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  1. First line, my response is to laugh at you. I haven't talked about myself other than to say, I would like to see sports. I never said sports over safety, I have always said hey, they are looking at ways to start without fans and by taking precautions and if they can do it, I'm for it. If not, it just sucks. The person you here I think is you. Glad your daughter goes to a private school, hope she is getting a good education. To your third comment, yes....yes they do. And your comment is ignorance. If they didn't care, a draft wouldn't be occurring in April. ESPN wouldn't be continually having sportscasters come into their offices to report on NBA games in the 90's and 2000's and do a stupid best NCAA basketball player of all time tournament risking their staff getting infected and spreading it. That is stupid, but people care enough and ratings and commercial money drive it enough for ESPN to do this. But you are right, I'm sure no one cares. OMG, congrats, you pulled up statistics. I'm so proud of you maybe I'm breaking through. However, to your point, I'm not sure what you are trying to say on money spent on public schools. This is a new argument you are bringing against me for something I didn't say. My point was, NFL brings money to politicians through donations through campaigns and super PACs. It also brings in jobs and "revenue" to cities(which it really doesn't but every politician will tell you it does). This is why cities fight over fielding professional sports teams and will cut funding to find ways to keep a sports team happy in our country. Sure, the US budget is high in the US, it spans public school for college all the way down to elementary over 50 states. Baseball is in 30 or 46 if you count minors and only in a few cities at that, so you are correct. the Billions you bring up is not revenue but taxpayer funded. It does not go to politicians. Baseball money can because it is a private business and can have more influence, i.e. why it still holds its monopoly status in the United States and can pay minor leaguers so minimal a wage. Lets look at Maryland. Gaming revenue from casinos was supposed to go to education. It has mostly, but our governor has, as a result, attempted to and cut education funding in state bills. The federal government attempts to cut education funding annually. So, again my point that politicians don't care about public education as much as sports, still holds despite your numbers plot. I am done with this arguing as it seems useless as you do not listen and just want to hear yourself talk.
  2. I am reading. You say school is more important than spectator sports. This is a belief you have not based on logic. 1.) Who gets more funding, a stadium for a professional team or Olympic committee or public school system? Answer, sports. Sports has more money for politicians and more jobs. Rich people send their kids to private schools, which have the ability to do home schooling and what not. Politicians will sell their first child to have a NFL team in their city, you think they give a darn about schools in budgets? Give me a break. 2.) Yes, they will. Again, WWE in Florida is this weekend. Two nights, over 50 superstars (heck I think they do a Battle Royal for Andre The Giant memorial with 30 guys in ring same time) is still occurring despite the Governor issuing stay at home order. So to your governments not allowing this traveling virus show to hit their town is also a nice lack of reality. If MLB wants to have no attendance games in Florida right now, the governor and the state would 95% let that happen. I'd assume that is the same for other states as well. Let us remember, MLB was last organization to stop playing sports amid coronavirus. 3.) You go to schools AGAIN AND AGAIN, and comparatively it makes no sense for the basis of your argument. Schools have closed because they operate in two semesters, generally from January to June and August/September to December/January. It makes no sense to restart the school year at this moment since they've missed now two months. If they started up in May, that would bring them to August, start of the next school year, if June as some analysts predict, may be September, which would overlap school years. Business like MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL MLS are not tied to school years, so why would MLB not start on June 1 if they could? You make no sense. 4.) I don't know why I bother with you because you don't read and or listen and the vast majority of your strong held opinions are based on your feelings and not in reason. Good luck telling the NFL to hold their season because the kids haven't gone back to school. They have enough politicians and bring enough money to the table, that they will start whenever they want. And if they get delayed, it is more because this virus is out of control than the kids and their schools. But what do I know I'm living in fantasy sports land.
  3. Are the archived games free or pay? I didn't think of this.
  4. They lied, but for them to go from saying lets start up basketball to saying oh standby we have an uptick again is still surprising to do. Otherwise they would have continued with games. In other news, Japan trying my theory didn't work. https://www.newsday.com/sports/columnists/david-lennon/japanese-baseball-mlb-coronavirus-return-1.43570449 so, my empty stadium quarantine is off the table.
  5. Unfortunately this is already happening in other parts of the world where people are getting tired of being inside and everything stopped. As you said, it will be more difficult as time goes on. Unfortunately because the United States, and the entire world is not quarantining at the same time, the quarantine, as seen in China with a revival of the virus after they lifted travel bans, will come back.
  6. What are you talking about? MLB isn't public school or private school. It is its own business. You are essentially comparing apples with hammers. As to the government not allowing them to play, there is a USG social distancing policy right now through April 30th. It is not a law. In some states it has been but not all. NBA and NHL are looking to do the move to central locations and quarantine players while playing in closed environments. If MLB wanted, they could send the teams to a state that is not on lockdown order and start playing today. That is not going to happen because of several reasons, one being that that state will soon be on lockdown. I did not say they will start up now, but your saying schools are closed therefore baseball is shot is a stupid analogy was my point. They could play today, but obviously won't happen. I would be okay with them starting in quarantined sites to empty stadiums. It is weird. It was weird watching WWE, which I have resorted to to get some sports in my system. And it was weird to watch UFC. Will be again if UFC 249 occurs, but it's better that than watching the news or ESPN re-playing games and having "family movie nights."
  7. Not sure what schools have to do with baseball. Schools have closed because it is hard to get the schoolyear finished before the start of the next one. Also that is public, not privately owned like MLB. I think baseball could do July or earlier if necessary. Seems MLB doesn't want to start unless fans can attend. NBA and NHL, I think were looking at the CBA(Chinese basketball league) for starting up. Sending players to neutral sites, keeping players and coaches under quarantine, and playing in empty stadiums. I think baseball could do that in Arizona or Florida or both. I kind of agree with Mark Cuban that games would help people in the crisis, but would need to be done safely. WWE seems to be handling it well so far. UFC is also going to try with 249 and their last Fight Night in Brazil.
  8. 50-80% is quite a wide array statistically which means its still not clear. if its closer to 80% you are more correct, if its 50%, we are choosing to kill people being short because 1/2 people on ventilators survive.
  9. I was speaking more to proximity being for Eastern League as the only two teams further south than Harrisburg is Bowie and Richmond, which is allegedly a reason for downsizing in an effort to decrease travel distances. Potomac is no more, that team moved to Fredericksburg. And I'm assuming Wilmington will remain a franchise in Carolina League due to politics, as Frederick is a better stadium IMO and draws better crowds. Therefore, I expect Aberdeen to be the A franchise in the Carolina league for us if this contraction does actually occur of MiLB.
  10. Agreed. It is more likely a league, MiLB, and Orioles/MLB decision. Still not sure how the leagues will play out, but my guess is numbers game. Aberdeen is not going away for many reasons. I would assume they take the Keys place. South Atlantic League may be wanting to cease operations further up North, so that could be why Delmarva stays in tact. Not sure if Frederick qualifies as a Double A stadium or not, so couldn't be sure if that is why they got short end of the draw. I would think they would/could take Richmond or Bowie's spot in Eastern League, being an hour away from Harrisburg and having the attendance factor, but who knows?
  11. I think Hagerstown will cease to exist. Frederick won't be picked up by another team. They are slated to be out of organized baseball period. Too many minor league teams in Maryland and looks like Frederick drew the short straw.
  12. Next year will have minor league baseball. I also think there will be several minor leaguers who retire this year and would need to fill holes. As to your Japan reference, Japan isn't having a season right now either. Also, unlike the US, Japan has a limit on how many foreigners can be on a team.
  13. I'd like to see 10 rounds. Five seems too short. Hockey and Football have more rounds than 5. In terms of losers, I only see Minor League baseball and HS seniors who would've gotten scholarships to LSU or Vandy to fill the spot of the kid who signed via MLB draft. More high school kids will go to college and hopefully end up with an education and better situation than pro ball, college juniors will stay a senior year not getting drafted, and seniors will continue to play or move on to more realistic jobs with their degrees. Seniors, both college and High school who want to play professional would go to the indy leagues to play for organized ball contracts, which I think would improve the talent level in those organizations. I won't be seeing 36 year olds in York throwing 82 MPH fastballs because that's all left in the tank and they are just playing until they can get a coaching contract somewhere. Especially this year, I am curious how teams will draft. I assume more college juniors as more video on them and then the usual High School suspects/top 100.
  14. Could be his Senior year he was in a master's program. Tim Tebow did something similar I think, where he finished school early but used his last year on a Master's program. Maybe it wasn't Tebow, but I know it was someone famous, college wise. I wouldn't think he'd come back. I think he has enough on his resume to play in NBA D-League or overseas, if not the NBA. I hope and think Jalen might come back, but who knows.
  15. Still is going to hurt our offense a decent amount next year either way.
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