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  1. I knew he had a few, but not 8. The O’s infield had more then a few gold gloves in the day. Blade was always in position, not flashy but ( my opinion) better then Ozzie Smith in the field. And he owned Guidry
  2. If the Blade had hit .275 he would be in the HOF. He was a better fielder then he was given credit for, and he won gold gloves( I think). Look up his batting average again Guidry and Gossage.
  3. First, as a old Colt season ticket holder.RFK is a great place to watch a game. The stands actually rocked when the redskins played there. Not M&T but a great place to see a game, alot like Memorial Stadium. I do think if the weather is somewaht nice, a good time will be had. It is a afternoon game, so not as bad as a cold night game. Support the team, they deserve it. I will be there.
  4. could there be another Bundy on the team? Al and Peg would be proud!
  5. And I am worried about what a guy (Kruk) has to say. When I played softball his team showed up in truckers shorts and white T-Shirts with numbers in magic marker. And Phiillps, didnt he get in trouble in Fla when he was GM of the Mets, something about naked in public, real worried what he has to say. Easy to be a expert when you dont really have to do a job.
  6. I would take Boof Bonser for Bedard straight up, for the name alone. Who wouldnt like a guy with the name Boof Bonser?
  7. Just to clear up something, Jones was on the bench for the 7 min with bad leg cramps. Didnt anyone see him laying on the floor wit JJ Bush working on his legs? I guess its poor coaching to take a guy out of the game when he cannot move with leg cramps. Butler beat the Terps, they shot better and rebounded when they needed to,they deserved to win. It was a good year for the Terps,a better year had they had a chance at Fla.
  8. If 3 of the 4 seniors play well Terps win, simple as that. Bowers , 6 pts 5 reb. Jones >15 pts good Def. Straw >15 pts and Ekene >12 pts >8 reb.
  9. The best line I have ever read here. About time someone agrees with me. Meet me at Mons Venus this weekend , lapdance on me.
  10. Was it Nelson or Henderson who elbowed Hansbrough in the nose,last year in the last game of the year?
  11. If you cannot be .500 in conference you do not deserve to make the NCAA's, if Duke looses to NC St they have a loosing record. If you say there OOC schedule was strong, look at what the teams they beat have done lately. Air Force has dropped off lately. Look at the other also.
  12. Now if Duke looses to NC St should they make the NCAA's or go to the NIT? Any other school but Duke would not make the NCAA's. By the way, I fully expect Duke to beat NC St and maybe even make the championship game. They seem to really get up for the ACC Tournement
  13. My view, if Duke wants to quit then stop the game, if not any NC player can be in the game (Hansbourgh). To credit Duke, they usally dont give up, if the players had given up why would Henderson try to stop the basket? Was it intentional? I dont think so, to me Henderson was frustrated at loosing, he swatted pretty hard and happened to hit Hansbrough. Now, the one thing not brought up here. Last year last game of regular season NC/Duke wasnt Hansbrough a victim of a dirty play? It went uncalled if I recall either Henderson or Nelson (I think), it was shown on replays. Do you think the officials didnt remember that going into the game? This could of helped in there decision to suspend.
  14. I am with you there Beaner, Duke 0-4 against NC and MD. Wonder where they (Duke ) will be ranked this week? If they beat NC probably in the top 10.
  15. Who said "there is no way MD beats Duke in Cameron?" Give the Terps there due, they got it going now, how long can they keep it up? Hopefully they wil win there last game this year, if they do make way for some crystal.
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