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  1. Only ones I'd be interested in is Bynes, Yanda(if he comes back), and Carr. Carr lost a step but he is a reliable db depth guy, play both CB and safety and is not an injury issue. RG3 is either an FA or a backup. While he may want to start, I don't think anyone will re-design their offense for him, and those that have already have a starter. Smith is too expensive for a backup who is injury prone. I'd love to have Judon back, but I'm always wary of guys who have their best year in their final contract year, especially when his play I don't think warrants a large contract. I think another team offers him too much money. Pierce has to be gone. Agree with McPhee and would apply same logic to Levine. If available, sign after draft for discount.
  2. No, there certainly is a hole was on the outside of Brown, where Ricard was and no one filled, that was the opening he was supposed to go to. It was supposed to be crash down inside, close off with Andrews blocking out. He bumped into Brown's backside on the crashdown block(his left hip hits Brown's gluteus maximus which stops his motion) because brown got pushed back into Jackson, knocking him off his run, giving the Titans enough time to fill the gap/when Jackson abandons play and tries to bring it left. If Brown didn't get manhandled and/or chop blocked that's a first down and more. But why they didn't just chop block and QB sneak means they were looking for more than 1 in a game they were just not doing well in.
  3. Apparently not his niece. Someone posing as his niece.
  4. Dang it has been two years...
  5. How? What we know is he did this as a player which is not punishable under union rules. If the Mets wanted to wait it out and find the results of the Yankee investigation that I'm sure will soon come and may implicate Beltran, then I could see it being disgusting, but they justifiably feared the retaliation and Beltran can as of now use it to his benefit. For all we know (though doubtful) he never did this with the Yankees last year.
  6. I went back and watched it. The hole is there, which is what I saw when I was there live. Yanda is going to get chopped because 10/10 it is a QB sneak, where QB gets ball and dives forward (they had less than a yard to go). Instead, Jackson is upright and Edwards is in backfield watching the game for free which leads me to believe they (whether coach or Jackson) wanted to get yards and not a first down. To me I suggested it was LJs fault because it sure as heck looked like LJs fault at the game. On review, it was the whole team's fault. The line, except Yanda were all standing up, which I don't think I've ever seen on a 4th and short. Usually the line is lower, if not chop blocking and the QB is diving on top of them or lowered in the scrum. This also leads me to believe someone was hoping to get more than half a yard. The running back is watching which.....he should be cut just for doing so in a divisional playoff game where you are favored to win and game is kind of on the line at that point. Why he wasn't trying to get a late push behind Jackson or throwing a block is beyond me. Or heck, doing an option read and having LJ roll out when hole collapsed. The game was just horrible all around and we can try to blame LJ, the coaches, the line, but in the end, everyone collectively did not show up to play and the Titans did.
  7. This is funny considering the interview I just saw after the London series where Cora says Beltran was the Yankees best offseason acquisition in 2019 while winking.
  8. I'm probably in the mediocrity fan realm, but when have we ever been the Duke/Kansas/Kentucky of the world? Heck, when have we been on the UCLA level? Dominant for years and then dormant. Turgeon has a better winning percentage than our HOF coach Gary Williams at Maryland, at this time. I also think the Big Ten is a better conference than the ACC over the past few years, aside from Duke and UNC, there really hasn't been dominant competition there in my opinion. And its also an off year for basketball, everyone seems to be losing, and I have to agree with Bilas a bit(which I don't do often) that it is a ref problem, trying to understand NCAA take on rules. We had two years where we made it to the final four and 1 of those we won a championship, yet we act like if we don't get to the big dance, the season is a bust. I enjoy watching the games. Turgeon does have flaws and I am disappointed slightly with his development of players, but right now, we don't exactly have the budget to fire Turgeon and hire someone better or keep hiring and firing coaches.
  9. Didn't mean to bring this old thread up, but got pretty annoyed with the misogyny that she nails this kick through a narrow goal post at 55yds and Ochocinco barely makes a 60 yard field goal and people are clamoring (at least on sportscenter) that he should be signed and is a goat. Still really hope she decides to play.
  10. He's had a bunch of concussions....guess it hasn't gotten better or not worth risk anymore.
  11. Eh...I gotta go back and check the one. If I remember correctly the hole was clogged, but he could have "dove" for a first down, instead he rolled to the other side and got stuffed. It was an opportunity for him to get the first, as normal QB keep was and I felt he thought he could get more. Think this was the second 4th and 1, which didn't bother me as much as the first.
  12. That game was just horrible. Nobody played well. I don't know if this was a head game where the team assumed like Ravens nation did, that this would be a blood bath and the Ravens would dominate. There were just some bad plays in that first half, the throw over Andrews head and hands that got intercepted and returned to our 30, which resulted in a touchdown was just ill advised. Then I am assuming, motivated by Jackson to go for it on 4th and 1 on our own 40 IN THE FIRST QUARTER, with one of the best punters in the league on the sideline, was just straight up stupid and inexcusable, and I just don't know what Harbaugh was thinking. Take away those two plays and its 14-12 instead of 28-12. I don't know whether it was Roman or Jackson, but Jackson played way too tight. There were plays, such as the one in the second half, where the LT and LG made a hole so big, I may have gotten a first down, and instead he sat in the pocket and got sacked. That is not a Lamar move at all. He made some great throws, fitting it threw windows that had my dad and I holding our breath, and some weren't caught. He also made ill-advised throws. Our defense was good, I think we put them in some bad situations in the 1st, but they still couldn't stop Henry which opened the pass game. As to the offense, I am not sure who or why it was decided to have Jackson throw 60 passes in a game, but that was horrible. I'm sorry, he is not that kind of player. While they did defend him well and take away his ability to run so much, he still averaged 7 a carry. And then why our only other rushes were 3 to Ingram(I get he was still hurt) and 6 to Edwards (I don't understand this as he was 7 yards a carry as well), blew my mind. To be effective, we have to use all facets of the field and need the ground and pounder of Edwards/Ingram to give Jackson ability to roll out and that was not there. I'm hoping this loss helps us next year, because it was embarrassing. Like I said, I think cockiness, poor offensive adjustments/play calling, and putting our defense in poor situations added up to our loss.
  13. I think weather and how we defend Henry will depend on whether this is a big win or close game, either way I have a hard time seeing Ravens lose this one.
  14. I'm in agreement, sorry if I wasn't clear in my original post. I was saying that they used to have unlimited negotiating room and now don't. its a 6 year deal, shortened if they are on 40 man, etc... Tim Beckham would be one example of this as, while he has been a free agent, it has been more because he has been non-tendered. Beckham still has one year of arbitration before becoming a free agent officially. He was drafted and signed in 2008.
  15. Fair, they never have. I was thinking of the bonuses for the draft and international signings.
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