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  1. https://www.mlb.com/news/look-back-at-orioles-trade-deadline-2018?game_pk=633078 But ample time has passed now to warrant reflection. Of the five regulars the Orioles dealt at the time, only one remains with the team to which he was traded. And of the 15 players (14 prospects) Baltimore acquired, more than half are no longer with the organization. Most of the others have reached the Majors or are close to doing so. With that as a backdrop, let’s look back on those deals one by one:
  2. Not really fun at all. It was however well done.
  3. Elias probably wants Hyde to use Scott a lot before the trade deadline so we can use the results to try to flip him for some AA 25 year old starting prospect. Elias needs to face the facts we dont have any trade bait this year.
  4. He made 2010 better but then we had 2011 and a 90 loss season.
  5. YEah I knew when Scott came in that we were going to lose. I was not on pins and needles in the ninth....because I KNEW it was over.
  6. I think we are trying to lose by pitching Scott.
  7. Pat with a homerun....not much over the fence but that dont matter.
  8. Means post no hitter and no more sticky stuff is quite human it seems. I was hoping for better tonight.
  9. Their catcher is like Severino.....lets the balls go through.
  10. Santander has a large noticeable scar near one of his ears. A large bald patch of no hair. Wonder how he got that. Maybe as a kid riding a bike or something.
  11. They have her mic turned down too low. I agree it is hard to hear the woman who is not Newman.
  12. Best thing about youtube tv? Not having to watch drug commercials every half inning.
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