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  1. I don't know Im sure his agent gave him the rundown heading into the All Star break last year. Have a SS: Atlanta, Mets, Houston, Detroit, KC, Nats, LAD, LAA, CLE, Red Sox, Cards, Cubs, Oakland, (13 teams) Yankees have a SS and an overloaded infield but were interested. Rebuilding, should be rebuilding, etc: Toronto, Baltimore, Padres, Cincy, Arizona, Minnesota, KC, Seattle, Rangers, Miami, Pittsburgh, Giants (somewhat). (12 teams) Teams who aren't rebuilding and are in need of a SS: Tampa (don't spend that kind of money), Brewers, Phillies, White Sox. Plus Yankees. (5 teams). Of those 5, Tampa isn't giving anyone any money and Milwaukee just had an issue with Manny in the playoffs, maybe that doesn't matter maybe it does. Best case scenario there are 4 teams. Yankees don't really need him so hes got White Sox and Philadelphia. Bad year to be a free agent, been a lot of those recently. Strike will be interesting.
  2. https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/1/10/18176833/manny-machado-bryce-harper-free-agency-value
  3. Had no idea about AI so looked it up. Neat read https://basketballforever.com/2016/09/15/allen-iverson-saved-reebok-going-broke/ “Aside from showering his entourage with gifts he couldn’t afford and including them in a lifestyle fit for a king, he apparently had a habit of keeping his money in dozens and dozens of garbage bags around his mansion. Some would occasionally go missing. At one point in his career he arrived back at an airport and had forgotten where he parked his car so apparently ditched the car and bought a new one. “
  4. Come on. Seaver is coming back and they have an expensive and stacked lineup. There’s room in the OF and they just made more. That’s why Harper is a better target for LA. I swear you’d think he wasn’t the only nationally relevant player we’ve had in the past decade.
  5. It wont be the Mets so I am hoping its the Yankees so I can at least see him play. Loathe the Phillies and their fans so really anyone but Philly or Nats would be an alright place. I will watch him a few times a year wherever he ends up.
  6. No. He’s not been able to put it together offensively and we should look for quantity in all deals.
  7. I think this happened on Friday. Can someone explain to me how this works? The Brewers don't owe him any money? Whatever team signs him can sign him for whatever he agrees, or is it Arbitration like if Milwaukee had kept him? I sure hope he turns it back around wherever he ends up.
  8. Well it would have been silly for DD not to try to compete in the short term with the sort of talent the roster had at the time. Almost all of that core is gone. Elias has more of a clean slate. Nothing matters unless the GM has free reign though.
  9. I had forgotten/Didn't realize Trumbo was out soon. Cobb deal is fine.
  10. We're going to pay the man too. I am so happy this seems to be working out. I know theres skepticism and most of that skepticism is deserved but we have a lot to look forward to. Outside of the awful contracts its a pretty clean slate and we are bringing in what seems to be the most competent crew possible. Heres hoping the younger Angelosesesesss have learned from what held back MacPhail and Duquette and Elias gets to make moves independently.
  11. We he certainly sprinted to the DL every year.
  12. LOL you know nothing is going on. Nobody knows anything either. Could be a sell or could be typical incompetence we've always known and loved.
  13. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2018/10/orioles-face-uncertainty-on-international-market.html
  14. Being hateful and stating an opinion aren’t the same.
  15. Imagine having any sympathy for the Boston red Sox.
  16. Its frustrating, especially considering hes always had players around him who take the time to show him the right path. I saw this yesterday and smiled. Two hours later he was crotch chopping the crowd. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpK-DikhawE/?hl=en&taken-by=dodgers
  17. Puig did the same. Classing it up !
  18. Manny gets on with a bunt 3-2 count 😂
  19. He needs to come up big tonight for a number of reasons but number one he will be remembered (short term) for his antics in this series and shifting the momentum towards Milwaukee. 3 games ago he pulled the stunt and he was prettt much zero the last two games. Can’t have a third. I’m hoping he puts it away with a 3 run bomb.
  20. Lol. I hope we spend this money considering what we Gave up in aggregate to get it. Smh the last farts of the old regime are lingering.
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