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  1. The Baseball Tonight gang seemed to think that Rizzo won't get his price from anyone and that nothing will come of this.
  2. In reality, it's a moot point. Dunn has to pass through the NL before he would get to the Birds, and that won't happen. Still, what is the point of a rule which allows the worst teams with first dibs if etiquette dictates that it is bad form to exercise it? Why don't we just change the rule to state that every good player on a bad team automatically get reassigned to the Yankees or Red Sox at the deadline? It's much simpler and cleaner.
  3. I heard Angel and Boddicker talk about this last night. They said everyone had assumed Wallace would be starting in Toronto next year. I wonder what the Jays DIDN'T see in Wallace.
  4. People should be able to have opinions without being labelled and people should be able to make their points without labelling. (Gee, that sounds way too Kumbaya-ish). If I were King of the blogosphere for one day, I'd ban the use of the word "apologist". People throw it out at anyone who disagrees with them and all it does is end all respectful discussion. Like most here, I think Pete has always been clueless and hate that the team loses all the time. I am a little reluctant to throw Andy over the side because I think that it's a really bad idea to change leadership every two or three years. I suspect Andy needs someone on the field side with enough power and respect to push him into action a bit faster. Since Hargrove, the Orioles have only hired caretaker guys. They may as well all be called "interim". "The plan" may or may not work. Starting over every couple of years certainly won't. If things don't change for the better by Trea's countdown date, I may be ready to cut bait. Most importantly, I hope this article come soon.
  5. I would agree except I can't forgive him for calling the Oriole first baseman Johnny Powell throughout the 1966 World Series. I'm always amazed by the number of people who get upset over Ken Harrelson. If he were on a national broadcast team he'd be offensive, but it's Chicago WhiteSox baseball. I just find his act to be silly and I laugh at it. The "Goodguys 3, Badguys 2" stuff, "YES!!!!" etc. My favorite was that he used to call Craig Grebeck "The Little Hurt".
  6. Even without YES his team still had a huge advantage in local revenue streams outside of ticket sales. You are right that YES made the disparity that much larger.
  7. At the time (late '70s, early 80's) we were very proud of the fact that our system was continuing to beat, or at least hold off, Steinbrenner's checkbook ownership. Those who grew up totally in the money era accept it as the way things are meant to be, but those of us who grew up in the '60s and '70s are a little more likely to believe that the big money teams do it the easy way. And you aren't claiming that Yankee fans don't puff out their chests constantly, are you?
  8. This story gets better and better.
  9. I heard Dave Johnson say that Steve made just about the same money that he made in the '80s. And that it didn't go very far then. I know that down at Bluefield they still use host families some. I'm not sure about anywhere else.
  10. I'm assuming that this invite was promised to Adam when he signed, because he certainly hasn't done anything to warrant one. (.695 OPS in the FSL, .596 in the AFL)
  11. Hey, the new team would save a bundle on cheap plane travel! My idea is to rotate the Yanks and Red Sox from division to division annually to force every AL team to be miserable at least 1 out of 3 years.
  12. Both my (adopted) son and I throw right and write left. I batted left and so does he; although his coach started trying to switch him to right for better contact. Our only difference is that he's also left footed. I could tell Brooks wrote lefty the first time I saw his signature somewhere.
  13. My understanding is that it was a done deal; not at OPACY, but at "a plaza west" of OPACY. Is that the area in front of Pickles and Sliders where all the vendors set up? I'd simply use the shot of Brooks in his fielding croutch, ready to pounce in any direction.
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