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    Bundy in L.A.

    I have invested about zero in this team recently, no expectations, just have some fun and build. Seeing this game from Dylan just sends me into a hole. I am so happy for him but damn, this team really cant catch a break.
  2. Glad OH is sticking around. I hope everyone can forget the last 24 hours and focus on baseball.
  3. I would if I could. I hope something gets rained or something and some is on a national broadcast. With YES pulling off most TV options and no games against the Mets I won’t see much Os this year. Was banking on tonight’s game being on TV given it’s Boston’s opener. Boo.
  4. I can’t think of five times politics interfered with discussion in the 17 or so years I’ve been around here. I wanted to reply last night but thought I’d wait. I don’t even know what MLB has “done”, I guess I don’t pay close enough attention. Whatever it is I can’t imagine It would impact talking about our Birds.
  5. Well, thank god we have last names on the backs of our jerseys.
  6. Perhaps we are Brining in Puig.
  7. I love it and hope its carried over into future seasons. In a 162 game there are far too many 10+ inning games that are completely meaningless, nobody is watching, and the players are just getting tired. Tradition!! Who cares. Id rather have meaningful baseball with fewer long 1-1 ties than continue down the path of purging viewers and fans because games take forever and you ran out of pitchers 3 hours ago. Id even be fine with ties (gasp!).
  8. I am torn between the season never starting and them somehow making it a few games. I think/voted the latter will happen but there will be obvious signs during "spring training" that they shouldn't play.
  9. Understood but like SNY and YES arent beginning to break even. I dont know what MASN shows or how they are doing.
  10. Lets just say nobody is buying or placing Ads for the 8th showing of an old milestone or playoff game, or worse a video game stream.
  11. Not sure which is more likely, no season at all or they get a handful of games before extended disaster. I just don't understand how this benefits anyone except cutting into losses for tv providers and ownership.
  12. Lord knows we haven't done this enough in the last 12 years lol. I'd leave them both off and write in Gary Cates from Delmarva
  13. I feel like you cant go wrong with the top 3: Rutschman, Witt and Vaughan, outside of Witt going to college instead. If you have an idea Witt won't go play for Oklahoma, definitely a case to be made for him considering age. We are in a great position here to not mess this up!!
  14. Yes well Im talking if he continues the path hes on for the next two months. The ASG is about entertainment, it doesn't matter who is on the field. The one player from every team rule is fun and gets more people to watch. At this rate it will likely be Mancini.
  15. The All-Star team is meaningless and we get to have one player, I'm fine if its Davis, especially if this "comeback" is real or at least hes crawled out of the hole hes been in. It would be a good story for the team, the fans, and is probably the only shot the Os have at getting any attention around the All-Star Break.
  16. I agree here, its why he should be traded as well, if theres a good match. His best value is as a 1B/DH, maybe 1-2 days a week tops in RF/LF, and theres no room now for him at 1B, there definitely won't be in a season or two, unless our prospects all fail.
  17. The absolute horror of a 26 year old falling back a bit in his second major league season while still matching his power numbers.
  18. He’s been locked in since day one. You can find slumps (statistical) here and there but he was 3rd in ROY voting two seasons ago and hasn’t dropped off since. He’s been the bright spot on the team for two seasons now. It’s exciting to watch him play, how he adjusts and his overall approach to the game. Also actually looks like he’s enjoying himself out there.
  19. Its the homers, his pitch counts haven't even been that bad.
  20. I've been making a point to watch his starts, at least clips, he has moments where he looks amazing but then throws a dead fastball to 3 straight batters. I was really hoping he could find some consistency this season.
  21. MikeAD

    vs. TWINS, 4/27

    Christ a Mancini injury would be disheartening all around.
  22. If he can't play 3B, more reason to have him in Norfolk for longer. Mancini and Davis at first, and soon Trumbo will be back in the mix. This is Trumbo's last season but Davis is here to stay. There is enough ABs for all of them between LF/RF/DH/1B but if it means he isn't playing everyday he should stay in Norfolk.
  23. Really should be playing 3B in Norfolk. Only 15 innings so far there. Is there a plan outside of 1B for him? 3B makes much more sense.
  24. Yes the Orioles need to start doing what similar market-sized teams are doing. Look at the A's. Working deeply on community involvement, started the A's pass to give cheap access to all/most games, they have a family package with a low yearly and monthly option, you can drag the whole family to family friendly areas of the park. Its a common topic here but MLB is losing the demographics war and is far behind the competition when it comes to keeping eyeballs on the product. While NBA ratings and attendance are at all time highs, theres millions more who watch nothing but clips, vines, snapchats, and Instagram posts and still follow and give their money and generate ad revenue. The Orioles especially are behind most MLB teams and really sit down with the Pirates in terms of doing squat to engage the fan base in recent years. This does not extend to the players who are very involved on their own, but the team as a whole. The A's have started an entire community engagement department within the team and did another round of hiring before this season. These staff are out in schools, building partnerships with community leaders. The Orioles need to focus on developing a new relationship with the fans during this rebuild. Go after families, children, triple down on every business for ticket reduction and 2 for 1 promotions. I was very optimistic when the free Kids ticket program started, and I hope theres more of that in the near future. A start would be giving up the iron hold on streaming rights so that fans can actually watch the games without having to pay for cable. All that much harder to engage the public when they can't even watch from home.
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