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  1. I'm viewing the t-shirt hype Elias is using as a sign that the O's will be involved as much as they can be involved being they are getting a later start to evaluating the talent that will be signing. I don't think Elias is saying they will be signing the top talent available but he is putting a flag in the ground saying the Orioles have finally arrived on the international scene so take note.
  2. Cutting Young JR and Escobar could be the set up to cutting Davis. I realize we are talking different situations but hear me out on these two thoughts: 1. Elias making it clear they want to see what they have in the young guys and are opening as many positions up as possible by not blocking anyone with veterans. 2. He can't make it look like they are totally tanking (don't forget Tony Clark is watching LOL) so they need to make it look like they are actually trying. Rolling out someone who will K 3 three times per game will not meet that "not totally tanking" criteria. Side note: I am not trying to turn this into "another Chris Davis thread".
  3. Seriously though....I love what they are doing. It will take time but Elias has an impressive mind and overall vision and it's clear he knows how to organize and implement a plan. I am very excited to watch how this rebuild goes.
  4. This will never work. I didn't see any reference to TTTP. We're doomed.
  5. I'm a season ticket holder(13 game plan) and I have had the opposite experience. I was switched to a different rep last year because my previous one had been promoted. Both were and have been very responsive and very helpful. As someone else stated you should contact the season ticket manager. I was considering not renewing this year, not because of the rebuild, just because the past two years I struggled to get to all 13 games. Last year rain outs really screwed me up and i ended up not using 3 games which is a decent amount of money since I am in club section row 1 at first base. But in the end I decided to renew. I do enjoy going to the games, I just need to be a little more proactive earlier about selling or trading tickets so I don't end up wasting any.
  6. Man. Those pitcher ERAs. Ouch. Not disagreeing. Just seeing it written down hurts. Lol
  7. Not to keep hijacking this thread but don't the Blue Jays still have the same front office in place they did when they wanted DD? If so then why haven't they hired him already this offseason if they wanted him so bad?
  8. I'm with you. I had paid for MLB.tv last season(I have PSVUE as my streaming service)....and I set up VPN on my Amazon Firestick...all was good....but it seems they implemented software to detect VPN and I got blocked again. It really is infuriating. I am WILLING TO PAY and yet I get denied. WTF??
  9. Somewhat interesting answer about pitching development. Said pitchers can be unpredictable and when you have them add a pitch, change their approach or alter their delivery things can change quickly. I am wondering if that is a reference to Arrietta going to Chicago and the Cubs just letting him pitch and not worrying about his TTP. He did however also say they will be providing data analysis to help pitchers attack the hitters. So maybe the focus will be on what pitches to throw and where instead of altering the pitcher. Of course the pitcher still has to be able to execute. LOL
  10. Is Roch saying the people/number of people in the Orioles organization is a gold mine? Or is he saying the OPPORTUNITY for a new hire to build it however they want in the gold mine? I actually didn't quite understand what he was saying.
  11. Yea...after my knee jerk reaction, and realizing what he does and his experience it makes sense to try and keep certain people. You're right, the one year deal is a good compromise for both he and the Orioles.
  12. I jumped the gun a little. LOL. Appears Kent is more business administration than baseball. Here is an article from The Sun. Has a good explanation of what he does in his own words. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/howard/lisbon-fulton/ph-ho-cf-orioles-qualls-0406-20170403-story.html
  13. Exactly!! WTF? Shouldn't the person who they said was going to have authority of the entire baseball operations be the one to determine who the director of minor league operations should be?
  14. Knowing the history of the ownership here's what I am sure is happening. The sons are interviewing these candidates and realizing these candidates aren't nearly as smart as them, their father and Brady, so they can't justify giving them a president's title. Let alone full control of the organization.
  15. Will there actually ever be an end to this dispute? I have the feeling this is just going to drag on for years. Is there anything that would make it come to a concrete closure? Or will it always just be appealed back and forth?
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