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  1. https://thespun.com/news/britt-mchenry-jen-royle-fight She challenges another reporter to a fight. Classy girl.
  2. Well, that’s one way to do business. This is basically what we do for a living, but we’re running a politically incorrect blog, not a high end restaurant. If it doesn’t hurt her bottom line then more power to her, but if she’s doing as well as she claims to be doing I’d personally look into hiring a PR person to speak publicly for the business. This is Gaffney-esque. Then again Jen Royle is no strangers to public feuds. Two years ago she had public tweet beef with former ESPN reporter Brit McHenry, who is a dreadful, miserable woman herself.
  3. A normal business owner just walks away from this one. Not Jen Royle though. She doubled down. You publicly stated his name for all of your 30,000 followers to see, when previously he was anonymous.But please, tell me more about how this isn’t publicly sharing his information.
  4. http://tbdailynews.com/jen-royle-doxxes-and-publicly-shames-man-on-twitter-for-leaving-negative-yelp-review-after-being-charged-50-cancellation-fee/ She publically doxxed someone who gave her a bad review by using the information on his credit card when he made the reservation. Insane.
  5. https://twitter.com/Jen_Royle?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author She seems to think her best option is to fight everyone. She needs to calm down some.
  6. https://turtleboysports.com/jen-royle-meltdown-on-twitter-and-emails-mentioning-lawyers-prompts-rare-public-apology-from-turtleboy/ Jen went into cooking shows and opened a restaurant and is still dumb and harasses people who dont like her. She has learned nothing.
  7. Means......is he for real? Looking at his minor league stats there is nothing to imagine he would be this good. In fact he is pitching better at the major league level this year than he ever has at any level in the minors. Will he revert to the Mean? Will the league figure him out? Is he Brad Bergensen or another Dave Johnson? Or did the Gods of Baseball come down and impart wisdom on this kid at the age of 25 and gift him with the holy grail of getting people out?
  8. Gurgi

    vs. TIGERS, 9/13

    Nobody knows who is on the team anymore....dont worry they wont be here long.
  9. Gurgi

    vs. TIGERS, 9/13

    That ball would of been three rows deep in Camden......
  10. Gurgi

    vs. TIGERS, 9/13

    If we had any brains we would start Chris Davis.....we need these losses.
  11. Gurgi

    vs. TIGERS, 9/13

    Thats the Mancini........we need all the outs we can get.
  12. Gurgi

    vs. TIGERS, 9/13

    Damn we got a score......crap
  13. Gurgi

    vs. TIGERS, 9/13

    Zimmerman's stats look like he is a perfect oriole starter......lol
  14. Gurgi

    vs. TIGERS, 9/13

    Do we root for the Orioles to get swept?
  15. Means is screwing us out of the number one pick. And he likely will not be good next season. Look at his minor league stats....there is nothing to give you any clue he would be this good. None of his minor league seasons are this good. Likely he reverts to norm and is another Dave Johnson or Milaki. One and done.
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