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  1. I can hardly believe this isn't a prank: http://shop.mlb.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=3861247&cp=3861247
  2. It's nice to have an excuse to sit outside in warm weather with friends and drink beer. I'm not sure that's enough to compensate for realizing you've been a sucker for years for a "sport" that is only marginally more competitive than professional wrestling.
  3. MLB needs to lose its anti-trust exemption. I'm tired of being expected to root for the Washington Generals. Baseball is no more a sport than professional wrestling, as far as I am concerned.
  4. Here's one example of a number-crunching study that purports to show no net benefit... http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=2479''>http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=2479' rel="external nofollow"> http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=2479
  5. Ha ha. Actually, I haven't in a long, long time, but I know what you mean. Touche'.
  6. Fox Sports or ESPN or TBS or whoever cares a lot. It colors their coverage throughout the season as well. It even colors their commentary during games. For instance, with the Rays ahead 7-0 last night, what were they discussing? "How will the Red Sox retool for 2009?" I would bet good money that the sorrows of the Yankees created a lot more coverage than the triumph of the Rays this season. Shouldn't they have had at least equal time? These "journalists" need to dump the pretense and come clean. They are parasitic publicity arms of major market teams, they are not news organizations. Frankly, ESPN has more in common with E! than with CNN. What else explains their womanish, gossipy fascination with things like Manny's knees and Clemens' ass?
  7. Gawd, I hope the Rays crush 'em tonight. The fact that no one will watch the world series is a direct consequence of the national sports media's pandering to NY/BOS/CHI/LA. Maybe if they devoted a tenth of their Manny soap opera airtime to explaining and exploring the personalities and abilities of the Rays, they might have helped developed a national interest in that team. Idiots.
  8. He is annoying on television, so I can't imagine how much more annoying he must be in person. The Orioles announcers claim that that guy can be funny sometimes, but you can't hear what he's saying over the tv. It just sounds like a very grating continuous screaming.
  9. Particularly brilliant video from The Onion: http://www.theonion.com/content/video/yankees_building_new_vacation I'd be shocked if someone else hadn't posted this somewhere, but just in case...
  10. The other question is... is there a DC fan base to begin with? I think there is a small one, but it may cease to exist before the team is good. An unmitigated disaster for the city of Washington and the Orioles.
  11. Boswell, the globe's leading apologist/cheerleader of the Gnats has some very sour things to say today in the Washington Post... ... ... More...
  12. And look at Tampa... they are the best story in baseball this year, but winning hasn't brought crowds. Not sure if the Nationals will ever get attendance at this rate. New lobbying rules also mean that people who work in D.C.'s only "industry" (i.e., politics) will not be able to take advantage of corporate tickets. I bet season ticket sales decline precipitously next year. A dollar says they drop by more than 10%.
  13. there is literally nothing close to the ballpark yet. Try near capitol hill and then take the metro.
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