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  1. Hays makes Jeffrey Hammonds look like the 'Iron Man'. Zero confidence in this kid not walking to the car and pulling a hammy.
  2. Brandon Williams has better footwork than Sisco. Bad really bad
  3. Sadly for years the O's have grossly overrated their young prospects/suspects....
  4. No easy target. Just a fact that a power hitter should draw more walks if he wants to ascend faster in the organization. I think he will as he matures as a player
  5. Buck made it a point in Spring Training last year when Mountcastle was working out with the Orioles team that would eventually come North from Sarasota that he didn't draw enough walks and pointed out just how dramatic that stat was. I believe he had like 20 walks in 400 AB's in 2018. When Buck referenced the low walk totals, it was like saying you have to do more than just swing hard to make it up here..
  6. I was waiting for you to state this.. I have struggled watching this kid and seeing the same subpar results. 900 AB's 3 to 1 K's over Walks and 17 SB's over that period of time. Too many holes in his swing. Joey is a AAAA player period. I could see three or four organizational prospects that are better suited than he is with this current team. I thought Jackson, the rule five player that came north with the OpeningDay team was much better.. Oh well.
  7. Well said. Please Take Joey Rickard down too. He is not a MLB player.
  8. Strikes out just under 30% of the time, OBP not that great. I'll Pass. We already have a guy that does that 40% of the time. How about we target players that have 350+ OBP, and make contact.
  9. Buck and Dan have equal responsibility.... He, Buck went into this year allowing his Free Agent to be star player to dictate his hand. Moving Manny to SS, after he won the Platinum Glove at 3B was clearly the tail wagging the dog. You weaken two positions with a move that at best was a one year or four month move. Lunacy. That along with not moving Chris Davis into the 7th or 8th hole in the lineup was just crazy. Finally elevating Cisco was extremely premature. Dan signing Cobb late in March essentially rendered him useless for the first half of the year as he used April and May as his Spring training trying to round himself in shape. Despite the haul of suspects I mean prospects I would look hard at the player development or lack there of in this organization. The team, across the board hasn't shown any improvement with McDowell as Pitching Coach. It tailed off as soon as Wallace left. Team needs to identify a leadoff hitter and firm up the middle infield soon..
  10. I want fire in the belly, and a fundamentally strong team, even if the talent could be green. OBP, Leadoff Hitters, and team speed would compliment some tough TOR pitchers. The same pitfalls we have to endure now, were there three years ago, and what is troubling is there doesn't seem to be any urgency by coaching or core players to address these league low deficiencies. - This team doesn't draw walks or work the count. - With runners in scoring position and less than two outs, there is no plan to advance the runner. - Identify and groom a leadoff hitter. Contact, Pitch selections, Speed, and strong baseball IQ. How novel. - The all or nothing HR's or K's sadly doesn't impose fear on opponents. What drives pitchers and defense crazy is a team that keeps you on your toes. I can't blame the players, because Buck and the coaches have enabled this to be the norm. This has to be a radical facelift, that W's and L's are looked at after you change the face of the team.
  11. Buck needs to live in the present day. What Chris did three or four years ago is a moot point now.. Hope I am wrong tonight. But I'd say the over under is 3 K's
  12. OK, so why is Chris Davis batting 5th? Is it his OPS?
  13. Back to back in the 5 and 6 hole, with a whopping 170 and 198 average? Maybe it's 'reverse lock' scenario tonight.. Good lord. Peterson has good numbers and can set the table, but Buck has him in the 8 hole. That's why I'm typing, and Buck has over 1500 W's. I'd have Peterson leading off.
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