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  1. I would like to see an at bat match up somewhere/somehow where Wright pitched to Davis - would be quite interesting to see who loses that battle! One of them has to!
  2. Drafting duds like Matt Hobgood and Pedro Beato in the first round also makes me wonder too about the scouting dept ability. Seems like Orioles have more first round pitching duds than mere bad luck to me.
  3. Yeah I agree and to me Markakis in the outfield always looked like he was running in sand.
  4. I regret that many younger Os fans never got to watch Frank in action as a player. He was as good as they come, Best Orioles hitter to ever don the uniform bar none. I recall fondly as a kid when he arrived in the greatest trade in Orioles history how unbelievably awesome he was. He imo was as good as Aaron or Mays but just wasn’t as heralded for some reason. When he won the Triple Crown I was in awe and it seemed to cement my young mind that the National League was superior as they more superstars than the AL and Frank’s performance demonstrated it clearly even more so in his clutch homers in
  5. Bad defense like bad hitting seems contagious. Even Chris Davis looks bad and at times Schoop, not to mention even some of the pitchers making more errors than we used to seeing it seems.
  6. Buck may be getting his nice paycheck but it has to be a dreadful experience knowing you are losing and likely to continue losing game after game in a similar fashion. Not scoring runs with a mediocre starting pitching staff and subpar bullpen and no end in site and all this before the AllStar break. I don’t see how it can be any worse!
  7. It’s a lot easier to manage a team with more talented players, just ask Mike Hargrove or Joe Madden. Buck is no exception to this axiom.
  8. Which is why I’m very concerned that Buck may be losing his mind as though I’m no shrink, comments such as this are a total denial of reality and can easily be seen as delusional imo!
  9. This has to be Buck’s living nightmare that he can’t wake up from. It’s killing his W-L record as a manager and sadly will reflect on him badly in the long run I believe.
  10. I am wondering how on God’s green earth Buck Showalter hasn’t lost his mind by now or gets out of bed to go to the ballpark each day!!
  11. Buck could chew out the entire squad daily at this point and it wouldn’t make much difference imo. Yelling and berating them isn’t going to change their inability to score runs or suddenly have a better bullpen. They are way beyond that as a solution. I seriously think this is the worst Orioles offense I’ve seen since we had sluggers like Brook Fordyce, Geronimo Gil, Craig Worthington, Delino Deshields, and Glenn Davis.
  12. Wasn’t aware off that deal, but still have to drive an hour and a half pay $20 or more to park and walk/carry him all the way to game and back, so would rather wait until he was my age (8) when I went to my first game which ended with a Russ Snyder walk-off homer that I could only hear the screaming and cow bell dinging as everyone stood up and I was too small! But I do like Frobbys suggestion of a minor league game as the Hagerstown Suns stadium is 30 minutes from me and no parking costs nor much distance to walk.
  13. No problem, figured you were more of a friend and posted that in jest. I understand too when your options are limited with small kids as they must come first as a parent or grandparent.
  14. Thanks Weams, just took him to Ocean City and he rode the small kids rides (teacup and carousel) and picked up ducks and netted fish for prizes and he loved it! Haven’t taken him to an Os game yet as he wouldn’t grasp any of it and would want to leave early.
  15. Not that I’m commenting unfavorably on your comment, but isn’t that sort of off topic on this thread? Just asking a question...but I would be more than happy to engage again in discussion about this subject - taking babies to baseball games. I have a 4 year old grandson now and he is the most precious thing in the world too me!!
  16. I don’t get these cocky minor leaguers who act like they can try to disregard advise or wisdom from major league managers they need to impress. Just seems like a total lack of emotional intelligence if I put it nicely or utter stupidity if I say what I really think! Maybe it’s just a millennial thing where their parents always told them whatever they did was fine, but that doesn’t work well in professional sports where you are competing with other talented individuals who understand the value of listening to what proven experts tell you. Makes me wonder before they draft these high round pick
  17. Typo - “go” should be “to” in my post.
  18. Rowell peaked in High School which is a lesson the Orioles still have yet to learn as they continue to waste first round picks on high school wonders who have never faced any real talent go see how good they really are.
  19. They need to do something well so they may as well continue on their path to their first number one pick in the draft since Ben McDonald.
  20. Colby Rasmus, I hope your wife is plagued by runners in her hose and an elephant caresses you with his toes.
  21. What does it really matter anyway? So we lose 5-2 or 7-3 instead of 3-1 or 4-2? This team’s inability to score more than 3 runs is almost unbelievable. They also excel in solo homers because they can’t get base runners. They have no lead off hitter - non hitting catchers, first basemen, second and third basemen, and only one mediocre hitting corner outfielder. So why hasn’t Duquette been given his walking papers by now? Anyone know??
  22. Makes me miss David Lowe and Henry Uterria (not sure I spelled it right) but I think at least those two hit a walk off hr I think - Rasmuss did nothing to win a game - but did fit in well with the rest of these current O’s other than Manny, who is too good to remain on this lousy squad! He’s lucky to be a FA.
  23. I agree. Earl Weaver couldn't get a 500 record with this club right now imo.
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