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  1. This hit a cord with me. This is an organizational culture problem. My current workplace, a large organization, has a similar mindset. It's an old school approach. They gave you a job, so you reward them by being "loyal" and staying long term. If they find out you're trying to escape, they blackball you and you lose influence. It's a very antiquated way of thinking and it causes huge generational conflicts (very few people under 40 stay in the same job for more than a few years). Now that I think about it, my job has other things in common with the O's, too. Slow decision making because of lots of layers of bureaucracy. Unwilling to be publically honest about and address obvious current flaws. Visible long term problems on the horizon that aren't being addressed. I don't blame Duquette for looking for better professional opportunities, I blame the organizational culture which held his desire to advance his life against him.
  2. Not sure about Schoop. But for your other query, yeah, since PR lost they play Japan; DR plays Netherlands. I'm crossing my fingers for a Japan/DR finals, it'll be a great matchup and they're the team most likely to actually give the DR a loss in this damn tournament.
  3. He looked ok in the field--no defensive mental blunders like in the playoffs. That at bat he got wrung up on looking this game was actually a good one, since that pitch was actually a ball and he should have walked. But overall his offensive output was lacking. Why is it every WBC the US Team looks so cold and every other team looks warm and prepared?
  4. Naw, I've been here with you, mostly this game has been too depressing to talk about much. So can the United States start taking this seriously next tournament? I'm pretty tired of being embarrassed.
  5. If he's cheating with it, then he should be using MORE.
  6. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20130312&content_id=42644048&vkey=pr_mlb&c_id=mlb
  7. I really like having Gio on my team.
  8. Another half-ass US effort in the WBC. [That's the entire US side, not just the team]. Sigh. I'm really starting to come to the opinion that for international play to be taken more seriously in the US, both among the players and fans, you would need to A) model the US national team after the US basketball team, where a group of elite althetes commit to 4 years of regular training and international games together, and B) shorten the MLB season to about 140 games so that its easier for players to commit time and energy to their national teams, and so you could do yearly events like a "Asia Cup" or "Latin America Cup" in their host regions more easily (and of course winning a regional cup would provide "points" or whatever toward the nation qualifying for the WBC). I just think now we're asking A LOT of the players by saying, "You should do 162 games + playoffs + international exhibition games + what is supposed to be a major international tournament." Basically I think this (the WBC) is the kind of event where MLB needs to fully commit to a different mindset and they just can't/aren't ready to do that yet. In the meantime I suspect we'll keep getting visuals of half-empty stadiums, an American press that refuses to get on board, and a US team that can't get its best players together and the players it DOES have in-shape in time.
  9. Hi. Haven't posted in a while, but I've been a lurker for years. I really really like the name OH, and I like the current site design and colors. That's all I wanted to say. Thanks.
  11. Jeez, I didn't realize till I clicked on this thread how much I take the OH for granted. I guess there is a reason I never go to the Baltimore Sun sports section anymore. Thank you to all--from tech people who keep this place running to reporters and scouts who watch the games and let us know what's up to the most number-crunchingest sports fans on the planet--who have made this THE Orioles website. Not sure I'd be able to tolerate the O's, or have any hope for the future, if not for this place.
  12. They probably use "Japan" on their jerseys because most people outside of East Asia (and quite a few within it) have no idea what "日本" means. Just like if Japanese was the primary international language of business, education, culture, etc. our team jerseys would say, "米国" instead of "USA."
  13. The Korea manager agrees with you... http://english.donga.com/srv/service.php3?bicode=070000&biid=2009032588128 Really? That was like a 9 pitch at bat. You mean In-shik couldn't have come out sometime before Ichiro hit the single to make sure his catcher and pitcher caught the sign? Very odd.
  14. Congrats to Team Japan. This was some really, really good baseball.
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