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  1. On the subject of extra innings, KBO plays only 12 innings. If after 12, it is a tie. Curious to see what folks think of that? I'd prefer 12 innings and a tie of real baseball over the man on 2nd rule et alia.
  2. jarman86

    KBO thread

    Anyone else watching the games on ESPN? I've watched a few. No Major Leagues for sure, but just watching and having Ravech and Perez commentate, plus the additional guests has been fun and I've enjoyed seeing some of the former O's. Also watched the extra inning game today, thought it interesting that KBO games can end in ties, where they only play 12 innings.
  3. Television stations are thirsting for content to play. Why else is NASCAR, UFC, and boxing starting up? NBA and NHL still mulling continuing the 2019-20 season? Live sports are a gold mine for television because people watch it...live and will sit through commercials. Advertising revenue goes up and television money goes up. If there was no money to be made on both sides, we wouldn't even have this thread as MLB would have stopped paying their players in March and the season would already be canceled.
  4. Soon will be. Reporting it first. Seriously though, best case, as I stated Florida and AZ fall ball played in complexes, but no way they are sending kids across 40 some states, with testing and personnel involved. Then with MLB proposal for 82 games with no fans and different states having different rules right now, the cost aspect is not worth it. Minor League teams would need to be subsidized by MLB even more to operate at no profit, something I highly doubt MLB is willing to do already losing money from this virus.
  5. I understand Clark's position. Salary caps are not good for players. I think the only one even remotely close to good for players is the NBAs, but the amount of math tied into that thing is so confusing, you need a degree in mathematics to understand. I think a season will be played and players will cave. MLB is not required to pay the players, but have to keep the CBA together. If they stop, I believe it would be similar situation NBA is in that it would nullify the CBA, and then you have a whole new issue. And you have not prepared players to save, so I would assume the minimum guys may be low on money reserves/wanting to earn money and not lose a year of their playing ability. If they can get language for some special, one year agreement to these terms, that would be I think best outcome.
  6. This isn't official but with the new proposal of the 2020 MLB season having no fans, I see no way that there is any question of not having a minor league season. I'm curious if they will do anything with the organization this year, such as a quarantine camp or a fall ball type league in Florida and Az or if guys will lose year of development. Also if they will pay players for lost season, and how many guys retire.
  7. They are losing Auburn and Hagerstown, but Auburn won't be replaced. My assumption is Washington would get a team in Midwest league or already existing SALLY team. Was Lakewood on the chopping block? I would assume so, therefore Delmarva would be furthest north team which is in line with the limiting travel.
  8. Its a contract really more than subsidize. I give you players, you give them a place to play. That has more or less been the practice for more than a century and has kept MLB the monopoly it is. Now that Spring Training Complexes are as outfitted and equipped as they are and we have more data, there isn't that need as Elias is pushing to have minor league teams. I don't think baseball will ever move to this model, unless we all as humans become couch potatoes and don't want to leave the house and will want entertainment in our city. The freak out has been, if minor league players are getting 10-20% increases, minimum major league salaries are going to increase and then free agent salaries are going to increase. So make these threats to downsize. I think COVID has lost bargaining power for both sides and is why they are reaching an agreement quicker than I anticipated. I believe both sides wanted Congress to get involved. MLB could have kept paying players nothing and towns could have kept their teams.
  9. Drungo, I still think you are getting things confused. Players are MLB team contracts, its not a form of subsidy. MLB would still pay Minor League players beans if they played on all four backfields at their complex. I mean, this is why players don't get paid in Minor League camp other than a small allotment for per diem. MLB just decided to send teams to these towns, which yes, not having to pay players helps Minor league teams keep prices low for tickets and has led to some teams still existing, i.e. Hagerstown. But really the contraction is because MLB wants to pay players magic beans and gruel and a lot of this contraction talk is more, IMO to keep salaries low. Wasn't an issue until it started popping into the public how these players barely get paid. Increased minor league salaries increase major league salaries, and that ultimately is what teams don't want.
  10. Norfolk won't get moved to Frederick. There is criteria for each level, and Frederick doesn't even have a stadium to qualify for Double A. Delmarva is closer for teams in the South Atlantic League or Carolina League which is one of the stated goals of less travel. Aberdeen is not going anywhere, Ripken won't allow it and unfortunately the deal between Wilmington and Ripken to agree to Aberdeen having a team probably keeps Wilmington a viable minor league town. If Frederick City could upgrade Harry Grove to Double A standards, maybe they could replace Richmond in the Eastern League as it is the furthest team in the league and Frederick is roughly an hour from Bowie and Harrisburg, but they wouldn't be an Oriole affiliate at that point. Other than that, unfortunately I see Frederick as the odd man out, which sucks having been a Keys fan since I was 3.
  11. Yeah, I saw that mentioned earlier. You'd think KBO would be willing to cash in on this with another network, and they might still. I just don't know why ESPN thought $0 rights fee was a good idea, I don't know any sane business that would take that deal.
  12. I did, I saw some fan sites posting Brady told the coaches not to mess with Wright's mechanics. I don't hold that against Wright though. Also, mechanics are always touchy for pitchers. Orioles coaching staffs messed with Arrieta's mechanics for 5-6 years, he departs to Cubs, Cubs let him be, he helps lead them to the World Series. And...we don't exactly have the best track record when messing with pitcher mechanics. Now if there is some attitude Wright was expressing to the coaches or something known along those lines, I'd be willing to agree, but he was always a nice quiet guy and I don't see his personality being that to force a coach to quit. Either/or, its your choice to cheer for him or not, just was curious your reason.
  13. I don't know about Brady's buddy, but I can't imagine he had a ton of influence in coaching staff leaving. He wasn't really a big name. Mostly just a guy riding the Norfolk train route cause our pitching wasn't that great. If you had said, Britton, Bundy, or even O'Day or Brach, I might think had a big influence, but I don't have a source on the issue.
  14. What did Mike Wright do to you? He was always a nice guy, to me at least in the minors. He's a guy, just like Wilson, that I'd like to see have some success, even though I know they aren't major league caliber players.
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