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  1. Nothing really new. Rosenthal suggests that it would be a good idea to bring in an executive that would thaw out the relationship with MLB. He specifically mentions Peter Woodfork and Kim Ng as two possibilities who currently work as MLB senior executives. He also mentions that there is uncertainty surrounding Kim being considered for the position.
  2. Missed it. What did they have to say? Is Roch or Duquette on today?
  3. So evidently the Nats signed Hellickson to a minor league deal with the intent of making him the 5th starter. Klentak basically ruled the Phillies out on Cobb. It sounds like Cobb's options are down to the Orioles and maybe the Brewers. Time to get this done Angelos!
  4. Since Cobb is still holding out, can we assume that he must be prepping himself (increasing pitch count) to be ready to start in 2 weeks ?
  5. I think they might include a vesting or team option for a 4th year. I can't envision them giving another SP a guaranteed 4th year.
  6. Maybe Cobb is undergoing the Orioles' physical as we speak and they are keeping it quiet. Today and tomorrow would be a good time to do it with less media and player activity in Sarasota.
  7. You're probably right, but it would be nice if the Orioles could pull it off.
  8. It sounds like the Mets could move Juan Lagares, who is under contract through the 2019 season. Apparently an AL team has expressed interest. Would a trade of Trumbo for Lagares make sense for either team? I think it is a great idea for the Orioles just for the sake of getting Trumbo out of the lineup and gaining flexibility. Lagares might be a decent 4th or 5th outfielder. Thoughts? https://twitter.com/NYPost_Mets/status/973652936415989762?s=19
  9. I definitely want to see Cobb added too. If they can pull that off, why not Holland as well?
  10. There are definitely some recent reports out there linking the Orioles to Cobb to some degree. Jim Bowden actually mentioned Orioles' interest in Cobb last week. Now, I know a lot of people don't think very highly about Bowden so take it FWIW. Here is an excerpt from an article Bowden wrote for The Athletic a few days ago: He also tweeted the following: Interesting if true...
  11. Given other choices, there is little to no chance a pitcher would choose to pitch at Camden Yards and in the AL East on a one year pillow deal. I think the Orioles would have loved to have signed Lynn to a 1 year deal, but he obviously wants to prove he is better than he showed last year. His chances of doing that are much better in Minnesota. Now, with that being said, I think the Orioles better make an aggressive push for Cobb now. He probably doesn't sign here either for less than 3 years guaranteed.
  12. http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2018/02/orioles-remain-open-to-signing-a-starting-pitcher.html
  13. I agree that the O's are probably out on those three (definitely Arrieta), but I also wonder if this could be the Orioles using their mouthpiece as a negotiation tactic. I wonder if this could be the Orioles using their mouthpiece as a negotiation tactic.
  14. Os84

    Corey Dickerson DFA

    Not feeling it unless O's can offload Trumbo and play Dickerson at DH. We need a defensive upgrade in RF.
  15. I'm not sure why the Orioles would choose to platoon Jay with Gentry. Jay's L/R splits are pretty even for his career and would seem to be an everyday leadoff candidate, if signed. Is there something about Gentry that I am missing?
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