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  1. Goopster, I have both QB's, although not on the same team. So I feel your pain....both have pretty good match-ups. Ryan faces Miami who has a better run D, and is starting a rookie CB and a very shaky secondary. Flacco faces a KC D that's not very good across the board. You know he's going to throw a lot. I'd side with Flacco, but I don't think you'll go wrong either way.
  2. Totally inexcusable. Just another one where you scratch your head and just wonder what's going on in people's minds, if it's in fact true. Inserting joke here: He got busted for being on steroids before...maybe he still has some of the raging left over in his system... End of joke.
  3. I think the Earth would cool 30 degrees and pigs would be flying if these two things happened....:laughlol:
  4. So, in essence, the Tigers basically picked up Huff's salary for September, is that correct? I'm confused on that... Anytime you can get a power-arm, rated high in an organization that drafts well, for a guy who was having a bad season and would have made more playing here one more year in arbitration is a damn good thing.
  5. No, you're not alone at all...
  6. Who will we get in return???? That's great news though...
  7. Well, I'm looking at it as if we're not re-signing Huff after this season....Aubrey has good defensive skills from what I've read and he's hit the ball with power before (just needs to stay healthy) and could platoon with Snyder. BTW, it looks like Snyder is starting to get things back in gear at AAA which is great news.
  8. Do we factor Mike Aubrey into the equation?
  9. It's about damn time. The Steelers do it with their guys all the time...
  10. Well, that ends that Marshall talk for me. No way I'm giving up Ngata. I'll wait until he's a FA at year's end and keep the draft picks, thank you. He did say he wanted to play for the Ravens right? Should be easy to sign him to a deal? :laughlol: (I'm only half kidding)
  11. MCL1021

    Sherrill's first game

    Good for GS....I hope he takes the Dodgers all the way to the World Series.
  12. It's great to have a leader like that. Maybe the phone call from Flacco didn't hurt either as well, :laughlol: I feel a little better than I did yesterday, but we still should look to upgrade. If we can swing the 2nd and 4th round picks to Denver for Marshall, we will be in great shape. A WR set with Marshall and Mason with Clayton in the slot would be exciting.
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