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  1. Luckily Konami is a diverse company. Kojima has basically been Konami's saving grace when it comes to video games over the past few years. I know they released DDR and Pro Evolution Soccer, and I did like the first Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (the sequel was such disappointing garbage, IMO), but aside from those, Konami doesn't have much going for them in the way of console/PC video games recently. I'm really a bit more bummed about the loss of another Guillermo del Toro project. I would really like to see what he can do with the medium.
  2. [video=youtube;K9cSX5XPY70]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9cSX5XPY70
  3. Update on the new job. Started training 2 weeks ago. I go live on the phones tomorrow (with a trainer monitoring and assisting the group). Their training program is really great. There are basically five categories I'll get trained in over the next year. The first was hardware. All the calls are pre-routed, so I should (theoretically) only get hardware-related calls. There's no focus on average call time at all; they stress first-call resolution. I can't bid out of the call center for a year, but there are other positions in there that seem pretty interesting. I think I can move up to floor support within the next year, which would be good. Basically, it's a smaller group that supports the techs on the phone lines. You don't take live calls from the stores, you just talk to the techs who are on the phones. One of the great benefits to the job so far is a massive learning system where I can take various trainings for free. They have network certification trainings (I'd still have to pay for the certification exams), programming training, etc. All of these show up on my record, so if positions open up that require certain skills, I can build them along the way. I started going through a C++ programming track, which has been good. I did some C++ in high school and college, but that was a while ago and I've forgotten quite a bit so I never really list it on my resume. This will give me the opportunity to refresh myself and document it. Pretty pumped.
  4. My wish is for HoF voters to throw the "prestige" of first-ballot or unanimous election out the window. Yes or no, does this player deserve in? That's it. The accolades will follow accordingly.
  5. Job offer GET! After stringing together part-time jobs and Craigslist side jobs for years to make ends meet, I finally got a job offer for a full-time position. It's a call center position at CVS, providing tech support to their store employees. Basically, it's the job I interviewed for in July but didn't get. The pay isn't super awesome, but it's a second shift job so I'll be able to go back to school in January. I'm turning 30 on Saturday, so it's nice to be on the right track for the first time in a long time. I don't want to get political here. I can understand arguments for and against the Affordable Care Act. All I have to say is that without it, I probably would still not have insurance, would still not be on medications for depression and ADHD, and would still not be a productive member of society. So, while there are certainly issues with it, it worked for me. I'm forever grateful, and I'm sorry for those who were put in a worse position because of it.
  6. Sorry for your loss, brother.
  7. Have you read the stuff that was supposedly changed? Pretty gutting, to say the least: http://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/2hqmkb/how_destinys_content_completely_changed_over_the/ Some serious stuff went down at Bungie. Publicly, we saw the lead writer leave. We saw issues with Marty, their composer. I'd like to think that it was Activision that caused all this and give Bungie a pass, but I know that's just the fanboy in me. Basically, it sounds like they had a story set revolving around whether the Guardians are really the Light or the Dark. Questions of what the Traveler really is. Conflicts between factions. Nothing super innovative, but it seems like a much more in-depth story than what we have. Supposedly the Grimoire cards were a last-minute addition to inject some lore and story into the game. The original planet progression order was different. I don't know. It really all sounds like some decision was made from up top. There are theories that they decided to go with the Traveler as a marketing plan, and so they scrapped almost all questions about whether it's good or bad and rearranged/rewrote the story. It really seems like they're just testing things for Destiny 2. :laughlol:
  8. Officially addicted. Level 27 Titan. Cleared some of the raid with a group on Twitch (EdEMonster, Bewbydewby, HandicapHOBO), and it was really awesome. The bosses have interesting mechanics, you have to work well together, it's everything I wanted the base game to be. If they could just make the strikes more engaging like the raid is, I'd easily give the game an 8. I still think that the story needs to be better integrated into the game. Yes, item descriptions and Grimoire cards add significant depth to the lore, but you can't even access the cards from the game, you have to use the app or go to the website. Sure, item description lore worked in Dark Souls, but to me, Bungie had a strength in storytelling in the Halo series, and I'm just not getting that here. I get that they have to tell a story where everyone is playing a different character, but there are like 8 cutscenes in the game, and you never really feel anything for any of the characters. Dinklage's Ghost isn't doing the game any favors, either. Sure in Halo Cortana did much of the same, providing exposition as you mow down enemies, but she was engaging as a character. The other complaint I have is that the story missions aren't varied enough. In Halo, missions would have you doing different things even though it all boiled down to "run here, push button, fight enemies". Sometimes you'd be in a vehicle mowing down waves, sometimes you're dealing with snipers, sometimes you grab a turret. In Destiny, it's 95% using your three weapons. There are vehicles, but you only use them maybe once. There's a level where you get a power sword and go third person and whoop a bunch of dudes, and then you never do that ever again. Integrate that into future levels. Put more vehicle gauntlets in there. I get that you don't want the game to be Halo, but you need to realize that there are some very strong points from Halo that could be brought over and benefit the new game. Overall, I get that this is the game that Bungie always wanted to make, or something. The feeling I get is that they wanted to tell more stories in the Halo universe, and that they were tied down with Master Chief. The game is a solid 7 to me. That's not a bad thing. I remember when I was a kid, you'd play anything 6 or higher. Sure 6 or 7 may mean "rent this" instead of "buy this" but there's nothing wrong with that. I think Destiny is worth a rental to find out if it's the game for you. The base story can be beaten in probably 10 hours. You can play some fun multiplayer. It's a game that I'll play far more and far longer than other games I'd rate higher. I wish more people would understand that you can have fun in a game with a poorer rating and it doesn't mean it's rated wrongly or that your opinion is wrong. One of the issues I have with reviews is that if a game doesn't get an 8 or higher, it's absolute garbage in the minds of many. To me, 6-10 are games to play, and 1-5 are games with various issues holding them back. You could have a 4 or 5 worth playing, but there are some gamebreaking bugs, for example. 5 is supposedly an "average" game, but we've conditioned ourselves that 8 is the new baseline, and it sucks. It hogties reviewers. And yes, I get that even my outlook on a 1-10 rating scale is skewed.
  9. I wish that chat was better implemented in the game. You can't chat unless you're in a Fireteam with someone. There's no easy way to see if someone is on the same mission as you, so it's fairly laborious to try to interact with someone and see if they want to group up. Clans serve no real in-game function. You can't check the clan roster or anything from in the game, so it kind of defeats the purpose of having one. You shouldn't have to add everyone to your friend list just to be able to see who is on and doing what.
  10. I hit 20 on my Titan, and am loving the Defender subclass. I'm working on a Warlock, and will try out the Hunter too at some point, though it honestly doesn't interest me too much. Defender is really great. I can throw down an indestructible bubble as my Super. You cannot fire at outside things from within it, so you do have to duck in and out of it if you're shooting at stuff. Also, enemies can come inside the bubble and attack you. It has sufficient drawbacks that it's not too overpowered, but what is really great about it is using it to revive a teammate. I can't count how many times I was able to pull off a clutch revive as the last man standing in a Strike mission. And, it can be insane in Control matches in the Crucible. Throwing down the bubble on a control point and forcing your enemy to come inside and engage in close-quarter combat is awesome. I like to spike a grenade down and back out just as they enter. Also, Defender's melee cooldown is pretty crazy. If you kill an enemy with it, you basically get an overshield. Later talents increase reload speed while the barrier is active, and make the barrier regen.
  11. Absolutely zero server issues for me. As for the game, it seems like they got the gameplay and aesthetics down and then were like "oh ****, we need a story". I never really connected to any of the characters. The Halo franchise always had at least enough story to carry you through the campaign, but Destiny has very weak narrative, and most of your missions are prompted while you're in a ship flying to the destination (hiding a loading screen, I'm sure). I'm having an absolute blast. I just wish that the story was more substantive. It feels like basically a proof-of-concept for the series rather than an actual stand-alone game. Gameplay and visuals are really tight, though.
  12. Well, it's almost here. If you buy digitally on 360 or PS3, you can upgrade to the X1 or PS4 version for free, up until mid-January. http://www.polygon.com/2014/9/5/6111683/destiny-free-digital-upgrade-ps3-360-ps4-xbox-one
  13. I am just seriously bummed out about this. Depression is a real mother****er. It took me almost 10 years to admit that I couldn't best it on my own and to go get help. I still battle it every day, with meds, with therapy. It hangs there even on the best of days, just outside your reach, in your peripheral vision. Mental illness is serious business. It makes me think of The Sopranos, when Tony is in therapy. He says something along the lines of "I find I have to be the sad clown: laughing on the outside, crying on the inside". I hope you're finally at peace, Mr. Williams.
  14. Spoonless


    Recently had the opportunity to try the Dalmore 12. Really enjoyed it, it had a nice almost black pepper finish to it. As far as Irish Whiskey goes, I really really love Redbreast. My favorite bourbon is probably Knob Creek.
  15. Didn't get to play a whole lot since I went on vacation for a week, but I did have fun. Found out that the storage is shared between your characters, so if you get items for another class, you can maybe still get some use out of them. Played mostly PvE. Ran the Devil's Lair or w.e. a bunch. Once I was kitted out properly, I mostly carried my teams through. On my Titan, I really liked an Auto Rifle, Shotgun, and Machine Gun. On Warlock, I went with a Scout Rifle, Fusion Rifle, and a Rocket Launcher. September can't get here fast enough.
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