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  1. I agree with you Tide. Even though Lamar's completion percentage was good, too many of his passes were high, low, behind the receiver, etc. It took good catches to make his percentage this high. Also there were numerous times where his catches made the receiver stop their pattern to catch it and then drop. Compare that to the truly great passers of the game who hit their receivers in stride and they keep on running for YAC, and you'll understand what I mean. Stats aren't everything, you need to watch the game to see the actual performance. I truly don't think he's a great passer, but he has proven to be a good quarterback and leader of the offense. I think the two are mutually exclusive though.
  2. "Win if you can. Lose if you must. But always cheat." -Jesse "the Body" Ventura
  3. I was not a fan of Lamar for a long time. I agree his throws are not very accurate, which makes me laugh when I hear people say we need better receivers. Did you see the way Rogers dropped the ball exactly into his receivers hands while they are in stride? But he was 7-2 last year including the God awful playoff game, and he was 13-3 this year. 20-5 in two years, along with an MVP season in his first full year as starting quarterback. I agree his arm will never be confused with Manning, Favre, or Brady, but he plays a different kind of game and its been very successful thus far. Saturday was a total team failure across the board. I agree the QB of the team gets the most flack for that, but this loss was not because of Lamar.
  4. Lamar made me a believer this year, but I have to agree with this. Until he shows he can win a playoff game, he will have this albatross around his neck.
  5. Actually the two 4th and 1's was on the offensive line getting pushed back two yards into his face.
  6. Just finished both seasons of Jack Ryan in a week. Great show. Makes me wish 24 had the freedom of being on an outlet like this instead of broadcast television.
  7. Dipper9

    Farewell OH

    I can see the posts on the Hangout now... "My inside source from inside the Warehouse says Chris Davis has cleaned out his locker, and is now having dinner in Bisciotti's private box at the Ravens playoff game."
  8. Dipper9

    Farewell OH

    Congratulations Luke! May the Force be with you!
  9. I read it and it makes sense. Whether it occurs or not all depends on Davis.
  10. Print the playoff tickets. The horse is in the barn. Ain't the beer cold.
  11. Just started season one of Jack Ryan...already binged 4 episodes in one morning. Very good. I've had Prime for 6 months just for the free shipping...had no idea there were all these movies and shows available on it. (Dip is a little slow)
  12. Happy New Year to old friends and new. Salute!
  13. I agree. Those blasting Disney for ruining Star Wars clearly never saw the Prequels. And I agree, the problem with the prequels in my mind is some of the acting, and way too much CGI. I thought the story was actually pretty good. Episode III was actually a really good movie. And I guess I'm in the minority who really like a lot of the new Disney SW stuff. I spent December rewatching the whole movie series (and the Mandalorian) so I'd be freshly caught up on the whole thing, and like I said, I really enjoyed Episode IX. If I had to rank them all, I think I'd go something like this... Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Rogue One Rise of Skywalker Revenge of the Sith A Force Awakens Return of the Jedi The Last Jedi Solo A Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones (again, I really liked the story, but the acting was just God awful with Hayden Christianson. Worst casting ever???)
  14. Without getting into Spoilers yet, I will say I enjoyed this movie a ton, and I agree with you this was 3PO's coming out party. He was on fire! (plus the brief cameo for Anthony Daniels was cool.) That all said, its been two weeks now since it came out. I would think people who don't want to be spoiled have already seen it, and if not, maybe stay out of this thread? I dunno, what do you all think? When is long enough to start talking specifics?
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