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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't get your point here. You seem to be saying that the Orioles are getting "what they deserve" because someone else who MIGHT have had more talent was less likely to be injured. Or said another way, the Orioles ended up with an injured player BECAUSE they picked a player with less talent than was available. Huh?
  2. Question. Cot's has Matusz at 550K for 2011, but I have seen this 1.4M elsewhere. Do you have another source for this? Cot's: "salaries in majors: 09:$0.425M, 10:$0.5M, 11:$0.55M, 12:$0.65M"
  3. If this has been discussed on another thread please ignore it. Sorry. Does it come as a shock to anybody else, as it did to me, that Brendan Harris was waived in June by the Twins, went unclaimed, was removed from their 40-man roster, went to Rochester AAA and did not return to the Twins all year? The trade between the Twins and Orioles with respect to Harris was, technically, between Rochester and Norfolk. He is not now on our 40-man roster. The reason I am posting this here is to point out that it appears not to be a slam dunk that Harris was acquired to be our utility infielder without
  4. Yes, an extra year adds value. But you guys are saying that it adds 100% value. An extra year at $20M = $20M added value. That is just wrong. I can't believe people can't see that. Never mind. I give up.
  5. Sorry, but I absolutely disagree with this. Tex will certainly make more than $20M in 2016. Check back with me then. Seriously, what do you predict he will make? He's not an outfielder like Matsui. He's a first baseman. Do you really think he will be over the hill to play first base at 36?
  6. I know I am late on this thread, so I apologize if this has been covered, but these Tex discussions really bother me because of the lack of understanding of the value of a baseball contract. So, here goes: The difference between the value of the Yankees offer to Tex (8/180) and the Orioles offer (7/140) is NOT $40M. If you think that $40M is the difference, you get an F in Algebra (and in Probability, too.) The difference between 7/140 and 8/180 is $40M MINUS what Tex will make in 2016. Tex sold eights years of service to the Yankees. The Orioles only offered to buy seven years, leaving
  7. Cot's says this about Harang: -2010:$12.5M -2011 Option:$12.75M ($2.0M buyout) -if traded, 2011 option becomes mutual option at $14M ($2.5M buyout) I don't understand what a mutual option is if there is a buyout. But it looks to me that if he is traded his one year cost is $12.5M + $2.5M = $15.0M and his two year cost is $12.5M + $14.0M = $26.5M. (Somebody check my arithmetic:D) I don't know enough about him to have an informed opinion, but do these numbers change anybody's mind?
  8. Good point. I have no prob with your reasonable assessment.
  9. I also I believe Jeter put himself above the team when ARod came to the Yankees, but I think we are splitting hairs here. ARod was better than Jeter at SS at the time, but don't you think he was also better at 3rd as well? I am not convinced that Jeter would have transitioned to 3rd very well. So, it was six of one and half a dozen of the other, IMHO.
  10. I am certainly not arguing with nou. But what is the point of going into the Draft protecting fewer than MLB allows? If we draft someone do we not get the chance to release someone and make roster space? Even if we do not draft someone, why would we release someone when we have 40 man roster space?
  11. Not to steal Crazysilver03's thunder, I thought I'd update his expected 40-man roster heading into the Rule 5 Draft on 12/10 (I think) since a few players have changed. IMO it will look like this: Pitchers: 1. Albers 2. Bass 3. Bergesen 4. Berken 5. Erbe 6. Guthrie 7. Hernandez 8. Johnson, Jim 9. Johnson, Steve 10. Matusz 11. Meredith 12. Mickolio 13. Patton 14. Perez 15. Perrault 16. Ray 17. Sarfate 18. Spoone 19. Tillman 20. Uehara Catchers 21. Wieters Infielders 22. Andino 23. Aubrey 24. Bell 25. Izturis 26. Roberts 27. Snyder 28. Turner 29. Wigginton Outfi
  12. Since there are already two Fire Trembley threads, we don't need another one. But here is a slightly off subject post for you guys and gals. I have a challenge for the psoters here, especially the people in the Fire Trembley camp. Google "Fire Girardi". Google "Fire Francona". Google "Fire Torre". Etc. What you will find is that for every manager there is a large number of people who want him to be fired. Some are managers of teams with poor records. Some are managers of teams with good records. It doesn't seem to matter. I especially liked Googling Girardi. Before the All Star bre
  13. <p><p><p>Just saw you comment about my 9/11 post. Thanks. You are right. Today is all we have...and only part of that! So.....Go Birds. What else is deeper that that?</p></p></p>

  14. It has struck me that perhaps we (meaning me) may have misjudged the Ramon Hernandez trade. It was, of course, widely reported that we traded Hernandez for Freel, Turner and Waring. Then Freel didn't pan out, Turner looks like a utility guy at best and Waring is surprisingly better than we thought he would be. Suppose that MacPhail saw the trade as Waring, Turner and Freel? Waring, a pretty good fielding corner infielder with plus power; Turner, a potential plus utility infielder; and, Freel, a throw-in guy Cincy wanted to dump who MIGHT help in some way. To me, the trade looks a lot bette
  15. This is a great post. Reps to you. By the way my guy at the Warehouse says that Baez is about to be traded for .... some floor polish for the Warehouse. Lookin' kinda shabby.
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