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  1. If you had watched Palmer in batting practice back in the day you would say him. He was every bit as good a outfielder as Blair. My opinion
  2. Should this be over on the Senators message board? I could give a rats ass about any Washington sports team
  3. Grady

    Coby Mayo

    Seeing the HR last night, looks like Mayo has a quick bat. Is his swing faster and harder then most?
  4. Frank Robby would kick the teams ass, make the young ones accountable. He was the leader the minute he walked into the clubhouse in 1966. Palmer would absolutely go bonkers on this team. And he Is in my opinion one of the top pitchers of all time. Grew up watching all of these guys. First Orioles game 1966 WS
  5. Don’t know about the orange uniforms. But those cowboy boot sideburns Dobson is sporting are damn stylish
  6. A high school friend of mine played softball against Larry Sheets . It was open fields, he hit it a mile.
  7. Most really good prospects never even play in AAA. Could AR be the next to skip?
  8. Another Sunday Bennie ?
  9. The teamdid real well trading Britton to the Yanks, Machado got them what? Keep trading and rebuilding, he’ll see what Henderson and Rutchman can get you.
  10. I knew he had a few, but not 8. The O’s infield had more then a few gold gloves in the day. Blade was always in position, not flashy but ( my opinion) better then Ozzie Smith in the field. And he owned Guidry
  11. If the Blade had hit .275 he would be in the HOF. He was a better fielder then he was given credit for, and he won gold gloves( I think). Look up his batting average again Guidry and Gossage.
  12. First, as a old Colt season ticket holder.RFK is a great place to watch a game. The stands actually rocked when the redskins played there. Not M&T but a great place to see a game, alot like Memorial Stadium. I do think if the weather is somewaht nice, a good time will be had. It is a afternoon game, so not as bad as a cold night game. Support the team, they deserve it. I will be there.
  13. could there be another Bundy on the team? Al and Peg would be proud!
  14. And I am worried about what a guy (Kruk) has to say. When I played softball his team showed up in truckers shorts and white T-Shirts with numbers in magic marker. And Phiillps, didnt he get in trouble in Fla when he was GM of the Mets, something about naked in public, real worried what he has to say. Easy to be a expert when you dont really have to do a job.
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