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  1. I guess the reporters should buy tickets and sit in the stands.
  2. I guess Hernandez doesn’t work with the His pitches were really percolating
  3. I voted Glenn, but honestly didn't think through SG's point of likely failed development. I still think its Glenn though. We could have been a much different team heading into the mid 90s. The Chris Davis contract shouldn't be as big of a deal as it is. In modern MLB, you've got to be able to mitigate or fix these mistakes, and be willing to eat all/some of the costs. While the contract itself was a disaster and a waste (I think most said that at the time), the team should have moved on in any direction at this point but we are a cheap, poorly run franchise who values staying
  4. MikeAD

    Bundy in L.A.

    I have invested about zero in this team recently, no expectations, just have some fun and build. Seeing this game from Dylan just sends me into a hole. I am so happy for him but damn, this team really cant catch a break.
  5. Glad OH is sticking around. I hope everyone can forget the last 24 hours and focus on baseball.
  6. I would if I could. I hope something gets rained or something and some is on a national broadcast. With YES pulling off most TV options and no games against the Mets I won’t see much Os this year. Was banking on tonight’s game being on TV given it’s Boston’s opener. Boo.
  7. I can’t think of five times politics interfered with discussion in the 17 or so years I’ve been around here. I wanted to reply last night but thought I’d wait. I don’t even know what MLB has “done”, I guess I don’t pay close enough attention. Whatever it is I can’t imagine It would impact talking about our Birds.
  8. Well, thank god we have last names on the backs of our jerseys.
  9. Perhaps we are Brining in Puig.
  10. I love it and hope its carried over into future seasons. In a 162 game there are far too many 10+ inning games that are completely meaningless, nobody is watching, and the players are just getting tired. Tradition!! Who cares. Id rather have meaningful baseball with fewer long 1-1 ties than continue down the path of purging viewers and fans because games take forever and you ran out of pitchers 3 hours ago. Id even be fine with ties (gasp!).
  11. I am torn between the season never starting and them somehow making it a few games. I think/voted the latter will happen but there will be obvious signs during "spring training" that they shouldn't play.
  12. Understood but like SNY and YES arent beginning to break even. I dont know what MASN shows or how they are doing.
  13. Lets just say nobody is buying or placing Ads for the 8th showing of an old milestone or playoff game, or worse a video game stream.
  14. Not sure which is more likely, no season at all or they get a handful of games before extended disaster. I just don't understand how this benefits anyone except cutting into losses for tv providers and ownership.
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