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  1. The nice thing about the last six games is that it doesn't really matter what the Tigers do if the Orioles take care of business.
  2. What is the rationale for saying Detroit has a soft schedule? They have four games against the Indians, who are still playing for the #1 seed. Their last three games are at Atlanta, which has been playing very well - seven wins in their last ten games.
  3. This is good and I agree. However, NOTHING is worse than a grown man bringing a glove in the hopes of catching a ball. Real men don't bring gloves to spectate at baseball games.
  4. Kim looks like Ralphie in his bunny suit.
  5. I agree with what you are saying in principle but remain skeptical about whether it will actually happen. The Orioles have played winning baseball since 2012 - we are going on five years here. What has happened with attendance? It has actually gotten worse over the past year despite two playoff appearances, a much larger payroll, and other factors that you'd think would improve attendance (Baltimore on the jersey, Student Nights, other promotions). I've been a season ticket holder since 2005 and I've seen a lot of losing baseball. I've also seen a lot of empty seats at OPACY. Never have I been as disgusted with the fan base than I am now.
  6. Another thing that Boston has, which Baltimore doesn't, is a fan base that shows up at the games to support the team. That's part of the reason why Boston is able to have a larger payroll.
  7. The short answer is no. It's pathetic and sad, and I'm tired of hearing the excuses. Thanks to all who showed up for the Rays series.
  8. I'm afraid Tyler Wilson belongs in the minor leagues. Worley looking just as bad.
  9. If an Orioles fan has some strange moral objection to helping the Os win by catching balls out of the field of play (home runs and foul balls), then they should not be sitting in the first or second rows.
  10. On the team's strengths, I would also include the defense. Keeping runs from scoring is just as important as scoring them. A sound defense mitigates poor pitching.
  11. Yes, if you don't count the wins, the Orioles are a losing team.
  12. Cool, a lead off double for us to strand.
  13. Lol. Assist to the umps, since Saunders struck out on the prior pitch.
  14. Ubaldo still sucks. Hey, the Blue Jays third baseman runs when he hits.
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