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  1. DJ Stewart is not a big league player. He sucks in the field. Unless he becomes Ortiz he has no reason to play.
  2. I checked just a minute ago also. Scoreboard watching for the top draft pick is weird.
  3. Hays!!! Almost hit a grand slam...but I will take a two rbi double,
  4. Not much of a shut down inning. Now its tied. How much more will they get off us tonight?
  5. Two bombs for the Orioles to start the game. How long will our luck last?
  6. Moral victory to only allow 14 runs. I thought for sure we would allow 20-24 in the fourth inning.
  7. Santander is making me laugh with a little joy. Yeah!!!
  8. Okay Ryan Mountcastle is making me smile a little.
  9. But if they let Hyde go we wont have to hear dumb nicknames like meansie anymore. For that alone I can see letting Hyde go.
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