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  1. I wasn't comparing developments, just stating that I would prefer Akin to come up and stay up, at least for a while, rather than the shuttle bus to and from Norfolk that every other pitching prospect was on in the Showalter days. That messes with a pitcher's routine and psyche. Just when people are calling for these prospects to get a chance and promoted, no one has been banging on the door exactly pitching wise, so my point was I'd rather pay for some MLB starters on 1-2 year deals than just go back to our old system of chewing up prospects.
  2. If he is best option available to us as a starter candidate, then sure. Everyone is keen to rush Kremer and Akin to the show, and in the same breath talks how Gausman was rushed and shuttled back and forth. Arrieta was used the same way. I hope we buy 1-2 capable starters to short term contracts then rush our prospects. Hopefully, the prospects will force Elias to trade or cut the guys we signed. That's just my two cents. Elias said Akin isn't ready and I think our Bowie rotation needs a couple months in AAA.
  3. It varies league to league. Atlantic League pays more, Pecos I think, a lot of players pay to play. Either way, minor league players regardless get paid pennies is my point. At what point below the poverty line does it matter? The other point with the comment is, you are going to get players playing for teams no matter what it seems. There are 57 teams as Frobby put it, and at least 18 guys a team, that's more than a thousand players.
  4. I think these teams/towns you speak of would be indy leagues, if MLB didn't try to force a monopoly. I think teams would go defunct, but others would be successful in maintaining an Indy league status. And there would be enough "talent" with the minors depleted.
  5. They would play in Indy ball. They'd be getting paid the same anyways.
  6. Fair, I've only seen 3 games on Jackson, as I can't tell you since the Terps left ACC the last time I watched VT play, so I have that small sample size to go off of. As you said, I saw a potential "real" QB in first 2 games. This third one does give me caution, but I'm not off anyone's train yet either, which is why I'm giving that one up to benefit of the doubt. New coaches, new players. Maybe Locksley let the O-coord keep the reigns because he viewed it as a game to prove himself before the big competition and will be quicker to take them back when we play the big boys, I don't know. My point was more that Temple is not a cupcake team that they were going to waltz all over either, and I take that into my factor as well. They turn out NFL defensive players fairly regularly and have a pretty consistent record of being a good team, we do not.
  7. I think there are way too many minor league teams. We still need a minor league system, but I think you could combine Low A and High A, at least, and then maybe get rid of one of the rookie league levels. Being a huge minor league fan, there are a lot of minor league teams that don't get large fan attendance and have poor stadiums (anyone been to Hagerstown?). It just doesn't make sense to field a team with 3 future major leaguers in a city or town that doesn't have a fan draw, other than to even out the league. I'd also love to see a player loan system akin to European soccer, where we could acquire another team's prospect for the season.
  8. Other than the fact that Arizona chooses to go for it inside the 5 instead of kicking it 3 times, odds say we would've lost...yeah, nothing...
  9. I see Temple as I follow Navy, they aren't a bad football team. I think they've been to bowl games the past five years. Their coach got a head gig at Georgia Tech and they walloped us last year. I'm not saying this loss didn't hurt, but I don't think it was as horrendous as you make it sound. My hope is this serves as a wake-up call to the guys and that this happening early in the season will help. Those two wins may have gotten to everybody's heads a bit.
  10. A lot of the Bowie players were upset about this. That the Yankees brought down rehabbers and AAA guys.
  11. Not sure the Miami football team would beat Alabama, but I don't know if they are a 2nd tier team either. AFC East is very weak, let's not forget the drubbing we put on Buffalo last year 47-3 where Flacco threw 3 TDs and we proclaimed we had an offense. I don't think Roll Tide is blind to Lamar's performance, he actually acknowledges Jackson looked good, but in all honesty, he was facing an abysmal/dysfunctional team so you have to take that performance with a grain of salt. Our O-Line isn't that good and Lamar had all day to throw, hard not to have those numbers in that situation. He has changed since last year and I hope he continues to perform, just I need to see some consistency before I anoint Lamar MVP. Too much red flags last year for me watching Lamar but he looked great on Sunday, so I'm hopeful.
  12. I'd much rather see us re-sign Brandon Carr to a cheap deal than Smith for more money. I just don't see Smith dropping much in price, someone will sign him (the Redskins), but I think it'd be a mistake to resign him.
  13. Had to record the game, so haven't watched. Still skeptical on this team even after the showing. I hope we finally have an offense to match our defense, but we also crushed the Bills last year in our opener.
  14. I'm certainly with you on that, but we also want to be competitive I gather and letting Villar go I think doesn't help. Who is our next SS? Richie Martin? Zach Vincej? Jack Reinheimer? Mason McCoy? I'd much rather spend an extra $3m on a guy that could bring us something in return for our rebuilding and have him be aggressive than have any of those 4 stopgap. Everyone seems focused that no one wanted Villar because he wasn't traded. Maybe the Brewers were asking too much because the extra years of control he had. Maybe Elias' asking price was higher because he intends to keep him for the reasons I just stated. These past few years at the deadlines have been different. Teams are valuing prospects way more than ever and the prices for players have dropped. Either way, Villar is flawed and is a player that will fill the void, but I'd much rather watch him for the aggressiveness and playmaking, even if it means the frustration when he makes boneheaded mistakes.
  15. Especially if said player could be trade bait next year. Obviously no one bit on him this year or enough for the Orioles to pull the trigger and Villar has flaws, but he does have enough that he could be valuable to have for our rebuilding club.
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