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  1. tywright

    Machado injured?

    Knee injury?? http://www.minorleagueball.com/2011/5/5/2156299/milb-gameday-5-5
  2. tywright

    Machado injured?

    He was taken out of the game early. Only had one PA and got a walk. Anybody know what happened?
  3. Might as well just release Fox and bring up Tatum then. Why Fox doesn't PH for Andino is a mystery to me
  4. Jumped on that 1st pitch hanging slider
  5. He didn't really learn the sinker until Erickson taught him it
  6. Who does Tillman remind you all of?
  7. What really is disappointing is the fact that they went for signability in the 1st round (5th overall vs 11th largest signing) and didn't take advantage of overslot guys like Will Myers and Andrew Oliver in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Instead we made expensive gambles in the later rounds that haven't materialized.
  8. Yeah we don't have the tiebreaker if we both finish 12-4. We need the Steelers to lose twice.
  9. We don't want to play Indy in the 1st round so IMO the most important game is JAX @ Indy this weekend. Root for Jacksonville!
  10. here's the clip...definitely "shinny"
  11. Seriously...how often does he drop long bombs
  12. Yeah hopefully you aren't watching. Ovie's so pissed he actually picked a fight
  13. He actually said "shinny", which is what Canadians call a pick up hockey game
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