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  1. Better to use social media, where people will actually see it.
  2. He's not in Cuba, he defected. As such, he's hiding somewhere, trying to establish citizenship, as MLB can't sign Cuban citizens.
  3. The fantasy in my brain is telling me that they locked onto Diaz to help recruit Victor Victor. And paired with this announcement/hint at more investment, they are prepping to make a big splash and target Victor. No one can offer a bigger bonus...
  4. I was a knucklehead when I was 17. Maybe not a racist homophobe, but still, wouldn't want a stream of consciousness from that time to be publicly available. That said, to address the original point - maybe his profile was private for a spell? Maybe there were too many tweets to filter through? *shrug* I wouldn't draft a guy with those tweets, just to avoid everything that comes with it.
  5. I've watched no more than 2 hours of Orioles baseball this year, and most of that was on Opening Day. I probably averaged 2 hours per GAME the prior 20 years. This team and leadership has literally sucked the baseball life out of me.
  6. Proooooobably not accurate.
  7. To Frobby's original point: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2781889-mlbs-flawed-playoff-seeding-rules-could-ruin-october?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial
  8. Was excited to see Hall's ABD debut. He looks like a SS - built a bit like Joey Rickard, maybe a bit slimmer. At the plate, he chokes up on the bat, batted leadoff. Seemed to have a patient approach, was able to battle in AB's. Had a very hard single up the middle after battling for about 8 7 pitches in his last AB. Definitely looked like more of a pesky leadoff SS, vs. a slugger. He wasn't really challenged at SS. Looks to have plenty of arm for the position though.
  9. I was hoping to see what all this “elite defender” talk was about. Instead it was a tricky hop or two, a basic pop up, and some pretty unimpressive throws.
  10. It's fascinating to see this play out in the minors. Go see the Ironbirds in June. 50% or more of the rosters they face don't speak English. Meanwhile, the O's may as well change the team name to the Aberdeen White Boys.
  11. I've loved McKenna since his time at Aberdeen. He always struck me as once of those super agitating hitters/players that the Red Sox always seems to pump out. There is fire, intensity, and emotion in his game. Rather than compare him to who we have (because that's sort of depressing), my comp would be Ellsbury.
  12. Fair enough, good counterpoint - maybe Manny isn't the guy you hitch your wagon to. I appreciate the other opinions as well. I guess I'm wrong. *shrug*
  13. You're missing the point. This team is rudderless. A bunch of ships without a captain. Make Manny 'the guy'. I think that matters. Plot the course and hitch the wagons.
  14. I think we are all came into this season already moping, assuming the worst, prepared to see this team broken apart. I'm sure many of the players felt the same. The closer, backup closer, and team captain are all probably in their last year. Along with one of the best O's to ever put on the uniform - Manny. Instead of dumping a generational talent, how about if we lock him up? Put the team on Manny's back. Pass the baton from Jones. Commit to the future of the team and it's identity. I don't want prospects for Manny. Get what you can for the relievers, maybe Jones. Thank Jones for all of his service, make a nice tribute video. A rebuild is necessary, yes - but if you build this team around Manny, Schoop, Bundy, Gausman, Sisco, Harvey, etc. - that ain't so bad of a start.
  15. I think Brady is the one we would need to trust. (Not that I trust him to do any better.)
  16. We are watching 1 of 2 best case scenarios unfold. We either needed them to run away with first, or run away with last. In either case, Dan knows what he needs to do with Machado and company. Time for the fire sale and drive for a Top 3 pick.
  17. Marty Mornhinweg did pretty well with Vick in Philly. I know our offense has sucked, but he's not working with much. And the system would change, he's not going to come in and stand in the pocket and throw check-downs.
  18. Plenty of people comparing him to Michael Vick too. Except for Michael Vick - he's said that Lamar is better.
  19. Sort of the anti-Flacco, wow. Out of a pro-set too, BTW.
  20. I hate giving up a second rounder. But I'm used to it, with recent picks like Arthur Brown, Correa, Maxx Williams, Terrence Cody, Sergio Kindle. Doesn't make it right, I know, but it's not like they're hitting home runs. And getting that extra year for an extra first rounder is pretty valuable, if the pick clicks.
  21. Getting that QB is building for the future though. This was the year to do it. Flacco has to be on the team this year. Not next year. Now they have a guy in the building to learn for an entire year, and potentially 4 years at rookie scale after that. I look at both picks as picks for the future.
  22. Pitta was a great pick. I'd take Pitta's production out of Hurst - with hopefully a bit more impact in season 1. Hurst should also be a better 3-down TE, unlike Pitta. Pitta wasn't a first-rounder because he was undersized, and really a hybrid slot/TE. Hurst has the measurables that you look for in today's TE. Pitta had a freak degenerative injury - one that you really don't see in the game. So I'm not factoring in his injury history, which killed his career. If they get Pitta production at rookie scale for 5 years - I don't care how old he is. And TE is the one skill position on offense where you see player's now playing well into their late 30's.
  23. 1 career drop is a fine stat, which probably doesn't stem from advanced physical maturity. If you can catch, you can catch. Pitta was the same age, BTW.
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