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    Manny signs with Padres

    Of course, its a perfect signing for them. I dont know how anyone could critique this deal in anyway outside of positive or lean neutral if you are looking at it from the Padres' perspective. Its even better if they somehow get Harper too.
  2. MikeAD

    Manny signs with Padres

    I mean I care, thats literally why I posted about it, and have always posted about Manny. Hes a fantastic player ive been watching for a very long time and I would be happier if he was with a contending team for sure. You can say "so what who cares" to any post on a message board. Of course hes making millions, doesn't mean I cant be bummed about it.
  3. MikeAD

    Manny signs with Padres

    SD has the best farm system by most measures and should be good soon probably in 2020 but so what. They can add 20 wins and would still need a major step back from LAD not to mention Colorado and AZ and SF are always a quick shake up away from being back in contention. Im going to be the one arguing against Manny going to SD as a great move for him. Obviously he got paid but chances are hes a ghost on the national scene unless he struggles. Hes well on his way to a Hall of Fame career, his best bet to stay on that path is to be traded away. The SD rebuild going well still requires several other teams to fail.
  4. MikeAD

    Manny signs with Padres

    Oh man, I feel so bad for Manny. Also sad for me, I love watching him play I was hoping he landed in NY. Good luck in SD, hopefully their rebuild comes quick and hes back in the playoffs.
  5. I think any player would prefer to play on a short list of top tier teams. Phillies aren't on that list but nothing wrong with wanting to play for Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs etc.
  6. Hyde: "I would never leave my best pitcher on the bench with the game on the line like the bozo before me" edit: only joking. Get this off season over already.
  7. I remember when those magnets were giveaways. I wrangled 4 and just recently "ran out." Need some new magnets. Love your set up!
  8. Thought this was already the case. Script Bird is now the alternate. Doubt this changes anything but big news!! http://news.sportslogos.net/2019/02/12/orioles-make-cartoon-bird-primary-logo-for-2019/
  9. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25979272/justin-verlander-baffled-rebuilding-teams-sign-machado-harper Verlander: "100 or so free agents left unsigned. System is broken. They blame “rebuilding” but that’s BS. You’re telling me you couldn’t sign Bryce or Manny for 10 years and go from there? Seems like a good place to start a rebuild to me. 26-36 is a great performance window too."
  10. I had forgotten Knott but Drungos thread brought me back. Ah the good ole days. Just some perculating.
  11. There were so many posters here in those days acting like House was the answer to all the problems he was just a few at bats and a chance away from being a stand out hitter. Folks were nuts over him. The glory days.
  12. https://twitter.com/SNYtv/status/1094084471614255104
  13. Disagree strongly. NFL Doing great despite rampant CTE, constant off the field drama and arrests, fans mad at other fans over anthems, boycotts from any number of groups etc etc. the NBA has shifted away from the old networks and all nba tv broadcasts advertise future broadcasts on all networks and steaming services. Both NBA and NFL have moved content to Instagram, youtube etc. NBA is doing better than ever especially among younger fans. They condense whole games down to Snapchat sends. You arent going to ever get that with baseball especially when the older fans would rather sit in an empty stadium than see some arbitrary rules change in a child’s sport. No shareable highlights outside of homers. MLB has done a great job as a whole with social media and they make a ton off the steaming capabilities that other outlets use (MLB hosts WWE network for instance) but there’s huge inconsistencies when so much of the output is from the team level, there is no cross promotion and it’s hard enough to get anyone kid or adult to sit still for four hours when very little is going on the field. Nba has pretty much accepted they have a tv audience and a limitless growth possibility global and online audience. They cater to everyone without making the sport something it’s not. MLB will be hurting after this next strike
  14. Whoops that’s exactly what I meant! 😂 We need a DH in every game. All 162 for every team.
  15. Very serious. I don't care too much but MLB needs to make changes to continue to grow, and really to even stay where they are. Especially with a strike coming. The DH makes no sense when theres been year round interleague play for seasons now. The league needs new fans and families to stay alive. Games need to be shorter. Playoff baseball needs to be exciting, it can't be 5 hour 2-2 games. Traditionalists will complain but not making changes is going to lead to continued lower attendance. We've seen TV ratings go up across markets even when attendance is down. A shorter, tighter game with less interruptions, commercials should be the target. I'm not married to any one fix but Id prefer the outcome where MLB is thriving and ballparks are full.
  16. I think league wide DH is a great move. I'm also a fan of the extra innings base runner. MLB knows it is having trouble with new fans and growth and long all night 2-2 baseball isn't the way to do it. Nor are watching a professional swat at 3 fastballs every 2-3 innings. For the regular season, move to ties after the 12th inning. No winner. I doubt either happens but who knows especially if the first All Star game with extra innings runner goes to extra innings. Could be exciting.
  17. Come on we suck but a sunny day wasted in an empty OPACY beats a September game at the Trop (kidding). Product on the field a whole different story
  18. Gonna be super awkward when you try to pass your Rays Card down twelve empty seats to the beer guy.
  19. A lot going on here though. First they could sign Harper and still sign all those people. The team is profitable, they are making money, life would go on, they have a great fan base and the only thing holding them back from breaking through to the next level is they haven't been able to close the deal late. Second, they are hurting because of bad contracts given out in the past, which is understandable, but this is a young player, this isn't a player like Werth, a 32 year old clearly playing way over their head for years prior. There is no argument to be made for collusion, honestly, but I do think owners and front offices are preparing for a labor dispute and the tone is similar across the league. Standoff.
  20. End of the day it’s a museum for a kids game. Who wears what isn’t that important. It’s just a hat.
  21. It’s bizare. I laid it out in an earlier post but half the league won’t touch most free agents and the other half might touch a handful in a decade. There’s also several teams who haven’t had to even attempt to win in so long. I’ve said for years a salary floor and contraction are way bigger pieces of the parity puzzle than a salary cap or sharing revenue.
  22. Nothing like hand wringing for months over where your star (only good?) player stands on the field for a team that will lose 102 games in the miracle best case scenario.
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