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  1. No. 1 ranking possibility next week gives me this pit in my stomach that the Terps will blow it tonight. Here is hoping I am wrong, but with our first "big" game of the year I'm looking forward to seeing the actual rotation.
  2. I can't speak directly to Bowie's road jersey as I cannot recall having seen Bowie on the road in a long time. However, most of the visiting teams through Bowie and other minor leagues, Aberdeen and Frederick, seem to have the same type of jersey you describe. I think mostly it is a cost issue, in that these are cheaper as what I've seen doesn't look well made. My assumption is the jersey was laundered. The last game he played in Bowie may not have been known to be his last game there at the time and they washed it to prepare for next road game or series.
  3. I have season tickets for the Ravens. I think live is more fun. Only thing I hate really are the tv timeouts. I assume they are there for NBA and NHL, though I don't notice them as much as I do with football. I truly hate the red guy.
  4. I'm sure MLB will address this and we just have yet to hear the details. My guess is entry level contracts that are fairly non-negotiable.
  5. 1.) and his QBR against Pittsburgh was in the 50s I believe and we barely won that game. 2.) true, Tom Brady has had essentially 6 Ws every year since 2001 in his division. I am going to say this one more time, I like him, I like watching him play, I think he has been one of the reasons we are 7-2 right now. I just don't see MVP of the NFL or AFC. And to throw up perfect passer ratings for two games against two of the worst NFL defenses where he threw 20 passes max and at less than 10 yards each attempt I believe (something we got upset at Flacco for), or point to the one game against a good defense that he's done well and claim MVP seems way premature for me. Any pass over 10 yards, his completion percentage drops to 50%. It is evident that no one is changing my mind in this thread and I'm not changing theirs, so I am done with this discussion. And your last sentence is leader, not MVP. Which, I would agree with, he is a leader.
  6. I misspoke when I said they haven't played a good defense and I will admit that. I think it is backed up that I misspoke by the fact I actually pointed out that they were in the top half. I pointed out that the Patriots defense is overrated in part because of the fluff schedule they have and in part because they are...the Patriots. Steelers, are not what they were. I heard that over and over the week leading up to that game. And its true. This is not a Steel Curtain defense. Both are good defenses but not great.
  7. I'm sorry I'm tentative to jump on the Lamar train like you did with the Josh Jackson train after the Howard and Syracuse games and if that makes me a hater, fine. My point has been he hasn't played a good defense this year. Of the ranking 32 defenses, only two were in top half, 1 was the Patriots who have quite literally had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, as I stated prior, their first 8 games were jokes. Not to mention they quite literally shut us down for two entire quarters. The other are the Steelers who held Jackson to 160 yards passing and 60 rushing. A game we won by a field goal in overtime. And then the Chiefs and Browns who are bottom half and beat us. If he looks this fantastic and confuses/confounds the 49ers and Rams, then I might join the MVP discussion. And then to ignore our defense stepping it up, to where we have won games we might've lost in September or the Offensive Coordinator that has been trashed for revamping an entire offense to "suit" Lamar's skill set. I've learned too much over my years that we tend to overhype players, baseball, football, etc too soon. I mean Kaepernick led his team to the Super Bowl and was irrelevant a year later. Have I enjoyed winning? Yes. Have I enjoyed watching him play? Yes. I'm just not sure I'm sold on MVP of NFL, and if that makes me a hater and a fool, so be it.
  8. There's just so much. I mean, getting the right coaches in there, the right players that buy into your system. I get your take, but again, and maybe because my favorite teams seem to never be powerhouses, I'm willing to give it a grace period before I start calling for Locksley to be fired. I wasn't expecting much from them this year, so I haven't been disappointed I guess.
  9. If after two years we are still a disaster, ok, but I'm giving him a rebuild "grace" period.
  10. No, I think we would be anywhere from 6-2 to 4-4. We scored one TD on offense against the Seahawks. Joe was usually good for one TD. We would have still lost to Chiefs. And we may have squeezed one out 23-20 to Patriots, but I would think we would have lost that game. Again, Lamar is a good player. He has made our offense fun to watch again. He has made good decisions a lot of dual threat QBs don't. I have hopes for him in the future if he continues his development as he has shown and stays healthy. He is better than Mayfield, and I thought that last year. I think he is better for our offense than Flacco was but I don't think that comparison puts him in MVP consideration, especially considering outside of an amazing playoff run that led to a Super Bowl Joe never was in an MVP consideration. But for this year, for an MVP consideration, I don't see how he fits in the conversation, but for lack of contenders. He is not an elite game changer, we have problems putting the ball in the end zone. Our defense has kept us as much in the game as he has over the past 3-4 weeks. I think if we removed him from the equation and put an average starting QB in the NFL on this team, our record would not be far from what it is now or be the same.
  11. And our loss was against the Browns. Our defense has come out of the woodworks since Seattle and I think that's been more the changing point. I am seeing a good, potential player in Lamar. I am not saying he is trash. Just the change alone from last year to this year has shown he works hard and cares. Calls for MVP is what I'm having issue with here and I don't see.
  12. So as far as the Seahawks, that is not what I said at all. They actually did a very good job of stopping our offense. They were the only team that has actually, I thought been a legit defense, aside from the Chiefs. As for the Patriots, did you see their schedule? Their 8 wins were against Steelers, Dolphins, Jetsx2, Bills, Redskins, Giants, and Browns. Far from a competitive schedule. They were I think overhyped as a result of being the Patriots and defending Super Bowl Champions. I'll be curious to see their game against the Chiefs, but I wouldn't bet on them. And quality is different from the best, which they were ranked when they played us, and actually handled the Ravens offense fairly well, shutting us down for quarters 2 and 3 completely.
  13. I reckon. Maybe I need to start being more open minded, and maybe that he isn't traditional QB or that most people of his skill set fail or get broken in the NFL has me on edge, but I just haven't been able to bite into MVP talk. The other thing is we really haven't played anybody. Patriots were our only opponent worth anything, and more than half their games have come against their own division and ours which are both trash. Seahawks seemed more like a defensive performance to me. *Which it was, we had one offensive TD. Jackson threw 9/20, and while had over 100yds rushing, fumbled twice.
  14. Again, I like the kid, I just can't for the life of me get on this train of MVP. I'm hearing he did fantastic against the number one defense in the league, which yes he was 17/23, but only 170 yards passing and 61 rushing yards on 16 attempts. And the number one defense is overrated because they are the pats(their first 8 games were joke teams for the most part). He makes plays, but he also makes terrible ones when under pressure(why he continues to throw sidearm is beyond me. I don't think he's made a single completion that way(at least it doesn't feel like it), but he does it when he's pressured.) This year has been strides above what he was last year and that gives me hope, but when I hear a stadium screaming MVP, I just don't see what I'm missing.
  15. Yeah, not sure this makes sense to me. Jones only handles punts and kickoff returns. While we have a crowded DB field, the only thing I can think is we are holding onto Jones because he is a local kid and/or in case Thomas doesn't work out. Otherwise, he is dead weight on this team...correction he is dead weight on this team.
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