetics of what this would do to the playing field. What if they make the entire right field wall the height of the flag court? Extend that all the way across to the center field wall area? That might be pretty cool, and would definitely cut down on homers in the right center power alley.
  6. This is just strange to me. I go to the ballpark to, ya know, watch a baseball game. But I guess as they say, "the world is a-changing."
  7. I think there has been some talk of removing some of the seats so that you can see into the stadium from the concession area, but that seems to me to be a major engineering change needed and not an easy task to complete in an offseason.
  8. Camden Yards would be an ideal venue for a major WWE Pay Per View. Just sayin'.
  9. Wow. I would think he'd be willing to do anything he can to get better. Sounds like he is just accepting that he's gonna be a .180 hitter until he's released?
  10. See, you ruined your whole post with those two words. Every Star Wars fan knows that the entire saga happened "a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away!" lol
  11. Good point. Poor choice of words on my end. But seriously, what about Disney's handling of SW do you not like? I'm just curious.
  12. Now see, its general comments like this that do bug me. Episode 7 was widely loved by most Star Wars fans. Rogue One was considered one of the better Star Wars movies in the entire series. Go to Disney's Hollywood Studios and you'll see real life stormtroopers marching around the park, numerous characters from the movies interacting with fans, cool props and now Galaxy's Edge. Disney+ is going to be home to many cool Star Wars TV shows, including the Mandalorian which is one of the most eagerly awaited shows in Star Wars history. So, as a self admitted "not even a fan," please explain to me how Disney is handling the property that is bothering you so much? Is it because there was one poorly received movie? I'm honestly curious what is so bad about Disney's handling of SW. Especially considering "fanboys" who rewrite history. And what I mean by that is most people despised the prequel trilogies and claimed George Lucas killed SW....but then these same people 20 years later claim that Lucas should have never sold out and should have handled the sequels. Anyone who has read his ideas for the sequels knows his "story" would have been awful. But I guess rewriting history is what people like to do these days.
  13. What Aglets said. I am not referring to any of you guys. I am referring more to these people, as Aglets covers well..."grrrr, I hate everything new because I'm a hater stuck in the past and just want to poop on anything that doesn't meet my own criteria."
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